Samuel Nunes do Nascimento Lima Samuel Lima

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Samuel Nunes do Nascimento Lima Samuel Lima
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Samuel Lima
Native nameSamuel Lima
BornSamuel Nunes do Nascimento Lima
Goiás, Brazil
🏡 ResidenceUnited Kingdom
🏳️ NationalityBrazilian, Italian
🏫 EducationHigh School
🎓 Alma materSecondary school
💼 Occupation
  • Actor
in London, United Kingdom
📆 Years active  2019
The Edge of the River
🏡 Home townLondon, United Kingdom
Height1,73 m
👴 👵 Parent(s)Solangina Ribeiro , Ednilson Nunes
👪 RelativesJhulio Cesar Bueno (brother),
Maria Eduarda (sister)
🌐 Website
🥚 TwitterTheSamuelLima
📷 Instagramoficial.samuellima

Samuel Nunes do Nascimento Lima was born May 6, 2004 in Brazil (currently 16 years old) is the son of Ednilson Nunes and Solange Lima.[1] He is an American actor best known for his starring role as David Jackson in the Movie The Edge of the River[2].

Early life[edit]

Samuel Lima was born in Goiânia on 6 May 2004 to Ednilson Nunes and Solange Lima.[3] According to a 2020 interview, he does not hyphenate his name, because his parents were divorced. Samuel lived 10 years of his life in his birth country Brazil. He came from a humble and poor family. At the age of 6 his mom got an offer to move to London, England to get extra cash, She accepted the offer with a heart broken because her son had to grow up alone. She was present in the United Kingdom from about 1 Year and 5 months when she divorced Ednilson (Samuel's Father). She came back to her country with new goals, Wich it was to bring her family to United States. It was in August of 2015, That Samuel and his family moved to San José, California. He was educated at Nelson S. Dilworth Elementary School in San José, California, and attended middle School at McDonough Middle School in Hartford, Connecticut, he also attended E. C. Goodwin Technical High School in New Britain he completed Freshman and Sophomore year. [4] He has an younger brother named Jhulio and a younger sister named Maria.


Samuel Lima first started his career producing and acting in short movies with friends. In an interview the actor says that his garage was the scenarios for the movies that he made with friends. The actor produced about 3 Short Film with his friends until he decided that it was his truth passion. At June 2019 Samuel started to look for theaters and local films so he could get more experience and even make some connections and have his presence in the industry. The actor got accepted in the theater called Act Up, getting some experience from the there, He also joined a film and arts club at his school. At that point the Actor participated in 3 local films. In December 2019 he got accepted in the movie Pep [5]. Samuel Lima made his first film appearance as David J. in the 2020 Horror film The Edge of the River[6]. As of May 2020 in an Interview the actor says that his plan is to focus in improving his martial and action skills. .

Personal Life[edit]

Samuel Nunes do Nascimento Lima is the first of three siblings: the youngest, Maria Eduarda and the middlest, Jhulio Cesar. As of 2020 Maria Eduarda is the age of 5 and Jhulio the age of 7.

For a time, he left his acting career aside to dedicate himself to his education in United States. He Studied Computer science and Arts at E. C. Goodwin Technical High School, and his passion for acting comes from far away for Samuel Lima. His passion and the dream of becoming a movie star was born when Samuel was still in Middle School at McDonough Middle School, He started to do some research on how to become an actor. He had this huge passion about the career but he had to focus on his school so he put the career aside and focused on graduating middle school. a year later in 2018 he met an teacher that is part of the Art Department in the film industry wich than she helped him get further on with his carer even getting him to play some extra roles in the movie Pep.

"I thought it was never possible for a kid that had been humiliated and came from such a poor family to achieve such a big dream!, I thank god every day for allowing me to be where I'm now." these are the words of Samuel Lima when asked how does he feel be in the place where he is in his acting career. Even being new in the industry the actor shows a lot of gratitude.

The actor pretends to focus on his carer and getting small roles at first than looking for larger roles.



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Year Film Role Notes
2020 The Edge of the River David Jackson Post-production