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File:Nathanna Public Headshot Copy (1).jpg
Nathanna in 2020
  • Nathanna Natalie Violet James Adair
  • (2002-09-22) September 22, 2002 (age 19)
  • London, Kentucky, U.S.
Years active2012–present
Known for
  • Founding large companies
  • Being an influencer
  • Being a short model
Net worthUnknown
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
General information
StyleStreet style
Political partyDemocratic
Other names
  • Nathanná
  • Nathanna Adair
  • Nathanna Adair-Proctor
Business and career
Job titles
  • Founder and CEO of NFJ (2021–present)
  • Founder of Zayie (2019–present)
  • Co-founder of Zap! (2019–present)
  • Co-founder of (2020–present)
  • Representative of Nathanna Global (2012–present)
Board titles
  • Advisor at Shoppy (2020–present)
  • Executive at Marilyn (2021-present)
FoundationNathanna & Friends Foundation
Family hierarchy
FamilyAdair-Proctor Family
  • Francesca Adair
  • Jill Proctor
  • Dominique Adair
  • Jim Adair
  • John O'Hara
  • Mac O'Hara
  • Marsha Proctor
  • Mitch Proctor
  • Richard Proctor
Other details
Nathanna Press Kit - Signature Short Form.png

Nathanna "Natalie Violet James" Adair (/ɑːdæər/, born September 22, 2002..[1]) known professionally by the stage name "Nathanna" (/nɑːθæwhnɑː/[2]), was born in London, Kentucky[2] into the Adair-Proctor Family (/ɑːdæər/ - /prɑːktjɪr/). She is an American actress, model, TV personality, company founder and investor based in New York most notably known for her influence and popularity on social media, her role as CEO and Founder[3] of NFJ, Inc.[4] and its subsidiaries, and being one of the shortest models[5] at exactly 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)[2]

Early Life[edit]

She was originally child to her birth mother Megan (last name unknown) then adopted by current/adopted parents Francesca Adair and Jill S. Proctor when Megan didn't have the financials required to raise a child..[6] She grew up in many places including Downtown Los Angeles, Culver City, California, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Upstate New York and New Jersey (in that order.)[6]

At 7 years old a clip went viral with an estimated 200,000 likes on social media platform YouTube She says in her 2017 bio, "that was when I knew i was famous". In a 2019 interview, she stated all she ever wanted from the beginning of her life was to be successful, and "it was really really hard to even make a name for myself, but I knew I wanted it.".[6]



Her very first acting role was in 2012 as "Girl Walking Past Window"[7], when she walked outside the window of a Downtown Los Angeles bar the TV show "DTLA"[8] was filming at[9] with her parents. The shot can still be found in S1 E6 of the series at around halfway through.


Her celebrity and influencer career initially started when she gained thousands of followers[10] on social media platform (now known as TikTok[11]; from company ByteDance) for posting "lip-syncing" videos to songs[12] and skits under the name "Naynay". At the she was 13 years old, but her influence was massive, until her account was banned at 50,000 followers, when introduced a new policy only allowing people of 13+ years or older to use their platform[13]


In the following year, she was not active on[14], but appeared on other video sharing platform[15] Vine with other young creators[16]. Her influence over pop culture didn't end there[17], at the ripe age of 14 years old she appeared in rapper and performing artist[18] Young Thug's music video[19] "Wyclef Jean" as one of the "hoes".[20]

These "stunts" helped jump forth her modeling career[21] as she was found by many agencies through that.[22] She also stared in small roles on pop culture type roles like YouTube Rewind: 2017 as "Person Chatting With Lele Pons (voice)".[23] Previous to this year, she stated she was on an unofficial acting break since her small role back in 2012.


In 2018 her influencer platforms launched up again as she rebranded herself[24] from her full name to the stage name "Nathanna"[25] at 15 years old, scoring the usernames @nathannaofficial on multiple social media platforms including Instagram[26], Facebook (from Facebook, Inc[27]), Reddit[28] and others, as well as @reallynathanna on social media platforms Twitter and Snapchat[29] (from Snap Inc.[30]). To her disappointment, unlike her "Naynay Singz" account, she did not gain followers as quickly.


The next year[31] however her dance videos blew up[32] gaining her 5,000 followers and 46,000 likes over a few months according to Social Blade. She attended school in Manhattan and got harassed by fans everywhere she went, according to her Tweets, so she had to start taking the private travel methods according to her Twitter activity. Fellow celebrity Azealia Banks replied to her original post with "dat what fame do to ya", massing her to gain dozens of likes and retweets.


(Pre, during and post COVID-19 Pandemic included) She didn't have much of an impact on her industries during the first lockdown, but she resumed activity late 2020 as she posted more lifestyle and relatable videos people found useful. After her "social media clean", over 42 TikTok videos were removed and an astounding 591 style, according to social media analytics tool Social Blade's profile of Nathanna.


Although this year is currently in progress, Nathanna's influence rose to ~9,000 followers and 20,000 likes on TikTok alone. The influencer has only posted twice as of January[33]

Nathanna officially incorporated NFJ as NFJ Companies, Inc. in the state of New York on January 9, 2021[34]. She put out a public statement on it's website[35] confirming issuing of her Seed Investment funding round[36], which is typing the first step to start any company.[37]

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