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Ozark (TV series) Opening Credit Symbols

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For the Netflix television series Ozark, graphic designer Fred Davis created a white letter 'O', which is featured on a black background at the beginning of each episode. Within the quartered circle of the 'O' are four symbols which foreshadow the main plot points in that episode.[1] Additionally, each of these hand-drawn symbolic images spell out the word "Ozark".[2]

Season 1[edit]

Episode Title Symbols Significance
1 "Sugarwood" A kneeling man with his hands tied
A Chicago office building
A pistol
A falling man
Marty pleading for his life after Del kills Bruce and the others.
The new offices to which Bruce and Liz wanted to move the financial advising business, which would have been bugged by the FBI because Bruce was an informant.
Del and his subordinates committing the murders.
Sugarwood is killed when Del's men throw him from his high-rise apartment.
2 "Blue Cat" An overturned barrel
A human lower jaw
A storage shed
A man, legs and left arm visible, holding a cooler
The acid barrels in which Del's men placed the bodies of those they murdered in Chicago.
Bruce's remains, which were identified after an accident involving the truck carrying the barrel which contained his body.
The storage shed where Marty hid the $8 million he must launder upon arriving in the Ozarks.
Marty after he recovers the cash Ruth Langmore stole.
3 "My Dripping Sleep" An FBI agent's identification card
A stripper, lower half visible
A vulture
Outdoor security cameras, pole mounted
Agent Evans approaches the Byrdes and tries to persuade them to cooperate.
Marty makes his first approach to the owner of Lickety Splitz.
Someone leaves animal carcasses at the Byrde house, attracting vultures.
Marty makes Ruth complicit in his crimes by having her make a recorded Blue Cat bank deposit containing laundered cash.
4 "Tonight We Improvise" An open safe wrapped with a chain
A chopping block and ax
A syringe and spoon
A man fly fishing
Marty and Ruth steal the strip club's safe by using a chain and vehicle to pull it from the building.
Jacob Snell is chopping wood when Bobby Dean arrives to inform him about the sale of the strip club.
Darlene Snell uses a syringe full of heroin to administer Bobby a fatal overdose.
Roy Petty uses Russ Langmore as a fishing guide.
5 "Ruling Days" An American flag
The frame of a church building
An upside down cowboy boot
A poppy
The flag waves from the back of Zach's boat when Charlotte meets him.
Construction begins on the church Marty offers to build Mason.
Jacob Snell wears cowboy boots the first time he meets Marty.
The Snells show Marty their opium production operation.
6 "Book of Ruth" A dead mouse
A boat dock's ladder
A pair of binoculars
A pair of eyes in a jar
Ruth kills a mouse while testing her method for killing Marty.
Ruth attempts to kill Marty by electrifying the ladder of his boat dock.
Roy disables the electrified ladder and watches from a distance to ensure Marty is unharmed.
Del sends Marty Louis's eyes as a warning to speed up the money laundering.
7 "Nest Box" Swim goggles
A pig on a spit
A gasoline can
A prison fence
Charlotte goes for a night swim after her aborted attempt to return to Chicago.
The Snells are hosting an employee cookout when they tell Mason to resume boat-based church services.
Mason burns down the frame of the church building after realizing that the Snells and Marty are each using him for their own purposes.
Cade tells Ruth not to visit him in prison again unless Marty is dead.
8 "Kaleidoscope" A jungle gym
Golf clubs
A pregnancy test wand
An open pill bottle
Louis and Roy meet in a playground, where Roy persuades Louis to turn informant.
Bruce and Marty play golf with Del and Louis.
Wendy is pregnant with the Byrdes' third child.
Roy persuades his mother to take her pain medications while convalescing after a fall, causing her backslide into drug addiction.
9 "Coffee, Black" A stack of cash
A rifle
Human silhouettes in a boat
A broken TV
The cartel delivers $50 million for Marty to launder.
Jonah has Tuck buy him a gun, and he practices shooting.
Russ and Boyd are killed in their boat.
Roy shoots the TV at a bar after being told that Russ and Boyd are dead.
10 "The Toll" A body on a wheeled bed
Two hands, one writing on the other
A pair of feet tied together at the ankles
A baby in a car seat
Marty and Buddy cremate Garcia at the funeral home.
Roy meets Del and writes down his license plate number.
Marty's feet are bound when Del has him tortured.
Mason finds the newborn Grace was pregnant with when she disappeared.

Season 2[edit]

Episode Title Symbols Significance
1 "Reparations" A bowtie
A crowbar
A campfire
A table lamp
Marty wears a tuxedo to a formal event at Charles Wilkes's house.
Wendy and Marty use a crowbar to access the money hidden at the Blue Cat.
Darlene and Ash dig a burn pit in the woods and burn Del's body.
Wendy and Marty turn off the living room lights as they discuss Ash's death.
2 "The Precious Blood of Jesus" A glass pipe
A man in a wheelchair
A Saint Jerome medal
A wrecked car
Rachel is binging at a crack house.
Ruth buys the riverboat for the casino from the current owner, who's in a wheelchair.
Wilkes tells Wendy he knows she lied about why she wore a saint's medal pendant.
Rachel wrecks her car, leading Roy to turn her into an informant against Marty.
3 "Once A Langmore" A burning boat
A dead deer
A pill
A fork and piece of meat
The Snells burn Wilkes's boat as a warning.
Jonah shoots a deer.
Roy gives Rachel stolen Oxycodone to keep her compliant.
The Snells, Marty and Wendy have dinner, including venison from Jonah's deer.
4 "Stag" A pair of horseshoes
Shaving cream and a razor
A joint and marijuana leaf
An FBI windbreaker
Ruth and Rachel play horseshoes as Rachel tries to obtain evidence against Marty.
Marty shaves Buddy while Buddy is convalescing.
Charlotte and Wyatt are smoking marijuana as they discuss Russ's and Boyd's deaths.
Roy's FBI team don's windbreakers before raiding Marty's house.
5 "Game Day" A notions box
A set of headphones
A road flare
Plastic handcuffs
Roy uses the money found on Charlotte's dresser as an interrogation tool.
Trevor and Roy listen to Rachel and Ruth talking, gathering evidence against Marty.
Buddy uses a flare to start the fire that burns the Snell poppy field.
Helen's Navarro associates detail Marty and Cade while they interrogate Ruth.
6 "Outer Darkness" A working dog
Human bones
A pick
A DNA strand
Cadaver dogs search the burned Snell field.
The FBI discovers human bones on the Snell property.
Marty and the Snells disinter Snell ancestors to switch the bones without the FBI knowing.
DNA testing of the bones fails to yield a connection to Del or Grace.
7 "One Way Out" A drop of water creating ripples
A tea kettle
A note pad and pen
A pacifier
Ruth and Cade try to steal a boat's FLIR System and hide underwater to avoid being discovered
Wendy is making tea when she tries to escape from Mason.
A reporter interviews the Byrdes, who hope for favorable coverage of the casino.
The Byrdes use Zeke to help project a positive appearance during the interview.
8 "The Big Sleep" A mask
Pieces of chicken
A cell phone
A stack of French toast
Ruth and Cade wear masks when breaking into the funeral home.
The Byrdes discuss over dinner the masking of a donation to Wilkes's charity.
Marty shows Roy cell phone video of his mother using drugs.
Roy is eating French toast at the diner when Marty shows him the video.
9 "The Badger" Two figures sitting on a dock
Lady Justice
A knife and sliced apple
A shotgun
Jacob and Darlene fall in love after his return from the Vietnam War.
Helen and Marty inform Jacob that legally they can seize land for the casino if the Snells won't sell.
Jacob is slicing an apple when he decides to stab Darlene.
Ruth holds a shotgun on her father while recovering the cash he stole from Lickety Splitz.
10 "The Gold Coast" A seaplane
A crypt
A podium
A blown up building
Marty plans for the family to flee the Ozarks by chartered plane.
Marty reveals to Ruth that the cartel's $50 million is hidden in Buddy's mausoleum.
Marty speaks from the podium at the casino's opening ceremony.
Frank bombs Marty's office as a warning to keep his agreement.

Season 3[edit]

Episode Title Symbols Significance
1 "Wartime" A deck of cards
A slot machine
A carton of milk
A guitar
Ruth hosts a poker tournament on the Belle.
Marty and Ruth begin laundering money through the casino.
Wendy vandalizes their old Chicago home, tainting milk in the fridge.
REO Speedwagon (a rock band) is required for Wendy to make a deal with the dentists organization.
2 "Civil Union" A baby stroller

A bottle of champagne

Lucky 7's


Jonah sees Darlene with baby Zeke and realizes they gave him to her.

Helen and Wendy toast to acquiring the rival riverboat casino with champagne.

Wendy and Ruth sabotage the rival casino slot machines, rigging them to all go off at once.

Marty spies on Wendy's plans, listening in on her calls with headphones.

3 "Kevin Cronin Was Here" A fingerprint

A microphone and stand

A fist

A goldfish in a bowl

The FBI links the Kansas City mob to the casino explosion through fingerprints and blackmail them.

Marty uses REO Speedwagon as a laundering opportunity by renting the equipment for them.

Wendy tricks Darlene into hitting her, collecting evidence to win Zeke's custody back.

Agent Miller has a fish and fishbowl at her makeshift desk in Marty's office of the Belle.

4 "Boss Fight" An arcade machine

A locked gate

An airplane

An eagle eating a snake

Marty has flashbacks to his childhood where he learned that it takes money to win arcade games.

Marty is locked up in Navarro's compound.

Marty is taken to Mexico in a private jet.

The Navarro compound is in Mexico, whose flag features an eagle eating a snake.

5 "It Came From Michoacan" A horse

A bird

Two cigars

Cookies on a plate

Helen and Marty buy a horse farm at the request of Navarro.

Ben covers Frank Jr's car in birdseed, causing damage from the ensuing birds.

Jim and Helen discuss digging up dirt on Agent Miller while Jim is smoking a cigar.

Marty’s therapist brings a plate of cookies while he is offering her a bribe.

6 "Su Casa Es Mi Casa" A drive-in theater

A drone controller

Waffles on a plate

A light switch

Ruth changes the next money drop to a drive in theater, which gets ambushed.

Ben and Jonah spy on Ruth with a drone.

The Byrdes eat a waffle breakfast after spending the night playing board games.

A metaphor for Ben's medication, specifically a negative side effect experienced while he is in the presence of Ruth.

7 "In Case of Emergency" A craps board

Two cars

A voice recorder

Money stacks next to a #5 marker

Sam is accused of suspicious behavior by Agent Miller while he is playing craps.

Marty and Frank discuss matters from each other's cars.

Nelson kills Sue and takes a voice recorder that she had been keeping.

The ambush evidence is presented to Marty with stacks of money defined as crime scene item #5.

8 "BFF" A tie

A taxi

A pair of handcuffs

Two people laying on a trampoline

Ben has an outbreak at a bar, attacking a random businessman over his tie.

Ben takes a taxi to Helen's home to confront her and Ellen.

Ben is arrested for punching Marty and is committed to a mental institution.

Charlotte and Jonah lay on the trampoline together and reminisce on their life.

9 "Fire Pink" A gasoline pump

A flip phone

Cadillac keys

A man bun

Ben buys a cell phone at a gas station.

Ben uses the cell phone to call Helen and apologize.

Nelson arrives prepared to kill Ben in a black Cadillac

Ben sports this hair style as him and Helen try to outrun the cartel.

10 "All In" A model plane

A Christian saint

A six pack of beer

A wedding ring in its box

Helen, Marty, and Wendy take a jet to Mexico to attend Navarro's son's second baptism.

The rival cartel attach Navarro's son's first baptism at the church.

Ruth and Wyatt discuss Ben's death while drinking a six pack of beer.

Sam is arrested at the casino for aiding money laundering right after proposing.


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