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Rainer von Holst

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Rainer von Holst (* 1 May 1955) is a German entrepreneur, living in USA.


Companies that have been assigned to Rainer von Holst have filed insolvency several times in Great Britain, which was reported by a British media blog, among others, on 22 October 2011.[1]

He has been living in the USA since 2015. According to German government-funded consumer and product testing foundation “Stiftung Warentest”, an arrest warrant has been issued against von Holst since 2019, among other things as part of a million-dollar fraud case before the German Augsburg Regional Court.[2]

In addition, according to the central office Cybercrime Bayern (Cybercrime Bavaria) several criminal proceedings are being brought against him in connection with the Fake News Portal Gerlachreport.com.[3] The national German newspaper Finanztest (test.de), which is the sister editorial office of "Stiftung Warentest" (in English: [German] Foundation Product Test), itself has filed criminal charges against the Gerlachreport.com as well as against the people behind the Gerlachreport, especially against Rainer von Holst (also written als Rainer Vonholst).[4] According to Stiftung Warentest, he lives in Princeton.

  • Stiftung Warentest is the German equivalent of the American consumer product testing organisation "Consumer Reports" (CR) or the British “International Consumer Research & Testing”.
  • The mainly difference too CR is that the German Stiftung Warentest does not live from donations, but from the sale of test seals, the sale of tests, magazines and books.and also state subsidies. It is by far the most important product test centre in Germany and one of the most important in Europe. It is a member of the world association of national product testing organisations, the "Consumers International (CI)" in London and the “European Consumer Association” in Brussels.

According to Stiftung Warentest and other portals, Rainer von Holst works under numerous false names to do business and make contact. Names are called like: Jan Faber, Peter Klein, Dr. Peter Klein, Counselor Dr. Allan Klein, Milla Korjus, Peter Treichler or Allan Klein.[1] Also, after researching the public German national television station ARD documentation from 2019, he pretends to be a false lawyer, namely from law firms that actually exist in the USA.

Investigation of von Holst[edit]

According to the German Augsburg public prosecutor's office, Rainer von Holst (Rainer Vonholst), who lives in the USA, is the driving force behind a million-dollar fraud involving the two German corporate groups Wurstwelten GmbH ("Sausage World") and Halbstrom Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (or Halbstrom Geschäftsführungsgesellschaft mbH; "Half Energy Distribution"). He is therefore listed as an main defendant accused and the Augsburg public prosecutor's office issued an arrest warrant in 2019 for him in den USA.[5]

Stiftung Warentest counts 200 small and some dubios companies among its corporate network.[6] Among them are many small "limited companies", which have been registered in Great Britain, but several of which (61) filed for bankruptcy as early as 2011.[7] [8] The German national daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on lost deposits of up to 12 million Euro (13,6 million U.S.-Dollar) in connection with the criminal proceedings against Rainer von Holst.[9]

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) had already instructed Wurstwelten GmbH, Bielefeld, by decision of 12 July 2017 to "immediately cease the deposit business operated without permission".[10]

In 2019, the Augsburg Regional Court therefore sentenced two children of Rainer von Holst, Anne von Holst and Alexander von Holst to 46 months in prison for 43 counts of fraud and 34 months in prison for aiding and abetting 80 counts of fraud.[11] According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the judge in the proceedings was Dr. Christian Engelsberger. Among others, the German television broadcaster ARD and the German television stations SWR and ARTE reported on the million Euro investment fraud in a 45-minute television documentary under the title "Hunt for the Rip-off Clan Vonholst".

Since 2002 there have been several court decisions against Rainer von Holst, documented by Stiftung Warentest. In 2002, the Berlin-Tiergarten district court sentenced him to a fine for fraud in four cases and for thwarting a foreclosure. In 2002 von Holst made a false affirmation in lieu of oath about his financial circumstances before the Lüneburg District Court. In 2003 the Local Court of Mayen sentenced him to a fine for fraud. In 2005 the same court sentenced him to 15 months suspended sentence for fraud in two cases and false statement under oath. In 2007 von Holst impersonated a false lawyer and was sued by the lawyer association Bielefeld e. V, founded in 1880.[12]

Publication and Gerlachreport.com[edit]

According to information from Stiftung Warentest, the German trade union Ver.di, and its German Journalists Union (DJU)[13] as well as victims, one of whom was interviewed on German television station WDR in September 2019, Rainer von Holst is the head of the German-language fake news portal Gerlachreport.com, which is hosted by Wildwestdomains in the USA. On December 2, 2018, Stiftung Warentest wrote an investigative article about the Gerlachreport with the headline "Rip-off, threats, character assassination: Rainer von Holst and the Gerlachreport. Strategy: You have to pay money or you get damaging fake news articles on the Gerlachreport." (in German: “Abzocke, Drohungen, Rufmord Rainer von Holst und der Gerlachreport»).[14]

According to the public prosecutor's office in the German Bavarian town Bamberg and the central office for cybercrime in Bavaria, Stiftung Warentest and other victims have filed criminal charges in recent years for massive libel, fake news, and copyright infringements.[15] In the "Cybercrime Department of the General Prosecutor's Office in Bamberg" "all proceedings against the operator of the Gerlachreport for damage to reputation, insult, slander, defamation, false allegations of facts, blackmail and coercion come together".[16] Journalists are also being blackmailed by the Gerlachreport, according to the German Journalists' Union and Stiftung Warentest.[17] The investigating senior public prosecutor in Bamberg is Thomas Goger, who also acts as press spokesman for the special unit.

Rainer von Holst denies to be the head of the Gerlachreport and points out that he only happened to know the editor-in-chief. However, Stiftung Warentest has already published a document of the American Wells Fargo Bank in 2018, which identifies Rainer von Holst as the owner of the "Newsroom LLC" newsroom, which has been named in the imprint of the Gerlach Report for years. The official document, stamped with the stamp of the "State of New Jersey", was reproduced by Stiftung Warentest under the heading "The Gerlachreport scam: numbers or negative reports".[18] [19]

According to research of the German national TV-Station ARD, the german language Gerlachreport is based in the USA, but has no legal address that is summonable under press law, which is why legal access has not yet been possible.[20] This is also confirmed by the Stiftung Warentest and reports about a cat and mouse game of constantly changing imprint in the Gerlach Report. Names like "Anzago" or "Newsroom LLC".[21]

Despite the massive mafia accusations against the Gerlachreport.com, which have also been made by courts in Berlin, Google Germany, Switzerland and Austria still lists the portal in "Google News" as an alleged news portal. Google Deutschland has already been banned by the courts by the dozen from distributing fake news articles of the Gerlachreport under threat of a 250,000 Euro fine for each article.

The Aras Group DWC LLC from Dubai e.g. reports in their criminal complaint from 2017 against the Gerlachreport and Rainer von Holst, who appeared under the alias name Jan Faber, that they were offered the ability to prevent negative reports on the Gerlachreport by "lending" 50 million US dollars to Rainer von Holst. The criminal charges can be found in Google under the search term "Criminal complaint. Dubai, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Chief Public Prosecutor K" on docplayer.org (in German: “Strafanzeige. Dubai, Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, sehr geehrter Herr Oberstaatsanwalt K, Hiermit erstatten wir»).

The "Theater am Marientor" in Duisburg, Germany, which once belonged to the musical operator Stella AG ("Cats"), reported to German public broadcaster WDR television in September 2019: The theatre had had to pay several hundred thousand euros to the Gerlachreport in order to prevent targeted false reports on the Gerlachreport that were massively damaging to the company and investors.[22] (This article is mainly based on an article of Wikipedia (License CC By-SA 3.0; german version).


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