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Ms Saaniya Jackson

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Saaniya Jackson
New Delhi
🏡 ResidenceNew Delhi
🏳️ NationalityIndian
Other namesSaaniya Jackson
🏫 EducationPsychology graduate from IGNOU
💼 Occupation
👍 FacebookOfficialSaaniyaJackson/
📷 Instagramsaniyajackson
💼 LinkedINsaaniya-jackson-5964321b1

Saaniya, founder of SJ Diamond World[1], is on a personal mission to improve the situation of every living soul and make their life better for themselves and others around them. There is no other feeling like that drive of satisfaction and intrigue in success. Her entrepreneurial journey has been full of many up and downs. In general, people start new entrepreneurial businesses to make an income that they would not have made as employees in traditional jobs. While these enterprises can often be successful, the risks of failing are high. When Saaniya started her journey, she knew the risks involved. Over the time, she learned how to manage the risks involved in order to succeed.

On entrepreneur's journey, they have to learn how to raise funds, manage their finances and have a business plan before they start any venture. Using effort and discipline, they then set up their entrepreneurship business or start their own business. They may not be able to qualify for every loan or funding opportunity but ultimately entrepreneurs are the ones who remain in control of everything. It really is just a journey. A person should not think about making it or catching up for now. He needs to enjoy the process, take risks, make mistakes, fail forward, and watch everything unfold around him. There is nothing better than being an entrepreneur in this ever changing world.

Early Life[edit]

Saaniya graduated with a degree in psychology from IGNOU. Born on the 10th of August 1994, she also goes by Saaniya Jackson because she's a big Micheal Jackson fan, often singing and dancing to his songs.


Saaniya is the founder of SJ Diamond World. Like a true entrepreneur, Saaniya is also one of those person who had the passion and drive to start and run a business. She saw an opportunity in gemstones & healing crystals in a new market and began by formulating their idea. After identifying her particular interest, she decided to opt for independent operations, devised a plan based on research and analysis before starting the business. This is how she founded her company.

Personal Life[edit]

As an entrepreneur, Saaniya faces the challenge of negotiating between personal and work goals in order to succeed. However, like a successful entrepreneur, she knows when it's time to move on without regret or looking back. Entrepreneurs have an uneasy but thrilling journey that starts full of hope and ambition but can quickly bring about self-doubt and confusion. The years at the beginning are a blur likely due to all of the sudden changes in the life of entrepreneurs. But, as time passes it is assumed that “I'm on my path” so people begin to announce this satisfaction with their decisions.

Awards & Recognition[edit]

She likes to take her hobbies and make them real. She has even participated in Disney Hannah Montana's The Big Popstar Dream Contest in May 2009. Saaniya has also be awarded the Aaj Ki Delhi Achievement Award - 2015, Indraprastha Gaurav Award'14-15 for Western singing, the best female singer award & IIFT award for the exceptional performer in international singing. Mr Sandeep Dixit & Anil Choudhary has also awarded her with the Rajiv Gandhi Award in 2005-6 for securing excellent marks in the CBSE Board Examination.


HatkeStory has featured Saaniya's entrepreneurial journey in their article[2] published in April, 2022.