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Dr Sahid Cholayil
D. Litt
Dr Sahid at the Lalit Hotel, New Delhi
Dr Sahid at the Lalit Hotel, New Delhi
Dr Sahid Cholayil in 2018
BornDr Sahid Cholayil
(1974-02-26) February 26, 1974 (age 47)
Kozhikode, Kerala, India
🏡 ResidenceAl Muwafjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
🏳️ Nationality
🏳️ CitizenshipIndia
🎓 Alma mater
  • Farook College
  • University of Atlanta
  • Charisma University
💼 Occupation
Entrepreneur, Educationist, Investor
📆 Years active  1995–present
AI Technology in Education
  • Founder, CMD, Mission 3G
  • President, 3G IRPS
  • Chairman, Genius Group Global
👩 Spouse(s)
  • Febin
    (m. 2000; died 2008)
  • Shamseena Anakkayi (m. 2004)
👶 Children
  • Irfana Izzath Cholayil
  • Mohammed Febin Cholayil
  • Fathima Febin Cholayil
👴 👵 Parent(s)
  • Fathima Cholayil (mother)
  • Kunchamu Cholayil (father)
🏅 Awards
  • Global Race Award 2018 (Harvard University Global Systems)
  • ASSOCHAM Education Excellence Award 2018
  • World Education Award 2018

Sahid Cholayil is an Indian entrepreneur from Dubai, the founder and chairman of “Mission 3G”, and the winner of 2018 Entrepreneurship RACE Award Competition at Harvard University.

Dr Sahid Cholayil receiving the Prestigious Global Race Award 2018 at the Award Ceremony in Harvard Law School.

Mission 3G is a humanitarian enterprise founded by Dr Sahid as a result of years of research in multiple areas such as threats to mankind, society & nation, education, technology, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, epistemological elements of philosophy, world economics – market needs and feasibility, and value systems. Mission 3G is led by a team of academic experts from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and many other institutes of academic excellence. The organization is addressing various problems of third millennium such as existential vacuum of human life, challenges of education 3.0, technology unemployment due to fourth industrial revolution etc and there by developing solutions to impact humanity by means of human centric designs and naturalistic thinking. Dr Sahid and his team is well-known for their work towards developing the world’s first “Life Management System” that can deliver individualized dynamic curriculum and personalized dynamic pedagogy which will be catering to the learning needs of an individual from “Womb to Tomb”. The concept of “Life Management System” has evolved from Sahid’s vision to help every human life identify the true purpose of their lives through an educational paradigm and further helping humanity to pursue their purpose. The Life Management System is in an innovative venture administering the latest technology of IBM WATSON and SAP HANA, operating through 3G Learning Initiatives (Bangalore) and 3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies (New Delhi). Dr Sahid is also the chairman of Genius Group Global, a multi-national business conglomerate spread across 9 countries with business interests in 15 verticals.

Mission 3G team under the leadership of Dr Sahid is also actively engaged in bridging gap between learners and phygital learning solutions in India. On 26th January 2018, Dr. Sahid has announced the “Mission 3G” national campaign at Indian School of Business in Hyderabad which intends to accelerate the digitization of learning in India. The Mission 3G “Build India to Serve the World” campaign is the initiative laid out to address the technology unemployment in India with a vision to leverage India’s demographic dividend and developing sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem for small medium enterprises. The ongoing campaign has gained quite a momentum with the leading Ed-tech Indian entrepreneurs joining hands together for this national cause first-time ever. The global campaign of Mission 3G was launched at Harvard University on February 8th 2018 which received significant support of industry thought leaders and educationists across the globe.[1]

Early life[edit]

Dr. Sahid was born in the year of 1974 in Kodampuzha, a small village in Kozhikode. He was the eldest in a family of eight children. His childhood was a hardship and as an employee of the Gwalior Rayons his father was able to support his family well until it’s shut down in 1987. During his childhood he engaged in various occupations ranging from newspaper delivery to catching clams from river Chaliyar.[2]

Education and other civic activities in Kozhikode[edit]

Sahid’s elementary education was from Karinkallai G M L P School, upper primary education from Chandakkadavu U P School and high school education from Farook College High School. Later he completed his degree from Farook College affiliated to University of Calicut. During his college days he used to engage in various occupations ranging from taxi driver to construction worker. Dr. Sahid was also actively involved in the political scenarios of Farook College which shaped his strategic leadership potential. Around this time, he had the opportunity to meet different political and social leaders like Abussamad Samadani who later became well known national icon.

Award Ceremony for Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) in Harvard University at The Charles Hotel, Boston.

Later in his life he went on to accomplish various educational achievements including thesis based doctorates in various disciplines. He was also awarded honorary doctorates from foreign universities for his significant contributions to the middle-east overseas higher education segment.

Marriage and Family[edit]

Sahid was married at an early age of 19 to his college mate and lover Febin while pursuing his graduation. Marriage at an early age forced him to quit his plans for further studies and Sahid did a short term course in Hotel and Hospitality Management. He later worked as a house keeper, chef, sweeper and telephone operator which impressed his employers tremendously. After the initial experiences in Kozhikode, he then visited Dubai seeking job opportunities. Febin later died in the year 2004 in an accident in Sharjah. After a few years, Sahid was married to Shamseena Anakkayi from his own family who later became an integral part in his entrepreneurial journey. Shamseena Anakkayi is the Director of Finance at Mission 3G. He has three children; Irfana Izzath Cholayil, Febin Cholayil and Fathima Cholayil.

Ventures in Dubai[edit]

During the gulf boom Sahid landed in Dubai which is often regarded as the “Land of Opportunities” and started his job as a telephone operator in Royal Empire Hotel in Dubai. Together with his fine experiences from Calicut, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder with grit and determination. His first independent venture was a restaurant in Sharjah. The venture failed to take hold. After the Sharjah debacle he took notes from his defeat and ventured in to new businesses.

Genius Group Global[edit]

The origin of genius global group arises from the problems faced by Sahid’s brother in regard to a certificate attestation. This was when the law relating to attestation came in to effect. On knowing this problem Sahid interacted with various consultants to resolve the issue. In this attempt Sahid understood that several people are facing the same dilemma. The solution to this problem later evolved as Genius Group Global that started out as Certificate Attestation and Document Clearance Services Company. Within less than 10 Years, Genius Group Global headquartered in Dubai span into a group of 26 companies spread across 9 countries, with business interests in 15 Business Verticals catering to the diverse needs of various markets in 3 continents, through a team of over 350 Talented, Dedicated and Dynamic “Geniuses”.

Dr. Sahid Cholayil with the President of Harvard University,Drew Gilpin Faust at Harvard Alumni Association Function in Harvard University.

The journey that started with certificates later developed his interests in education segment. Sahid and his confidante Mr. Aslam Munanbath successfully launched overseas middle-east higher education programs in 2000s. In fact, Sahid’s entrepreneurial designs were facilitators of change for the expatriate working class population in Dubai who were mostly Indian citizens. Sahid and his team published around 1200+ books in various disciplines alongside his friend Anmol of the pioneering Anmol Publications in New Delhi and Vikram Jindal (who would later become a strong influence in his life). After the success with initial ventures in higher education, Sahid was highly inspired by the value of education and eventually launched a research and development division that exclusively addresses the problems of educational ecosystem.

In the course of his entrepreneurial journey with Genius Group Global, he developed interest in continuing his post-graduate studies in management. Interestingly, his thesis work was “How Middle-East Economy Impacted Kerala?”During which he travelled throughout the State of Kerala and met with numerous business leaders and industry thought leaders; such as P K Kunhalikutty, Joy Alukkas, and Elamaram Kareem.

Origins of 3G[edit]

Origins of 3G can be traced down to “The Quest Behind Paramount Happiness” (as Sahid recalls in his work “The Quest Behind Paramount Happiness”, 2017) Dr. Sahid has been trying to find an answer for the purpose of human life, he describe in his work “3G – A Way of Life”:

“Our life is not our choice, and we don’t abide to any religion, community or nationality at the time of our birth. In fact every human life is born in a pure state and it is their society or community that forms their identity… Your past generation will always tend to transfer a package of success and happiness mantras; generations over generations, we have inherited this legacy of checklists and descriptions from our ancestors… My success! My happiness is not your success and happiness. You are unique! True happiness and success to you happens when you pursue the right path in your life. That’s the purpose of your life!” (Page 39, 3G – A Way of Life)

Dr Sahid Cholayil with Educator Steven Rudolph at 3G R&D Center in Calicut

He figured out that the solution for this dilemma about finding a purpose in life or human existence lies in a true educational process. Then onwards Sahid has been working on education and its possibilities in decoding a person’s real purpose in life. It was during this R&D initiation, he was impressed with the exquisite skill in Joe Mohan (who was then a trainer in Genius Group Global) and invited him to head the R&D of this landmark project. In this journey he met with various educators, researchers and academics. During one such endeavor Sahid came across T.P Sharafudheen, a prominent educationist and business consultant hailing from Kerala who had distinctive ideas about the 21st century educational process. Sharafudheen being a seasoned business professional has travelled extensively around 15 countries and had gained a great cross-cultural competency which later inspired Sahid to work with him on 3G project. Following his advice Sahid opened up a Research & Development center in Dubai and later extended its operations to India in association with the Coll Craft Technologies (A Company Incubated at IIT-Bombay). During this period Sahid came across Judith Gillet’s ‘Brain based learning’ and Dr. Nish Sonwalker’s Adaptive MOOCs concept which inspired him tremendously.

Mission 3G Team at Kozhikode

However, the turning point in the history of “Mission 3G” happened with the joining of Dr Jayakumar Singaram (also referred to as Dr JK) in to the project. Dr JK could successfully translate Sahid’s Vision in the language of technology and it was his efforts that later bring in Dr Steven Rudolph in to the project of “Mission 3G”. This was followed by continuous design meetings in Dubai under the leadership of Dr Sahid. Dr JK, T P Sharafudheen, Vikram Jindal, Joe Mohan, Dan Jensen (Direct-Selling Consultant), Dr Steven Rudolph, Pradeep Kannankodu (who later became the Curriculum Architect of 3G) and many other educationists attended these meetings. These meetings came up with the design of student modeling linear models to engineer adaptive learning solutions and expanding its research scope to personalized pedagogy and individualized curriculum. This journey eventually developed the concept of “Life Management System”.

Major Findings and Innovations[edit]

These are some of the major findings and innovation led by Dr Sahid at “Mission 3G” project:

Sahidian Equation[edit]

Sahidian Equation (Y = AX + C) is originated upon the nucleus of an idea provided by Dr. Jayakumar Singaram. The major idea was to develop an equation to design a device that could measure learning retention. The equation Y = AX + C elaborates as Y: Intended Learning Outcome, C: Pre-Requisite; X: Dynamic Inputs and A: All Assessments.

Sahid was always impressed with the Einstein’s formula E= MC2 and its revolutionary impact in the physics. He always attempted to design such a universally accepted and impactful formula for the masses in the domain of education and he believes that it’s a long way to go.

Concept Map[edit]

Concept Mapping in 3G App

Concept map is a map showing the interconnections of various concepts and its components within the subject and other subjects. It highlights the origin and growth (grade-wise) of each and every concepts and terms to different areas of all the subjects. The process of concept mapping involves three steps. They are:

  • Identification of concepts at chapter level
  • Make the horizontal integration of concepts and its components at subject level
  • Prepare the vertical integration of concepts and its components across different subjects

Concept Mastery Algorithm[edit]

Concept Mastery Algorithm is proposed by Dr Sahid to measure the “Concept Mastery” of the learner and to learn “how to excel” in competitive examinations. The measurement is based on the analyzing the competency levels of the learner. The algorithm is also helpful in determining Learning Mastery, Content Quality, Content Transaction Quality, and Content Delivery Strategy.

Virtual Learning Environment[edit]

The unique design 3G’s Virtual Learning Environment includes three components:

  • Premium Content

The instructional designing process followed by 3G is regarded by domain experts as “the best practice ever in the Indian ed-tech industry”. The content development encompasses multiple dimensions such as adaptiveness, “synaptic learning strategies”, character-based learning, scenario-based learning, story-based learning, tagging of Multiple Intelligence, tagging of “values”, tagging of skills.

  • Enriched Audio Visual Repository

When quantifying the audio-visual elements, the designed audio-visual repository is one-of a kind in the entire educational world. This includes engaging games, animation, 3D audio visuals and textual content.

  • IBM Watson’s Cognitive Platform

The fundamental design of the “Life Management System” proposes the cognitive platform for the processing and rendering of the content. This includes the administration of natural language processing, big-data analytics, cognitive computing, video analytics, bio-metrics, facial recognition, and gesture recognition.[3]


The proposed ConCyclopedia (Knowledge Management System) is a collection of concepts for a subject/module for easy reference and understanding of the topic. The design primarily seeks the possibility of developing a “rich data” repository of concepts spread across various knowledge sources in virtual and physical spaces.

Sustainable Deployment Designs[edit]

Ever since the beginning of the project in 2012, “Mission 3G” had a keen focus on developing a sustainable deployment design for educational solutions. It took years of research, design meetings with renowned consultants like Dan Jansen and trials in the market to successfully launch the design of an educational e-commerce platform promoted by means of “scientific” direct-selling practices. Sahid was honored with the Global RACE Award 2018 at Harvard University for the design of the sustainable deployment model in education.

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem[edit]

Education and entrepreneurship are “intertwined” and act as “complimentary” to each other according to Dr Sahid. Therefore, it is important for “Mission3G” being the advocates of “Education 4.0” to make sure the possibilities of entrepreneurial engagements in the emerging “Gig Economy. IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics stated in their 2017 study: “90% start-ups in India fail within 5 years”. In this context, with a vision to develop sustainable business models for startups in India, Dr Sahid designed the concept of “Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”. The pilot of the model is being operated in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem spanning from business organizations to campus communities. The first component of the design “3G Startup Club” (Campus Version) was successfully launched at University of Delhi.[4]

Social Intelligence Platform[edit]

“Social Intelligence Platform” (SIP) is a design for inviting problems and solving them through enterprise action with the support of civil society. The concept is developing as a digital platform where people raise their problems and seeks sustainable actions. SIP calls for collaborative civil society movements including multiple stakeholders. The Government, NGOs, Business Organizations, Campus Communities, and Media together play an active role in the making of this vision.

Career Mapping[edit]

“Career Mapping” is an attempt to identify remedial and supplementary learning solutions (phygital content and assessment) in the “Career Cycle” of an individual spanning from pre-nascence period to post-retirement age. In this “Integrated” career mapping process developed by Dr Sahid, Dr Ibrahim and Zaban; they have tried to differentiate the different phases of a “Career Cycle” such as “Discovery Period” and “Action Period” basing on the theories of Dr Viktor Frankl.

Mission 3G Global Campaign[edit]

On 26th January 2018, Dr. Sahid has announced the “Mission 3G” national campaign at Indian School of Business in Hyderabad with a vision to “Build India To Serve the World”. The global campaign of Mission 3G was launched at Harvard University on February 8th 2018 with the support and guidance of Sahid’s friend and policy expert Ghanshyam Tiwari.

Dr Sahid Cholayil at Indian School of Business Hyderabad (ISB) for the "Mission 3G Campaign"

Unlike many research and development projects; “Mission 3G” was also active in promoting the research for a collaborative approach from the academic brilliance across the globe. The most branding of the “Mission 3G” global campaign goes with the title “From the Academic Brilliance From…”owing respect to academia who have collaborated with this journey in many levels.


This is the list of some eminent personalities whom Sahid met to explain his vision and extended their well wishes for the global campaign:

  • Dr Philip M Parker (INSEAD Chair Professorship of Management Science, INSEAD)
  • Dr Prasad Ram (CEO, Gooru)
  • Kavin Bharti Mittal (CEO, Hike)
  • Drew Gilpin Faust (President, Harvard University)
  • Anand Chandrasekharan (Director, Platform, Facebook)
  • Dr Azad Moopen (Chairman, Aster DM HealthCare)

Awards and Recognition[edit]

Here is the list of Awards won by Dr Sahid for “Mission 3G”:

Dr Sahid Cholayil receiving the World Education Award at the World Education Summit held in Dubai
Name of the Award Year Category Awarding Ceremony
World Education Award 2017 Best Artificial Intelligence Design in Future Education Word Education Summit 2017, Dubai
ASSOCHAM Education Excellence Award 2018 Best NGO Promoting Education and Skill Development ASSOCHAM Edumeet 2018, Kolkota
Global RACE Award 2018 Sustainable Entrepreneurial Deployment Design in Education Global RACE Award Ceremony, Harvard Law School, Boston

Dr Ibrahim, Dr Samsheer, and Dr Dinesh K Sadayakumar were awarded honorary doctorates by the International Economic University for SAARC Countries (IEUSC), Maldives for their significant contributions in Mission 3G project.


The following personalities influenced Dr Sahid in his educational and entrepreneurial journey:

  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Dr A P J Abdul Kalam
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makthoum
  • Viktor Frankl

The influence is evident in his works and business designs. He himself said in his book “The Quest Behind Paramount Happiness”

“… If you ask me about the leadership that I look up to in 21st century is no one other than APJ Sir, his vision is still vast enough to include what I have dreamt for this nation… other influences are like my great gurus; they have taught me many things from time to time..”


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