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Milton Mânica

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Milton Mânica
Gaucho - Milton.jpg Gaucho - Milton.jpg
Milton Boleadoras
Nova Brescia, Brazil
🏡 ResidenceBarcelona, Spain
🏳️ NationalityBrazilian
Other namesSting
💼 Occupation
Artist in Boleadoras Act; Lasso act
🏢 OrganisationArt Company Diablos de la Pampa - Milton and Gala
Height167 cm
🏅 AwardsTwice Guinness Record Holder
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Early Life

Milton Mânica is a gaucho from South of Brazil. He began his artistic career in 1987 at age of 12 years old. His dexterity with the boleadoras in so earlier age was the main atraction in the famous dinner show for many years.

Milton was the principal dancer in “Galpao Criollo - Dinner Show" in Porto Alegre where he performed with the Boleadoras every day until the year 2000.

In this period he presented and gained the first prize in the International Festival in Johannesburgo, South Africa (1993), acted two weeks in the Museum of the Louvre of Paris (1998) and he has been special guest on 14 different television channels in Brazil. Several newspapers have published articles about he and his mastery with the boleadoras.

In 2000 motivated for growing and to enlarge his artistic development he came to Europe.


Milton Manica represent an extraordinary number that mixes precision, movement and music - the number of the BOLEADORAS.

The Boleadoras are small balls fixed to the end of a rope. In the Pampas of Argentina, South of Brazil and Uruguay the gauchoes were using them traditionally as weapon to hunt to the cattle. Later they were introduced in the folklore dances of the Gauchoes, as percussion instrument and also they have a visual very strong impact.

Milton dominates the virtuosity and the technicality of the dance of the Gauchoes. His representation is definitively stylized and modern. Like boleador-dancer, Milton is an artist invited in 15 different channels of TELEVISION. Several newspapers have published articles about he and his art with the dance of the boleadoras.


·2015 The Guinness Book of Records includes his achievement at the special edition "60 years Guinness World Record" Brazilian version, page 8.

· 2013 Milton and his partner Gala are twice Guinness World Record Holders. Their accomplishment, exhibition with the Boleadoras and interview was broadcasted by CCTV-1, China

· 2012 Milton and Gala set the first Guinness record ,made by a gaucho with boleadoras at the TV show "Lo Show dei Record" of Mediaset in Rome, Italy

· In 2009 with his spectacle "Gaucho" inspired in the culture of the gauchoes, he and his partner Gala won the prize of the public in the Festival (FAST) in Torredembarra, Spain.

·In 1993 Milton like member of the group " Raizes de Sul America " gains the first prize between 7000 participants of 36 countries in an International Festival in Johannesburgo, South Africa.


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