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Painfully Midwestern
FounderJason Cafer
GenreAlternative rock, indie rock, alternative country, punk rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationColumbia, Missouri
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Painfully Midwestern Records is a non-profit record label from Columbia, Missouri founded in 2005 by Jason Cafer, a DJ on KCOU, the college radio station at University of Missouri [1] The label has released three compilations of bands from Mid-Missouri spanning over 80 artists almost all from Columbia, including several bands from the Emergency Umbrella and Cat Jams record labels. Music styles of the contributed songs range from indie rock, alternative, hardcore, metal, punk, alternative country, electronica, garage rock and experimental. "Painfully Midwestern Comomusic Anthology 1990–2005 volume 1" was released in 2005 with two discs and 40 tracks from artists including The Doxies, Untamed Youth, Revelators, Mahjongg, Ditch Witch and The Starkweathers. "Painfully Midwestern Comomusic Anthology 1990–2005 volume 2" was released in 2006 including 40 additional tracks from Columbia bands including Foundry Field Recordings, Witch's Hat, Kingdom Flying Club, Monte Carlos and Bald Eagle. Members of Missouri Sex Offenders, Catalina, Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir and The Secretaries (Greg Roberts, Alexander Even, Adam Russell, Stephen Patterson, Jamie Levinson) went on to gain notoriety after forming the band White Rabbits and moving from Missouri to New York. The Untamed Youth, a garage rock band featured on both Comomusic Anthologies, was fronted by guitar virtuoso Deke Dickerson who moved to California and became an internationally renowned solo rockabilly performer. "Das Kompilation" was released by Painfully Midwestern in 2007 and included tracks from Shirrelle C. Limes and the Lemons and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Comomusic Anthology Volume 1 (2005)[edit]

Full Title: Painfully Midwestern Comomusic Anthology 1990–2005 volume 1, 40 Irrepressible Bands from Columbia, Missouri, USA. Kingdom Flying Club's "Artists Are Boring" appeared in the TV series The OC.[1] MC Cat Genius's "BomBassTic Remix" was a winner of a remix contest judged by the Japanese artist Cornelius.[2] The Starkweathers released a 7" record for Sub Pop, "Do You Like to Be Lied To / Town of Shame" in 1996 [3] and frontman Mike Ireland went on to release an album for Sub Pop.[4] The 2-CD compilation included a 24-page booklet with information on each band and received positive reviews from local press.[5] Included tracks with band members, Disk One:

  • Sultans - causeways (Veg, Chris Canipe, Lou Nevins)
  • Doxies - high road (Tim Lloyd, Brent Maness, Bryan Maness, Wes Wingate, Kevin Siebenaler)
  • The Pows - chesty (Zach McLuckie, Rex McMurry, Ryan Haas, Adam Roberts)
  • Untamed Youth - i'll be gone (Deke Dickerson, Steve Mace, Steve "Sammy" Rager, Joel Trueblood)
  • Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir - there's no I in werewolves! (Alexander Even, Brian Harkin, Greg Roberts, Adam Russell, Colin Webb)
  • Revelators - under the gun + earthshaker yeah (Jeremiah Kidwell, John Schooley, Mark Walters)
  • Sofa Kit XL - king hell (Shannon Mercer, Brian Coughlin, Steve Ruffin, Ramsay Wise)
  • Prozac Memory - mapmaker (Jared Anderson, Sam Dothage, Ben Graham, Todd Ramsy, Homer Harrison)
  • Mahjongg - aluminum (Jeff Carrillo, Hunter Husar, Josh Johannpeter, Gabe Viles, Caryl Kientz)
  • Ditch Witch - steal this town (Chris Gebhardt, Barry Hibdon, Shannon Mercer, Brian Coughlin)
  • Starkweathers - burn the flag (Mike Ireland ft Robbie Pagano)
  • Secretaries - unmarked number (Jeff Carrillo, Raul Camacho, Justin Wolf, Fred Wilson, Dan Martin, Jamie Levinson)
  • East Ash - push (Jeff Rogers, Robert Durando, Bob Brass, Don Cizek)
  • Kingdom Flying Club - artists are boring (Jarrett Crader, Matt O'Neill, Nate Kesterson, Steve Davis)
  • Ramsay Wise & the Skirmish - wampum + flattery (Ramsay Wise)
  • Catalina - falling barns (Greg Roberts, Casey Cottrell, Scott Davis, Joe Schaefer, Taylor Bacon)
  • The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous - wild on chemicals in South Dakota (Stephen Haslag, Adam Roberts, Jonathan Hammons, BenCianciosi, Ryan Hass, Cooper Crain)
  • The One Inch Punch - attack of the raelian clones (Cooper Crain, Pat Kopine, Justin McCrady)
  • Jon Sheffield - whimsican dial (Jon Sheffield)
  • The Incontinentals - assholes and elbows (Dwight Douglas Moots, Mike Messner, Steve Ruffin, Josh Johannpeter, Saahil Dadhania)
  • Billy Schuh & the Foundry - dancing lights / slow machines (Billy Schuh, Benjamin Hook, Becky Baxter, Daniel Stegall)

Disk Two:

  • Oh*Yeah - speedown (Chris Keener, John Gilbreth, Taylor Bacon, Seth Ashley, Jason Heath)
  • Bockman's Euphio - patience (Andrew Weir, Danny Carroll, Sean Canan, Wil Reeves)
  • Keith is My TV - bird on the floor (Maureen Dobyns, Chuck Munter, Keith Lindgren, Scott Parker)
  • Fugitive Kind - the cause of your pain (James Kamp, Eddie Boster, Matthew Bossaller, Nathan Stammeyer, Bryan Foote)
  • Missouri Sex Offenders - i could never take the place of your man (Tim Kaiser, Joel Cusumano, Pat Clos, Steve Patterson, Martin Nau)
  • Duckgurl & Chickenboy - the callalilies are in bloom (Billy Stern, Laini)
  • Trailhead - west county (Jonathan Dahm, Becky Dahm, Doug Sonnenberg, Barry Marquart)
  • Animal Family feat. MC Cat Genius - MC Cat Genius' BomBassTic Remix (Channing Kennedy)
  • Breaker Morant - cry, cape canaveral, cry (Ben Graham, Sam Dothage, Josh Browning, Todd Ramsey)
  • Slugtrail - rising man (Wesley Hutto, Bryon Martin, Brian "BC" Craig)
  • Nightmare Sisters - black is the color of my true love's heart (Chris Mathis, Adam Roberts, Eric Busiek)
  • The Bubba Factor - i don't wanna be human today (Steve Dopp, Kurt Groner, Tim Schnieders, Ben Jones)
  • Stands with a Twist - arrogant you (Jake, Mark, Kyle, Joel)
  • Amputee Set - we both get a slogan (Justin Nardy, Justin McCrady, Morgan Burnham, Dan Browning)
  • The Eugenics Council - holocaust class
  • Swamp Fuck - velcro felines (Gregg Lewis, Channing Kennedy)
  • The Northerns - rope (Dan Kaegal, Joe Schaefer, Will Schaefer)
  • Paradise Vending - farm to market (Chris Canipe, Lou Nevins, Barry Hibdon, Travis McFarlane, Jeff Gilchrist)
  • The Company Men - dark's creeping in (Chris Blose, Greg Hausman, Seth Ashley)

Comomusic Anthology Volume 2 (2006)[edit]

Full title: Comomusic Anthology 1990–2005 Volume Two, 40 irrepressible bands from Columbia, Missouri, USA. The enclosed booklet contained a 6-panel painting of Columbia's 9th Street painted by local artist David Friesen. Whereas Volume One was arranged with genres interspersed, Volume Two separated more mainstream sounds, alternative country and folk to disc one and punk, hardcore, metal and experimental tracks to disc two. As with Volume One, all tracks were selected by label founder Jason Cafer. The liner notes stated "Volume 3 is forthcoming" but a third compilation has not been released. Included tracks with band members, Disk One:

  • Wes Wingate - boys can tell (Wes Wingate, Nathan White, Greg Hausman, Kevin Hennessy, Rob Medcalf)
  • Witch's Hat - popsicles (Greg Linde, Mike Wilson, Steve Doerhoff, Bert Clark)
  • Kingdom Flying Club - hateshirt (Jarrett Crader, Matt O'Neill, Nate Kesterson, Steve Davis)
  • Makeout! - goodbye baby and amen (Luke Mulderink, Kelly Stevens, Paul Fingerson, Jay Harness)
  • Soft Kit XL (with Ramsay Wise) - sissy (Ramsay Wise, Shannon Mercer, Brian Coughlin)
  • Trebuchet - stepping Out (Rory Bogdon, Justin West, Travis Bogdon)
  • Joe Stickley's Blue Print - vandalia pain (Joe Stickly, Wil Reeves, Sean Canan, Andrew Weir, Danny Carroll)
  • The Follow - heart of joy (Troy Rickertsen, Amy Rickertsen, Mat Matlack)
  • At Proper Distance - the you begin (Dwight Douglas Moots, Kyle Koso, Joel Trueblood)
  • The Passion - another opinion (Larry Krapf, Chris Dohm, Tony Zager, Mark Consiglio)
  • Reckless Sleepers - xanax (Chris Klepac, Casey Cottrell, Lou Nevins, Travis Phelps)
  • Doxies - east to Washington (Brent Maness, Tim Lloyd, Bryan Maness, Kevin Siebenaler)
  • Frustrated Bachelors - a letter from September (Will Saulsbery, Dave Birk, Travis McFarlane)
  • The Shades - ubiquitous you (Cathy Wickell, Kevin Bucklew, James Kamp, Cole Chambers)
  • In Thicket - look but don't see (Derek Jenkins, Nicholas Brown, Stephen Varner)
  • Brotha Jinx - mobile independent (Mike Thompson)
  • The C3 Psychoto-Electro Arkestra - nobody sings da blues (Mike Barber, Phil Croy, Jody Goodman, Mike Robertson, Bob Runyon, Jeff Wheeler)
  • The goodeggs - my habits are violent seat cushions (Aimee Sage, Chuck Munter, Jonathan Grice, Scott Parker, Travis McFarlane)
  • Firefly Alliance - mr self-pity (Benjamin Hook, Brock Johnson, Joey Hook)
  • Felix - space (Rob Medcalf, Wes Wingate, Kevin Hennessey)

Disk Two:

  • Untamed Youth - pabst blue ribbon (Deke Dickerson, Steve Mace, Steve "Sammy" Rager, Joel Trueblood)
  • Monte Carlos - 69 ways to kill your lover (Adam Speer, Lou Nevins, Daniel Rowden)
  • Sabertooth - snob (Zach McLuckie, Adam Roberts, Rex McMurry)
  • Miami Dragons - jagwire (Tim Kaiser, Adam Roberts, Benjamin Chanchosi, Rex McMurry)
  • Arpad Leen - in standing water (Lou Nevins, Ian, Veg)
  • The Carters - euker (Casey Cottrell, Corey Cottrell, Lou Nevins, Greg Wildermuth)
  • Cripplers - boone county (Jeff King, Tim Hopmeier, Tim Sullivan, Dave Devine)
  • Yuba California - panic button (Corey Cottrell, Lou Nevins, Greg Wildermuth, Jaret Patterson)
  • Stout - whistle britches (Aaron Seibert, Jeff Gilchrist, Jason Herrick)
  • Radish Wizard - 08 (Gregg Lewis)
  • Digiki feat MC Cat Genius - pancaked (Channing Kenneddy)
  • Mark Speckman - dr. laura (Mark Speckman)
  • The People's Republic of Klezmerica - di mameh iz gegangen in mark arayn (Jordan Wax, S'matterchew Boys, Laura Bettenhausen, Alex Baisch, Charlotte Overby, Amy Salveter, Sam D'Agostino, DeLisa Lewis, Joelle Maruniak)
  • Bald Eagle - Indiana birds and the garden of doom (Mikey Wheeler, Danny Matteson, Justin Nardy, Justin McCrady)
  • Product 19 - gamma quadrant (Lincoln Dickison, Sam Dothage, Joe Schaefer)
  • Mid-West Murder Society - modern man (Jon Huffman, Chad Brown, David Steinbach)
  • Princess - princess' new dress (Jake Harper, Corey Cottrell, Adam Powers)
  • Speeddrill - filled (Freddy Garver, Mike Z, John Bush, Steve Erangey, Mark Consiglio)
  • Thinline - placement (Lane Kilgore, Phil Smyser, Wesley Hutto, Cully Meier)
  • The Souls - the souls (Bill Purcell, Scott Davis, Mikey Wheeler, Joe Schaffer, Josh Johanpeter)
  • Hot Carla - manic mechanic (Lee Brooks, Dave Hawk, Chris Tillman, Daniel Rowden)
  • Tiny Pants - price a promise (Lance Barresi, Liz Tooley)
  • Finneous Gauge - silent (Rob Cardwell, Paul Bax, Nick Smith, Steve Erangey, Adam Williams)
  • Holy Frog - charlie (Tobias Epstein, Kurt Kitson)

Das Kompilation (2007)[edit]

Das Kompilation was a single disc compilation of new Missouri music designed by Chase Thompson,[6] taking the persona of Ian Cogneato, a character on Columbia public-access television cable TV and producer of music videos including Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Thompson chose the included tracks and described the disc as "a party album featuring some of Columbia Missouri's most entertaining bands. This is an upbeat album made for foot tappin', head bobbin' and ass clappin', although some tracks such as those by Ellie Come Home and Duck Gurl and Chicken Boy are soft and mellow. The acclaimed "A Toast of the Month of July" was re-recorded and produced by Wil Reeves the week before Das Kompilation went to press. Thompson sings on the soul song by Black$mith, "I Just Wanna Spoon Ya Baby". 11 of the 20 artists also appeared on the Comomusic Anthologies. Included tracks:

  • Shirrell C. Limes and the Lemons - a toast to the month of July
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - i am warm and powerful
  • Foundry Field Recordings - holding the pilots / holding the facts
  • Bockman - squirrel view
  • Kim Chi - octopus song
  • Witch's Hat - dance machine
  • Mark Speckman - college funk
  • Monte Carlos - got itall
  • Doxies - touch and go
  • Duck Gurl and Chicken Boy - clown at a funeral
  • Taylor Bacon, Julie McGeorge and Friends - o'essential
  • Black$mith - i just wanna spoon ya baby
  • Jerusalem and the Starbaskets - i cannot radiato without you
  • Bald Eagle - wind up dead in a camino
  • Ellie Come Home - a tree falls
  • No Tengo Amigos - paul bunyon
  • Bum with a Dog - knuckle sandwich
  • Missouri Sex Offenders - don't tangle with the tingler
  • Kingdom Flying Club - aristocrats
  • Paradise Vending - how i got away


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