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Patrick Van Negri

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Patrick Van Negri
Patrick Van Negri
Patrick Van Negri
Patrick Van Negri
Born (1990-09-25) September 25, 1990 (age 33)
Pula, Croatia
🏳️ NationalityCroatia
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🌐 Website
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Patrick Van Negri (born September 25, 1990) is a Content Creator, Photographer, Creative Director, Blogger, GQ Insider, and Influencer.[1][2][3] Born and raised in Pula, Croatia, Patrick Van Negri moved to the United States in 2011 and resides now in Miami. His decision to tackle Africa’s highest mountain came from being motivated to challenge himself and get out of his comfort zone.[4][5][6]


Being a social media influencer for more than three years and constantly creating high-quality and meaningful content that adds tremendous value, Patrick Van Negri has built a massive personal brand around his name. And, with his enormous knowledge about everything that it all involves, he makes creating personal brands look like a breeze.[7][8][9]

He has worked on numerous campaigns in the past three years with full control of all the processes starting from content ideas & creative brainstorming, pre-production, location scouting, creative direction, copywriting, distribution strategies, post-production, as well post-data and & metrics reports, and analysis. In short, adding value is what he does.[10][11][12]

The Novel Coronavirus has impacted our society in more ways than any recent virus we have faced in the last 20 years. One of those is the introduction to facemasks becoming the new norm.[13][14][15]

While everyone is scrambling to stock up on supplies and facemasks they have created a shortage throughout the country. This inspired a local Miami resident Patrick Van Negri to use his social platforms in a team effort with Glenis Fernandez and help bring masks to anybody who has yet to receive one.[16][17][18]

Patrick Van Negri, a well-known global influencer, shared his fashion opus with us. About three hundred thousand people from all over the world follow him on social networks, and we took a look at his dressing style in the column Seven Days, Seven Combinations.[19][20][21]

"In most cases, I like a clean, elegant, precise, and dapper style of dressing. I like it to be timeless and classic, but I don't always stick to it. Along with that classic, I always like to make a unique twist, whether it refers to some powerful detail, such as a handkerchief in a pocket, or a brooch, which in 99 percent of cases is an Istrian goat, to different colors or patterns of suits. Either way, less is more, says Patrick."[22][23]

The road to becoming a GQ Insider is not an easy task; in fact, the only way to get into the elite-level community of GQ-minded gentlemen is by invitation only. This is how Patrick Van Negri’s affinity for style and fashion caught the attention of the globally recognized brand. Patrick soon became an insider from the recognition he received with social media, boasting of similar values, and the shared culture between the company and Patrick solidified the collaboration they have created to this day. Today, we’ll break down the exact approach a GQ Insider would take when dressing for a business meeting.[24][25][26]

Now, Patrick has long made it a priority to blend his business acuity with what he wears. By doing so, he can put together core fashion concepts in a natural way rather than being over the top. These strategic fashion tips not only help you gain the confidence you need to stay at peak performance in the office, but they put you in a small group of men who can draw admiration and respect from the poise that follows proper Men’s Business attire.[27][28]

"My wish is for people to understand that Istria has infinite potential. Winemakers need to realize their value because they can compete with inflated French wines of various varieties. I rate all the wines I try in my own way, I try to raise their rating. However, many winemakers do not have Instagram or Facebook, which is a big disadvantage. Everything I do for Istria is free, out of love for my region - he said."[29][30][31]

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