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Founded in May 2000, Save Ferris Studios is a French production company which specializes in television, feature films and brand content. It was co-founded by Jean-Charles Felli and Christophe Tomas[1] · [2]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist., who are also the current managing partners. The company’s name is a reference to the well-known movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Since September 2017, the studio has joined the Lagardère Studios group Lagardère StudiosScript error: The function "in_lang" does not exist..


The origins[edit]

Jean-Charles Felli and Christophe Tomas are life-long friends, who both started their carriers within the same magazine editor, Best. Christophe Tomas was a journalist, while Jean-Charles Felli was a Marketing and Partnerships executive. In 1994, they both joined Sony Music Entertainment. After having been product manager, Jean-Charles Felli took the head of the local marketing for Columbia Records. He worked with many artists, among which Stomy Bugsy, Indochine, Jacques Dutronc, as well as KDD or 3ème Œil. As for Christophe Tomas, he created the label Krypton Records after having been international product manager for 3 years. He went on helping many international artists to reach their full potential. Among these are The Presidents of the United States of America, Alice In Chains, Slayer, NAS and Leftfield.

The Save Ferris Production years[edit]

In 2000, Jean-Charles Felli, Christophe Tomas and a friend, Christophe Marois, co-founded Save Ferris Production. Their first move was to answer a request for proposals from the Labo d’Idées, an initiative from the French channel France 2, for France Television. Christophe Tomas suggested the concept of Culte fiction, a TV show concept dedicated to modern music icons. Among 350 other proposals, the project captured the attention of the Labo. The trio was thus entrusted with the production of 5 episodes of 52 minutes each. In the course of the six following years, Tomas and Felli sharpened their skill in entertainment production and content creation, using a variety of media (EPK, advertisement, etc.). Save Ferris Production also produced a number of documentaries focusing on lifestyle trends, gastronomy or travels, for channels of the AB group. In 2006, they were asked by NRJ12 to produce a short-com, called ‘’Les Supercommuns’’. A year later, they created and produced Kara Shopping for The program was then broadcasted on the cable channel Canal+. Jean-Charles Felli then talked Pepsi into signing an exclusive partnership with the program, both on TV and on the Internet [3]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist.. Meanwhile, Jean-Charles Felli and Christophe Tomas produced the feature film Les Kaïra [4]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist.. The movie reached the million at the box office, for a 4 million-euro budget. It ended up being the most profitable movie in 2012[5][6]. That same year, Save Ferris Production was bought by Havas Media France[7][8][9]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist..

For the following five years, the studio produced and created digital and televisual fictions, such as La Caverne, with Le Comité de la Claque, or Dans la bouche... on Canal+. Two years later, the duo co-produced a second feature film, Les Francis, with Thomas Langmann and La Petite Reine. Along with Baluden and Tristan Carné, the company then produced its first entertainment prime, Joyeux anniversaire M’sieur Dutronc, a program in honor of the renown singer Jacques Dutronc, and broadcasted on France 2. Save Ferris Production then went on with a web series, 3 dans la tête, for Studio 4, and directed by Pixie. FRAT, the very first digital series, soon followed[10]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist.. The series dealt with a special anti-terrorist team, and starred Moussa Maaskri, Jean-Pierre Martins and Foëd Amara. It was directed by Shaun Severy, and broadcasted on CanalPlay.

Save Ferris Production then signed a partnership with Studio + [11][12]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist. for the production of four digital series : Brutal : Taste of violence, directed by Julien Colonna, starring David Belle, and shot in Bangkok ; Surf Therapy, shot in Morocco and in London, directed by Baptiste Magontier, and with the surfer and singer Donavon Frankenreiter ; Deep, under the direction of Jean-François Julian, shot at Monaco and starring Caterina Murino, Ornella Muti, Henry Davis and Pierre Frolla ; Dragon Race, shot in Seoul and Bruxelles, starring Steve Noh, Hyejoo Cho and Henry Davis, and directed by Hugues Martin. The series were based on four original ideas by Jean-Charles Felli and the author Pierre-Marrie Mosconi.

Driven by their passion for music and popular culture, Jean-Charles Felli and Christophe Tomas also produced interviews for the French music platform Deezer. Among the blind-tested artists were Nile Rodgers, Muse (band), Paul Kalkbrenner, Jean-Michel Jarre, Phil Collins, Foals, Seal, Deftones, Dream Theater, Skunk Anansie and Ghost. Felli and Tomas also produced MTV’s Petits Concerts, and created’s short programs « Collector ».

Save Ferris Studios[edit]

In September 2017, Save Ferris Production joined the Lagardère Studios group under the name of Save Ferris Studios[13]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist.. The company also welcomed a third fiction producer, Gregory Cantien. The company strives to conceptualize and produce series and feature films for French and international SVOD platforms and channels. Among other projects, Save Ferris Studios produced Caïd, a crackdown feature film written and directed by Ange Basterga. It was awarded with the First Prize for Feature Films at the 2018 Polar Festival of Cognac.

Aside from fiction and entertainment content, the company has grown an active brand centre, that worked for companies like BMW, Orange, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, EDF, Canal+ and Phillips. Its creation and development executive manager, Francis Larochette, undersees the multi-awarded brand series « Comme le disent », produced for La Banque postale. The series records 60 million views on YouTube, and is currently initiating the production of its 5th season. Some episodes were broadcasted during the Solidays, an international music festival. The series was also granted with two prizes at the Grands Prix COM-ENT (Communication and Enterprises) : First Prize in the category « External publication », and Honour Prize in the category « Brand Content Prize » [14]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist..


  • 2005 - 2006 : Super Communs (30 × 3 min) on NRJ 12
  • 2007 : A Bloc with Thomas VDB[15]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist. (60 × 3min) on MTV
  • 2009 : Kaïra Shopping, Season 1, on Canal+
  • 2010 : Kaïra Shopping, Season 2, on Canal+
  • 2010 : Pop 1000 (10x26) on Comédie+
  • 2011 : Kaïra Shopping, Season 3, on Canal+
  • 2011 : La Caverne (20 x 3min) with Le Comité de la Claque on AB1
  • 2011 : La vidéo des Kaïra a Kaïra Shopping spin-off, on Canal+ Sport
  • 2012 : Dans la bouche Season 1 (40 x 1min30) on Canal+
  • 2013 : Dans la Bouche Season 2 (40 × 1min30 s) on Canal+
  • 2015 : 3 Dans la Tête (12 × 2 min) on France 4
  • 2015 : FRAT (10 × 5 min) on CanalPlay
Digital Series & Miniseries
  • 2008 : Kaïra Shopping, Season 1, on
  • 2009 : Kaïra Shopping, Season 2, on
  • 2012 : La Question de Plus (20 × 2 min), on
  • 2016 : Deep (10 × 7 min), on Studio+
  • 2016 : Brutal : Taste of violence (10 × 7 min), on Studio+
  • 2016 : Surf Therapy (10 × 7 min), on Studio+
  • 2016 : Dragon Race (10 x 8 min), on Studio+
  • 2012 : Les Kaïra, directed by Franck Gastambide
  • 2014 : Les Francis, directed by Fabrice Begotti
  • 2005 : CNC, directed by Julien Colonna
  • 2005 : Thomas Fersen : Hyacinthe (animated short) réalisé par Sebastien Cosset and Joann Sfar)
  • 2012 : Ter Ter, directed by Ange Basterga
  • 2000 : Culte Fiction (5 x 52min), on France 2
  • 2015 : Joyeux anniversaire M’sieur Dutronc, on France 2
  • 2015 - 2016 : Les Petits Concerts, (9 x 26 min) for MTV :
    • Joyce Jonathan
    • La Fouine
    • Lefa
    • Julian Perretta
    • Broken Back
    • Loïc Nottet
Brand series
  • 2014 : Comme le disent les gens..., pour La Banque postale, saison 1 (10 x 2min)
  • 2015 : Comme le disent les gens..., pour La Banque postale, saison 2 (10 x 2min)
  • 2015 : Close-ups, interviews pour Deezer :
    • Nile Rodgers
    • Muse
    • Phil Collins
    • Foals
    • Seal
    • Lang Lang
    • Ed Sheeran
    • Deftones
    • Dream Theater
    • Skunk Anansie
    • Ghost
    • Twenty One Pilots
    • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  • 2016 : Comme le disent les gens..., pour La Banque postale, saison 3 (10 x 2min)
  • 2017 : Comme le disent les gens..., pour La Banque postale, saison 4 (10 x 2min)
  • 2018 : Comme le disent les gens..., pour La Banque postale, saison 5 (10 x 2min)
  • 2010 : Le répondeur des Kaïra, 50 x 1min30, on NRJ12 (La Matinale de Nikos Aliagas)
  • 2006 : Alive, Mondotek
  • 2006 : Ophélie flagrant délit Michel Polnareff
  • 2007 : Sans boussole Gene Thomas
  • 2008 : Embrasse moi Natasha St-Pier
  • 2009 : On verra demain et Laissez-nous passer, Dany Brillant
  • 2009 : La France des couleurs, Idir
  • 2009 : You spin me round Indochine
  • 2011 : L’instant T Natasha St-Pier
  • 2011 : Le son des Kaïra Kaïra Shopping
  • 2014 : Khalas, Hiba Tawaji
  • 2014 : L’Opportuniste Jacques Dutronc and Nicolas Sirkis
  • 2003-2005 : Pour l’amour du goût (For the Love of Taste), pour Escales, (30 x 26)
  • 2004 : Delirium canin (Canine Delirium) (2 x 52min), pour Animaux
  • 2004 : Les dessous de la France people (Secrets of the French Celebrity World), (6 x 26min), pour RTL9
  • 2004 : Un peu plus près des étoiles (Closer from the stars), pour Escales, (6 x 26)
  • 2005 : Un coin de paradis (A Piece of Heaven), pour Escales, (6 x 26)
  • 2005 : On va tout vous dire (We’ll Tell You Everything), (6 x 52), pour AB1
  • 2005 : Système B (Nous) (10 x 26min), pour Action
  • 2005 : Bleu, blanc, rap (Blue, White and Rap) (10 x 26min), pour AB1
  • 2005 : Le nouveau cinéma brésilien (The New Brazilian Cinema), pour France 5, 52min
  • 2006 : Le Flirt sans fin (An Indefinite Flirt), about Indochine, for Canal+, 52min
  • 2007 : Around the world, about Cesaria Evora, 52min
  • 2007 : La Nouvelle vague (The New Wave), about the Tecktonik trend, 52min
  • 2009 : Les dessous de l’industrie du film pour adultes aux USA (Underneath the American Adult Movie Industry), 52min, pour AB1
  • 2011 : Miles Davis à Paris (Miles Davis in Paris), about Miles Davis, pour la chaîne Toute l’histoire, 52min
  • 2011 : Les Icônes du Rock (Rock Icons), pour Toute l’histoire (5 x 52min)
  • 2010 : for Yahoo, with Bruno Salomone, 2 x 15sec.
  • 2011 : for Pepsi, with the Kaïra Shopping team, 3 x 15sec.
  • 2012 : for Pepsi, with the Kaïra Shopping team and Eric Cantona, 3 x 15sec. and 1 x 20sec.
  • 2013 : for Pepsi, with Eric Cantona, 1 x 20sec. and 1 x 30sec.
  • 2005 : Au secours je vais être papa, for TF1 Video, 75min
  • 2008 : Petit kit de survie pour femmes urbaines, with Muriel Robin and Anne Le Nen, 52min
  • 2008 : Fermeture pour rénovation, a Christophe Willem live performance


  • 2006 : Best clip at the Festival d'Annecy, for Thomas Fersen
  • 2012 : Best Brand Content Strategy, for the Pepsi campaign
  • 2012 : Kaïra Shopping : Grand Prize for Brand Content Strategy [16]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist.
  • 2013 : Dans la bouche... : Best Short Program and The Public Prize for a Short Program at the Festival du film de télévision de Luchon
  • 2014 : Comme le disent: Grand Prize (Silver) in Brand Content for the web series
  • 2015 : Comme le disent: Bronze Prize
  • 2015 : Les Kaïra: First Creation Prize at the Trophées du Film français Trophées du Film français 2013[17]Script error: The function "in_lang" does not exist.
  • 2016 : Brutal, by Julien Colonna: Best Production Award at the UK WEBFEST
  • 2016 : Surf Therapy, by Baptiste Magontier: Best Edition Award at the DUBLIN WEBFEST
  • 2016 : Brutal, Julien Colonna: Best International Series, Best Action Series, Best Photography and Best Casting Awards at the RIO WEBFEST
  • 2017 : Surf Therapy, Baptiste Magontier: Best Action and Adventure Series Award , at the Vancouver WEBFEST
  • 2017 : Brutal, by Julien Colonna: Best Sound and Editing Awards at the Buenos Aires WEBFEST
  • 2017 : Brutal, by Julien Colonna: Best Action Series Award at the Seoul WEBFEST
  • 2017 : Caïd, by Ange Basterga: Best Feature Film Award at the Festival du Polar de Cognac
  • 2017 : Comme le disent les gens: First Prize in the category "Publication externe" at the COM-ENT Grand Prizes
  • 2017 : Comme le disent les gens: Honour Prize in the category Brand Content, at the COM-ENT Grand Prizes
  • 2018 : Dragon Race: Best Sound Design Award at the Die Seriale Festival.
  • 2018 : Dragon Race: Best Production Design Award at the Seoul Webfest.


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