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Rdwane Rani is tf2 youtuber player from Singapore to Johor, Malaysia. She/He (currently unknown gender) uploaded several tf2 videos to get a significant amount of 4200+ subscribers. His/Her voice like soft sound characteristics of girl.

A Rdwane Mohd Rani
Country of originJohor, Malaysia
Region of originSoutheast Asia
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First Old Vac Banned Account
Derpibooru twilight-wan.neocities.org

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The precious legacy of the future

The Historically, The start of life in 5 years without school, and so on at the age of 6 is admitted to kindergarten. Yes He naughty with his friends. Of course one of his friends whose body fat and squint made he like that.

It was then up to the first degree class school, so he moved to a new school that was very far away because his family moved to the Kelompok Nuri C Apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He/She became a silent in school. Ooh new friend, He/She was grade one class up to grade three but He/She still quiet. (Approved Really Shy in School)

His/Her father bought a laptop, and I did not know that anything. His/Her dad taught him that. ye and after that, He/She know just playing online games like kid boy games. After 4 months, some friends invited him to play "steam". Humm, He/She thought it was a tense genitals. So he/she avoided it because of indecent things. (Yes I'm wrong it's a real big game).

In the year end 2010, Move to Johor state in Malaysia that is his/her ancestry. Also bought new computer but Nvidia graphic type 2006 is very old.

He/She started with the internet in early March of 2013. Then in the whole year, what did he/she do? seeing the cartoon is Angry Birds. Not only this, He/She also watch the first artificial plants vs zombies and happy tree friends. There's more, uploading rare videos and also "Angry Birds Toons Episode 41 - El Porkador (Full HD)" helped boost his/her customer rates. "thanks rovio" gives me the opportunity to share this video. Now he/she reach 4k Subs

The next year, he/she wanted to find out which web opponents can play large GB video games. Yes before, these games he/she did not know like CS: GO, TF2 and some others in steam (Yes, That's his/her old friend who said it's steam). Preferably, He/She choose TF2. The game is too free from 2007 playing from the beginning of August. For 5 months He/She played, He/She found on google "L M A O B O X", He/She stingy. "What is that?" He/She opened the site. "It's so nice to let me try." Open the loader, play game in few hours. "What meaning red text say in my profile idk" play back, "you can not play on secured server" yep he/she cannot even play back then. (Premium "l m a o b o x" finally buyed on Jun 2016)

New Skill of Sniping Begin

Create a new steam account in the near-early 2015. I think now playing the game correctly, do not always play the hack.

Start class with engineer and some others, then learned to be sniper

  • 1500 hours of sniper experience looks like he has defeated all player in singapore server
  • Buyed Unusual Hat Pyro's Boron Beanie and Unusual Sola Topi painted Pink As Hell
  • Making 10 premium accounts for Trading Card, TF2 Items, etc.
  • Created 2 server for FTSI (MLP - Fun To Share It), now currently server status disabled.

New second PC, Turned be brony/pegasister

Deviantart Journal Source ~

"Time in first 2016, I buy it again a new very good pc but is Pentium driver. Computer starting.. then Open browser, I visiting every profile steam. When I'm watching someone there is using a pony picture in steam. Interesting! let me be too. In addition, I created a new account in deviantart, derpibooru (deleted account). Learning about Adobe Photoshop 2016 is my first software for my art skills.

I still play tf2 with my photoshop art sketches in 2017 about MLP Related things that what should I do.

The meaningful and valuable history is the result of my progress from old to now"


His/Her family has chosen to vote the opposition because their party is fighting for and preventing corruption in malaysia from 2010 until now. Unfortunately they are from mother's side still supporting/vote BN.

There are two things of Rdwane's do when Malaysian general election, 2013

  • Making banner picture with photoshop about PH for one ADUN PKR.
  • Commenting in Sinar Harian, Facebook. "debate to BN voters"

A piece of a 30-years secrecy sura

Deviantart Journal Source ~ by ahmadridhwan, Nov 30, 2017, 9:05:38 AM

  "Real story about me in life from my father's form 4 to 2014, that year I just noticed that thing. The old-fashioned verse of one piece is too powerful that too much testing is given by oldest man who back to old johore motor bus while my father in form 4, that my father cannot control. So in a way to tell his spirit to stop this thing, I went to Tok Mat's home for treatment. "Pay a lot of money for treatment and I sell some MEE SIPUT" is his business. About a couple of weeks later, "you've been treated" Tok Mat wants a piece of chorus of praise. So my dad gave it.

  Well after a few weeks, Tok Mat's feelings have always been depressing with my family. I do not know why it became another feeling after he took the sura. Ouu My dad thinks it's probably an infection back to him. During this time, Tok Mat has also re-infected my family.

Ok stop, he's playing money. Is it a great career with this thing?"

Experience with real skill and cheating in game

Started year of 2015, she/he very hate hackers/cheaters included owner of cheaters group. With his/her Skill, try to defeating shitty cheater in server before Meet Your match Update

As known in first 2016, She/He meet cheater named ln (next day ln changed to LoneHax). She/He saw chat in server what lonehax type

"ln: u Saldeen stupid aka fatdrumb

In: bengong on you

"bengong" word that he is malay cheater. She/He added him then complain why he did cheating in his/her server. For long time he/she friendly with him. LoneHax invite to hacking together for make it less bored

He/She accepted what he saying and feeling bad after Meet Your Match Update or called trash update because can't play with his friends from EU and US anymore.

Being a member/donator of Lmaobox since May 2016. That he/she was bored playing this game with full skill so he/she decided to change mind how to make fun back.

Previous Gamer Names

  • First Name: Portal3DX
  • Present Name: W4n♡
  • 2015
Fluttersh.. Meat Desert.. Meat Desert ✔ + Flutte.. Meat Desert ✔ + The Smas.. Pie Row.. Pie Row ✔ (Holi.. Pak Rore.. Pie Row �.. A Pie Row ✔ (Hello .. Pie Row ✔ (Hello .. Fluobl.. Pi.. █ERROR█―█ERROR█�.. ███―███�.. Teria Concept Ar.. Proton Teria Concept Ar.. AirCowbo.. GrandCraftes.. GrandNivas.. GrandNi.. New Pc RM1000L.. New Pc MYR 1000L.. ⁢ ⁢.. ɟʇ˙lɐ�.. MetalTF �.. MetalTF ➢ⓅⓇ�.. MetalTF.. My Birthday Is To.. My Birthday 8 Septe.. 3#Moderator.. 3#Moderator.. 3#Moderato.. 3#Moderato.. 3#Moderato.. AwardOwner | Meta.. OwnerOffice | Meta.. kBot ╟╮S.G╭╢ | Met.. OkBot ╟╮S.G╭╢ | Me.. WartimeBot ╟╮S.G╭╢.. WartimeBot ╟╮S.G�.. Wartime Chief ╟╮S.G�.. WarChief [S.G] | trad.. Puffed ╟╮S.G�..
  • 2016
♡ Rwan ♥ │ .. ♡ Rwan ♥ │ Its Com.. ♡ Rwan ♥ │ Be Focus .. ♡ Rwan ♥ │ St.. ♡ Rwan ♥ │ FTS.. Rwan│Flutte.. Rwan aka Flutte.. FShy↪RWan│My Birthday .. FShy↪RWan│My Birthday .. FShy Max↪RWan│Next.. FShy Max↪RWan│Team.. FShy Max↪RWan│Raya Sy.. FShy↪RWan│Takbir Raya .. FShy Max↪RWan │fts.. FShy MaxSevered│↪.. Fluttershy ↪ Holid.. Fluttershy ↪MidYrs Ex.. Fluttershy Nursery.. Fluttershy Nur.. Fluttershy Do.. Fluttershy Bar.. Fluttershy.. Fluttersh.. Flutterch.. The Chew Chullo_Лучш.. застенчивыйChew.. Fluttershy  A Hat To Kill.. Fluttershy A Hat to kill f.. Fluttershy Coldsnap Cap.. Fluttershy Coldsnap Cap⎝.. Fluttershy Coldsnap �.. Fluttershy in Swag �.. Fluttershy SnapSwag �.. Fluttershy YAY �.. Fluttershy Yay ✫FTS.. Fluttershy : You Rock ✫F.. Flutter in $wag$ockies✫F.. Flutter in $ẁągSockies�.. Flutter in ŠѿąģSockies.. Ⓘm Flutteršѿąģ ✫FT.. Ⓘm Flutteršѿąģ ✫.. Ⓘam Flutter šѿąģ ✫.. FlutterColdsnap ✫FTS.. FlutterColdsnap ✫YA.. Fluttershy ..
  • 2017
Rdwan♡Twil.. Rwan.. Rwan ♡ │ Holid.. Rdwan♡Holi.. ✔Rdwan✶Holi.. Rwan ♡│Front.. .. dsharwane.. Dasharwane.. Arwane.. ✔Rdwan✶Ƭᴡɪʟɪɢ�.. ✔V*AL**V*E✶Ƭᴡɪʟɪ.. ♡ Rwan.. ✔Rdwan✶Ƭᴡɪʟɪɢ�.. ✔🔮Rdwan✶Ƭᴡɪʟɪ.. ♡ Rwan ♥ │ 1012 Oct .. ✔🔮Rdwa.. ♡ Rwan ♥ │ Exam righ.. ✔🔮Rdwan✶ (b.. ✔🔮Rdwa.. ✔🔮Rdwan✶ (got bad l.. ✔🔮Rdwa.. [TN] ✔🔮Rdwa.. [TN] ✔R.. [TN] ✔Rd. Boxi.. 🔮Ʀᴅᴡᴀ�.. 🔮Ƭᴡɪʟɪɢʜ�.. 🔮𝓣ᴡɪʟɪɢʜ�.. 🔮Ʀᴅᴡᴀ�.. 🔮ᖇᴅᴡᴀ�.. R.. Rdwan take brea.. Rdwan lose control.. ♥ Rdwan.. ❥ Rdwan.. Rdwan oouu.. ❥ Rdwan.. ❥ Rdwane.. ❥ Rdwan.. nolerp hmm... einstell no.. ❥ Rdwan.. ❉.. ❉Rwan .. ❉Rwan | M.. ❉Rwan | Play On Al.. ❉Rwan | PlayOnAl.. .. Rwan   sell some.. Rwan ♡ │ sick..
  • 2018
W4n♡ [PH] W4n♡ [LW] W4n♡ [Pakatan HarApan] W4n♡ licking yaww W4n♡ [Paktan HarApan] W4n♡ Rdw4n♡ Buying Noisemaker Vuvuzela Rdw4n♡ [VA%L%VE] Rdw4n♡ Rdw4n♡ Twilight♡Wan [VA%V%E] Twilight Twilight�.. Rdwan♡Twil.. Twilight♡Wan ~(.. Twilight�.. Wa.. Twilight�.. Wa.. Rdwa.. Twilight�.. Twilight♡Wan | 1 week .. Twilight�.. Twilight♡Wan | Id.. [VAL%VE]Twilight�.. Twilight�.

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