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Type Public
Traded As Warsaw Stock Exchange
Industry Video Games
Founded 2011
Founder Krzysztof Kostowski
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland.
Area Served Worldwide
Key People ●       Krzysztof Kostowski -President of PlayWay

●       Kuba Trzebiński- Vice President of PlayWay, COO, CMO.

Valuation PLN 2 billion [1] (2020)
Net Income PLN 36.9 million (Q1-Q3 2019)
Website playway.com


PlayWay is a Polish video game simulator company situated in Warsaw, Poland. It is one of the biggest video game creators in Europe in terms of market capitalization and revenue as of 2020[1]. Created and incorporated in 2011, PlayWay SA is fully engaged in the development of computer games and Smartphone simulator games that simulate day to day occupations.

Their computer Game division is focused on the distribution and creation of games compatible with PC (Microsoft Windows and macOS), mobile devices powered by iOS and Android and gaming consoles such as Xbox, PS3, PSP, and Wii, [2].

PlayWay is well-known for creating simulator games that allow you to be in some kind of occupation [3]. Some of the most common titles they have produced include Car Mechanic Simulator, House Flipper, Uboat, Thief Simulator, and Discovery Gold Rush, among many others, where Car Mechanic and House Flipper have been the biggest successes so far.

The company is a producer and publisher of medium and low-budget games, which they create in collaboration with about 30 other subsidiaries and numerous internal teams.

History of PlayWay[edit]

The company was founded in 2011 through a Kickstarter campaign by Krzysztof Kostowski, who has been working in the gaming industry since 1991. In October 2016, Playway was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and joined an index of 40 largest companies in Poland.

Since it was established,  it has produced and released over 70 games that were sold or downloaded worldwide in various online platforms like iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Steam. The USA, China, and Germany are the biggest markets of PlayWay, leading with a  total of 60% of the total sales [2]. Their games have been downloaded over 15 million times on mobile devices and their PC franchises have been downloaded over 1million times. [2]

Products and Franchises[edit]

Some of the most popular games created and published by PlayWay since the company’s inception in 2011 include;

●       Thief Simulator[edit]

Thief Simulator is a stealth video game developed by a Polish studio by the name Noble Muffins. It was published by PlayWay and was released on the Microsoft Windows through Steam on November 9th, 2018. Upon release, the game generally received favorable reviews making it to the top of the bestselling games on steam on the first weekend of publication [3]


The player in this game takes the role of a character forced into servitude by Vinnie the Mafia boss. The player is then forced to commit crimes and at the end of the original story, Vinnie unsuccessfully attempts to kill the player. In a follow-up story introduced through an update, the player is then tasked to travels to three different locations to acquire enough items for building a bomb to take out Vinnie in his mansion. However, in a twist to prolong the story, Vinnie’s crowbar is shown being picked up by a blurry figure after the game’s credits, implying that Vince survived after the explosion.

●       UBOAT[edit]

UBOAT is a submarine simulator-based video game developed by Deep Water Studio and published by PlayWay in April 30th 2019. Upon release, the game received generally positive reviews, and critics loved how the game was designed to offer for an authentic experience for players. [5]


In UBOAT, where the player is put in command of a German U-boat of World War II era. As the vessel’s captain, the player’s responsibility is to man the discipline, morale, and trauma of the crew. Additionally, players are also supposed to ensure that all the crew members come back alive after the mission. The developers managed to capture intricate details of the interior of the ship where players can use the radio, take control of the ship’s weapon system like torpedoes, and even piloting the vessel’s submarine [4]

●       Gold Rush: The Game[edit]

This is an excavation simulation game created by Code Horizon through a Kickstarter campaign and later published by PlayWay on October 13th 2017. It was based on a hit TV show on the Discovery Channel by the same name, Gold Rush [6]


In this game, the player will learn how to gather gold using various multiple methods including dredging, sluicing and panning. After mining the gold, the player is tasked with the extraction, processing and sale of the end product. After successfully selling the gold, the player is supposed to use the money to purchase bigger and better equipment for a more efficient process from mining to processing. Additionally, players are tasked with the maintenance of machines in the course to ensure that they are running in optimal condition.  The game is set in Alaska, a place with rough terrain, and harsh, unpredictable weather.

House Flipper

House Flipper is a simulation-based video game created by Empyrean, a Polish indie studio. Playway published it on the Steam platform on 17th May 2018, and right after release, it became a best seller on Steam. [7]


The main objective of the game involves renovating real estate buildings to make more profit. Other tasks that players can perform in the game include cleaning, demolitions, painting, and laying down tiles. On top of that, players can personalize their own homes, and even buy houses to fix and sell them in different quests.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Car Mechanic Simulator was developed by a Polish studio by the name Red Dot and later published by PlayWay. This game depicts the work of an automotive mechanic, and it was first released on 28th July 2017 for Windows Platform. Two years later, on 29th June 2019,  its Playstation 4  version was released, and the Xbox One version followed on 15th February 2019.


The game comes in a first-person perspective player mode, where the player can walk freely around an Auto Repair Shop. There will be different clients coming to the shop so that the player can identify and repair or replace the damaged parts. After the repairs, the player could also take the cars for a test drive to double-check if everything is working correctly. [9]

Other Games from PlayWay[edit]

The following is a list of all the games that PlayWay has published through various software developers [9]. Only games developed or published by PlayWay are mentioned in this table, complete with the year of Announcement.

Name of the game Developer Year of Announcement
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 PlayWay 2018
Magnet Fishing Simulator Pentacle 2020
I Am Jesus Christ SimulaM 2020
Gunsmith Simulator GameHunters 2020
Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Pentacle 2019-2020
Farm Manager 2020 Cleversan Software 2020
Transport INC DigiFox 2021
Thief Simulator VR GameBoom VR 2019
Cooking Simulator Big Cheese Studio 2019
DRIFT19 ECC 2019
I am Your Principal Detalion 2020
Radio Commander Tactical 2019
House Flipper City CFG 2020
Taxi Simulator Woodland 2020
112 Operator Games Operators 2020
Rover Mechanic Simulator Pyramid Games 2019
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Pyramid Games 2020
OCCUPY MARS Pyramid Games 2020
Farmer's Life Freemind Games 2020
Urban Explorer Woodland 2020
Car Mechanic Simulator VR PlayWay 2019
Out of Reach: Treasure Royale Space Boat Studios 2020
Motor Mechanic Play2Chill 2020
House Flipper - Garden Flipper Frozen District 2018
Mr. Prepper Rejected Games 2019
Diesel Brothers: Truck Build Simulator CodeHorizon 2019
I am Your President President Studio 2019-2020
We. The Revolution PolySlash 2019
Farm&Fix 2020 Sim Fabric 2019
Builders Of Egypt StrategyLabs 2019-20
Barn Finders Duality 2019
Thief Simulator Noble Muffins 2018
Car Manufacturer Pixel Flipper 2019
Schizm 3: Nemezis Detalion 2019
Farm Manager 2018 Cleversan 2018
Agony Madmind Studio 2018
911 Operator Jutsu Games 2017
Unholy Duality 2020
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Porsche DLC RedDot 2018
Alaskan Truck Simulator Westend Studio TBA
Stadium Renovator Nesalis Games 2019
The Works Of Mercy Pentacle 2018
Prison Simulator Baked Games 2019
Train Station Renovation Renovators Labs 2018
Bum Simulator Ragged Games 2018
Tunk Mechanic Simulator Degenerals 2018
Accident PlayWaySA 2018
JunkYard Simulator Rebelia Games 2018
Demolish & Build 2018 Noble Films 2018
The Beast Inside
CityEye Nesalis Games ( 75% in PlayWay) 2019
UBOAT Iron Wolf Studio SA

( 77% shares in PlayWay SA )

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 mobile

ECC games SA 2018
Contraband Police Crazy Rocks 2018
Gold Rush CodeHorizon 2018
Soulblight PlayWay SA 2017
Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 Si7 Studio 2017
Unlucky Seven Puzzling Dreams- PlayWay Campus located studio 2017
Car Mechanic Simulator 2016 PlayWay SA 2016
Demolish & Build 17   PlayWay S.A.inc 2017
Giant Machines 2017 Code Horizon 2017
Construction Machines 2016 PlayWay 2016
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Maserati RedDot 2016
Farm Expert 2017 PlayWay 2017
Car Mechanic Manager InImages 2017
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Mercedes-Benz DLC RedDot 2015
Hard West CreativeForge Games SA 2015
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 RedDot 2015
Truck Mechanic Simulator 2015 PlayWay SA 2015
Farm Expert 2016 Silden 2016
Truck Fix Simulator 2014 InImages 2014
FarmFix Simulator 2014 InImages 2014
Chronicle Keepers: Dreaming Garden PlayWay S.A 2014
The WAY Puzzling Dream 2016
Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 InImages 2014
Diner Mania PlayWay SA 2014
Old Village Simulator 1962 PlayWay SA 2012

Market Capitalization[edit]

By 2020,  PlayWay is worth over PLN 2 billion, meaning that it is the second gaming company after CD PROJEKT to get to this level as of 2020. The shares of the Polish manufacturer and publisher of PlayWay games have risen by almost 5%. As a result, the company's value on the stock exchange has exceeded PLN 2 billion. [1]

● 2019[edit]

By 2019, PlayWay’s value as a company  was estimated to be worth about  PLN  2 billion according to their third-quarter 2019 results. By this time, their revenue had amounted to PLN 36.9 million and the operating profits stood at PLN 28.2 million. [1]

● 2018[edit]

A year before, in 2018, PlayWay was valued at PLN 20.2 million and the operating profits amounted to 11.8 million. By the following year, their profits had more than doubled given their fast market penetration from multiple product releases.

PlayWay Ownership[edit]

Institutional investors hold 18% of PlayWay shares. The largest shareholder at PlayWay is its founder,  Krysztof Kostowski with a 41% stake. The second largest shareholder of PlayWay is  ACRX Investments Limited, and the followed by Union Asset Management Holding AG who owns 41% of the company[11]

The two top shareholders of the company have a total ownership of 82%, which makes them powerful enough to control the decisions of the company.

Insider Ownership Of the Company[11][edit]

The accurate definition of an insider can be subjective and almost everyone knows that the board members are also insiders. Fundamentally, company management runs the business, but the CEO will always answer to the board even if he or she is a member of the board.

Insider ownership is always considered by many people as positive because it shows that the board of directors is well allied with other shareholders. However, on some occasions, too much power is concentrated within the insider ownership.

At PlayWay insiders still cover a significant ground. It is said that they have PLN 721million in this PLN1.8 billion company. From such numbers, it shows that insiders are aligned with Board Members. It is also worth keeping in mind that the company is still small, which means some insiders were involved in the creation of the business.

● General Public Ownership[edit]

At the moment (2020), the public owns a 18% share of the company. While they cannot run the company singlehandedly, they certainly have a huge influence on how it is being run. [11]

● Private Company Ownership[edit]

Private companies own approximately 41% shares of PlayWay. If other related shareholders like shareholders are interested in any of the private companies, it should be shown in the PlayWay’s annual report. But, the reverse is also true; Private companies may also be strategically interested in buying more shares of the company.[11]

Executive Leadership[edit]

Below is the information about each individual in the PlayWay’s Board of Management; [12]

● Krzysztof Kostowski -President of PlayWay[edit]

For an entire 25 years, Mr. Krysztof was associated with the computer games industry. He successfully conducted the incubation process of many small and medium development teams. In 2011, through a Kickstarter campaign, he founded PlayWay SA, a company focused on the production of high-quality games. His vison for the company was also to support and develop development teams with innovative ideas. He was the author of the concept of the company's flagship product: the game Car Mechanic Simulator, and thirty other company productions. Currently, he is responsible for the full process of creating most of the production, from the concept of the game, through the selection of the appropriate team composition, to the release of the game on global markets.

● Kuba Trzebiński- Vice President of PlayWay, COO, CMO.[edit]

Kuba Trzebiński has been associated with the company since 2013. As the current Vice President, COO and CMO of PlayWay SA, he performs various duties including oversees the presence of global brands in Car Mechanic Simulator and Farm Expert games, production support for the games created by the company, establishing contacts and relations with the media, discovering new development teams, and establishing business contacts for the company.

Board of Directors [12][edit]

This is a highlight of the Board of directors at PlayWay [12]

●      Aleksy Uchański - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

He has been continuously associated with the computer games industry since 1992. In the years 2016 - 2017 he was a member of the Supervisory Board of PlayWay SA before he became the chairman

Other Member of the Supervisory board include:

●      Radosław Mrowiński - Member of the Supervisory Board

●      Michał Kojecki- Member of the Supervisory Board

●      Grzegorz Czarneck- Member of the Supervisory Board

●      Michał Markowski-Member of the Supervisory Board


The following is a breakdown of all the Subsidiaries of PlayWay S.A [10]

Name Main activity Country % share in the capital
31.12.2018 31.12.2017
Ultimate Games S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 48% 48%
Polyslash Sp. z o. o Publishing Computer Games Poland 56% 69%
Madmind Studio Sp. z o. o Publishing Computer Games Poland 78% 78%
Atomic Jelly Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 65% 80%
Code Horizon Sp. Z oo Publishing Computer Games Poland 60% 60%
Rejected Games Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 57% 57%
Frozen District Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 80% 81%
Pentacle Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 64% 79%
Pyramid Games Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 55,10% 60%
Iron Wolf Studio S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 77% 77%
Imaginalis Games Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 60% 60%
Live Motion Games Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 63,59% 74%
SimFabric Sp. z o. o. (formerly Emilus IT Solutions sp. z o. o.) Publishing Computer Games Poland 56,88% 80%
Games Operators Sp zoo (formerly Creative Octopus sp. Z o. O.) Publishing Computer Games Poland 50,02% 50,02%
Rebelia Games Sp. Z oo Publishing Computer Games Poland 79% 79%
Circus Sp. z oo Publishing Computer Games Poland 64,84% 99%
Total Games Sp. z oo Publishing Computer Games Poland 69% 69%
Ham SA Publishing Computer Games Poland 41,58% 51%
DeGenerals S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 80% 80%
Nesalis Games Sp. z oo Publishing Computer Games Poland 70% 75%
InImages Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 76,19% 76,19%
Woodland Games Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 97,33% 97,33%
Duality S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 44,80% 50%
Space Boat Studios Sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 51% nd
PlayWay Estonia OU Other ICT

service activities

Estonia 100% nd
Ragged Games S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 70% nd
Pixel Flipper S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 74% Nd
President Studio sp. z o.o. Publishing Computer Games Poland 75% nd
Console Labs S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 74% nd
Stolen Labs S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 90% nd
Gameboom VR Sp z o o Publishing Computer Games Poland 99% nd

Associate Companies[edit]

PlayWay Group has a significant influence on the following associates [11];

Name Activity Country  % share in the capital
31.12.2018 31.12.2017
K202 Sp. z o. o Publishing Computer Games Poland 44,11% 44,11%
Moonlit S.A. Publishing  Computer Games Poland 24,04% 30,05%
ECC Games S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 29,44% 29,44%
Movie Games S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 33,43% 41,40%
Punch Punk Sp. z o.o. Publishing computer games Poland 27,50% 37,50%
CreativeForge Games S.A. Publishing Computer Games Poland 47,81% 63,75%
Baked Games Sp. z o.o. Publishing computer games Poland 41,67% Nd


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