Roger Rabbit

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Roger Rabbit
Forever running cartoon program on television, the last non-Disney ABC Kids show, and the last non-Educational and Informational (E/I) Saturday morning cartoon on broadcast TV.
Also known asRoger Rabbit Shorts
Created byPatricia Aakhus
Developed byHans Aanrud
Written byDavid Aaron
Screenplay byRachel Aaron
Story bySoazig Aaron
Directed byBen Aaronovitch
Creative director(s)Alexander Aaronsohn
Presented byHéctor Abad Faciolince
Narrated byChristopher Abani
Theme music composerSait Faik Abasıyanık
Opening theme"Roger Rabbit"
Ending theme"The End"
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes251 (753 segments, plus 5 shorts and 2 films) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Carmine Abate
Producer(s)Christina Abbey
News editor(s)Edward Abbey
Production location(s)United States
Animator(s)Henry Abbey
Editor(s)Lynn Abbey
Camera setupbyEdwin A. Abbott
Running time7-11 minutes
Production company(s)Walt Disney Pictures
Amblin Entertainment
DistributorBuena Vista Pictures
Budget19 million
Original networkSyndicated (1989-1993)
CBS (1990-1992)
ABC (1993-1995)
Fox (1996-2002)
Picture formatFilmed color (1989-1993)
color (1990-2002)
Audio formatmp3
First shown inUnited States
Original releaseAugust 13, 1989 (1989-08-13) –
November 27, 2002 (2002-11-27)
Preceded byTummy Trouble
Followed byRoller Coaster Rabbit
Related showsTrail Mix-up
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Roger is placed in charge of watching Baby Herman when his mother needs to step out for an hour; as soon as she leaves, Herman breaks into a heavy crying fit which Roger doesn't seem to be able to break until he pulls out a bright shiny rattle, which immediately garners Herman's attention. After a brief second of shaking it, Herman swallows the rattle, prompting Roger to scream and call 911 and to rush the baby to the emergency room. Roger is overcome with guilt when he visits, but quickly realizes Herman wants to drink from a milk bottle in the room; after Roger burps Herman, he hiccups the rattle, but finds, that in Roger's joyous celebration he accidentally swallows it, causing Baby Herman to become upset he lost his toy. Roger begins to dance, and has his hips rattling with the toy and giving Baby Herman some amusement, but is stunned when a doctor bursts in and mistakes Roger for Baby Herman and preps him for emergency surgery.

While Roger is gone, Herman spies Jessica Rabbit pushing a cart of milk bottles and gives chase, eventually following a runaway milk bottle into the emergency room where Roger is strapped to the table while the surgeons had disappeared for a lunch break. Herman mistakes a large surgical laser for a bottle and climbs up onto it, nearly dissecting Roger in the process. The laser detaches itself from the ceiling and flings a table of scalpels and hypodermic needles at Roger, who avoids them, but is electrocuted in the process. The laser flies around the room and lodges itself under Roger's stretcher and sends him and Herman both ejecting from the emergency room and causing Roger to gag up the rattle, and when Baby Herman to again swallow it before crashing into a wheelchair, they then fly down the hall and into an open elevator shaft due to wet floors causing the wheelchair they landed on to skid out of control. Baby Herman's diaper parachutes him safely to a floor while Roger ends up getting crushed by an elevator while trying to catch Herman. Eventually they end up in a room with piles of gas pumps which are ignited and send them the pair launching miles into the air. As they fall, Herman coughs up the rattle, and causes Roger to swallow it again. As they crash back into the hospital, Roger crashes through several floors before landing smack down on the receptionist floor in the hospital. As he recovers, Baby Herman lands on Roger, causing him to cough up the rattle again, finally ending their adventure. But when Roger's celebration is short lived when he sees the bill for their rampant destruction and faints that he didn't win again, Herman then crawls over to the rattle and as the screen fades to black there is a gulping sound as he again swallows the rattle.

During the end credits, however, Herman spits the rattle out, and angrily threatens more trouble if he has to swallow the rattle again. After attempting to cool Baby Herman down Roger is greeted by Jessica who seductively suggests they go home and play a little patty cake, a love stricken Roger coos as they walk off.


  • Jim Cummings as Roger Rabbit, (Carnival announcer)
  • Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit
  • Lou Hirsch as Adult Baby Herman
  • April Winchell as Mrs. Herman and *Young Baby Herman
  • Corey Burton as Droopy
  • Frank Welker as the Bull

Additional cast Edit

  • Charlie Adler as the men's *voiceovers (uncredited)


Roller Coaster Rabbit (along with Trail Mix-Up) was produced at The Magic of Disney Animation located at Disney-MGM Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.[9] Rob Minkoff returned to direct the second short in the series.

Spielberg wanted the short to appear with Arachnophobia, Hollywood Pictures' first feature and a co-production between Disney and Amblin. However, CEO Michael Eisner opted to release the short with the US theatrical release of Touchstone Pictures' Dick Tracy, in hopes that the short would increase awareness to the film.[10][11] Spielberg, who controlled a 50% ownership stake in the character, decided to cancel Hare in My Soup, the third short that had entered production.[2][12]

This short was re-released with Toy Story in 1995.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
Shorts5 + filmMay 16, 1988August 19, 1995Snydication
152July 18, 1990October 19, 1990CBS
26552August 19, 1991November 20, 1991
13September 20, 1992December 21, 1992
36552October 21, 1993Feburary 23, 1993
13November 22, 1994March 24, 1994
469December 23, 1995April 25, 1995