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Nick Deflorio is a successful  entrepreneur and trader, Nick Deflorio is also  the founder of Onyx Forex, also known as Onyx Forex Trading. A trading education company that helps the beginner trading market learn advanced techniques and become profitable through using his Compounding Growth Strategy. Nick Deflorio is best known for his trading success and current business venture, Onyx Forex Trading which has enjoyed rapid growth due to a focus on results for their students, Onyx Forex saw a large gap in the market for beginners, Nick Deflorio saw that beginner traders were getting left behind and struggling to grasp a step by step system that is easy to learn, easy to retain and easy to execute.

Nick Deflorio is of Italian descent but was born in Sydney, Australia and calls Australia his only home. Nick Deflorio has a verified track record of trading profits and has been trading for over 5 years.

Nick Deflorio
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Nick Deflorio - Owner of Onyx Forex
Sydney, Australia
🏡 ResidenceSydney, Australia
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Founder & Head of Education at Onyx Forex
📆 Years active  2016-present
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Early Life[edit]

Nick Deflorio was born on 17 October 1996. Nick Deflorio was raised in Sydney, NSW, Australia, by his single mother, whose strong work ethic in juggling her hairdressing business and working day and night to provide for the family, is the inspiration forN Nick Deflorio's success. Despite his mother’s focus on work she always made time for her kids, which has influenced Nick Deflorio's focus on productivity and work/life balance and contributed to his drive and work ethic as a trader and educator. A largely self-taught trader and business owner Nick attended a high school in Sydney, Australia.


Nick Deflorio left school and went straight into the work force working in real estate, Nick Deflorio saw a colleague in his office trading the financial markets on the side of his full time job and this instantly intrigued Nick Deflorio as he always wanted an income stream that was online and had the ability to be performed from the location of his choice, Nick Deflorio transitioned out of real estate in 2016 after seeing success in trading, Nick Deflorio then transitioned out into corporate foreign exchange where he worked along-side other traders and maximised his experience, this was a turning point as it was at this time he took his trading and financial market understanding to the next level.

Onyx Forex[edit]

In late 2016 Nick Deflorio founded the result driven education company Onyx Forex Trading, also known as Onyx Forex. When Nick started this company in 2016 he saw that there was a large gap in the market that simply left beginners behind, he noticed that 85% of beginner traders simply lost money, this was due to the fact that they were using outdated and non rule based strategies that simply didn’t work. Nick Deflorio found success early on in his trading career once he learnt his strategy the Compounding Growth System.
 Nick Deflorio founded Onyx Forex to combat the void of information that was left out online such as proper risk management, trading psychology and most importantly a Technical Analysis strategy that worked without spending hours and hours behind a computer screen.

Onyx Forex has gone from being a small business with the aim to help Nick Deflorio’s friends and family who were wanting to understand trading to a global team of over 5 senior coaches and over 1400 students, Onyx Forex is now a global education company that has students in over 10 countries from all walks of life.

Onyx Forex has an office and trading floor in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Nick Deflorio voiced in a podcast with Millennial Success that the reason for their exponential growth is due to the fact that people see results with their system.

Nick Deflorio is ambitious about creating an education company that is execution driven, results focused and outcome based.