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Prof. Dr. David Seideman

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David Seideman (*1970) is a physician, lecturer, and Chief Medical Officer of the Lazar Medical Consortium Group. As a neurologist, neuroendocrinologist, and expert in neurometabolic disorders, he has specialized in the treatment and counseling of patients suffering from rare to extremely rare diseases.


As the son of Walter Seideman and Kyra Nathan, he is part of the Seideman(n)s (the second "n" is a transliteration issue caused by the authorities of some countries), a cosmopolitan Jewish family[1], mainly active in the fields of medicine, art, and patronage. David Seideman attended a German-speaking high school, studied medicine, and married his wife Irit at the age of 21, with whom - due to work - he lives at various residences in Tel Aviv, Athens, and the USA. The couple has three daughters, all of whom are now married. Seideman is already a multiple grandfather. Even before he frequently traveled to Greece for work, David Seideman, who is interested in history, was particularly fascinated by the changing fate of Greek Jews in the Ottoman Empire.[2][3]


After completing his medical studies and his specialist training as a neurologist in the European Union, David Seideman expanded his specialty to include neuroendocrinology and metabolic diseases in the United States. He then worked as a specialist with and without personnel responsibility on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Middle East in neurological specialty clinics or neurological departments of general hospitals. Due to his expertise in rare and extremely rare diseases, Dr. Marius Lazar brought him to the Lazar Medical Consortium Group and, together with Lucas Smith and others, built up the international practice network LAZAR | SEIDEMAN | SMITH. The administration is based in Athens, as Marius Lazar is married to a Greek woman.[4] Lazar made Seideman the medical director and gave him a free hand in establishing integrated telemedical and local care for neurological patients who had already been abandoned by medicine. In 2022, Seideman's father Walter took over the Lazar Medical Consortium Group with him, as Marius Lazar wanted to devote more time to his own projects again. However, personnel continuity continues and nothing has changed for the patients. A particular focus of LAZAR | SEIDEMAN | SMITH is the consulting advice for doctors worldwide.


The Jewish University (JUC) appointed David Seideman as a teaching professor and head of practical training. His practice network is an international teaching practice of the JUC for students of this Jewish university. In his teaching, Seideman focuses on the phenomenon of Orphan Diseases. The American Jewish Physicians Association (JPA), a small autonomous division of the International Academic Accreditation & Verification Association, honored Seideman for his tireless commitment in promoting medical talent in the field of rare and extremely rare diseases with the IAAT-JPA Award 2023.[5]



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