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Slourish is a private (Limited liability company) company founded in June 2018[2]​ for crowd-investing (see Equity crowdfunding​) African Startups by Latii Brayllot​ who is also the CEO. As an internet brand, the company runs the platform which serves as the hub where thousands of entrepreneurs, micro-investors and others looking to fund or support their favourite startups are participating in the development stages of the startups.

Slourish's Logo

The platform was officially launched in September 2018[5]​ and recorded over 10,000 sign-ups[1]​ within the first month with no applied Marketing​ strategy. This was considered a positive reaction and solid market validation as most Nigerians are still new to the crowd-investing world. Slourish Incorporation in Nigeria was completed in February 2019 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Just like Wefunder and Fundable, Slourish serves as a fundraising platform for startups and Investment opportunity for micro-investments.[4]​ But Slourish takes things a little further by making the platform community-based for members to collaborate, share ideas and stay updated on their investments.

Slourish also reduces financial risks​ by manually vetting and evaluating every submitted startup before granting access to the approved ones to create a fundraising campaign. The Slourish team monitors​ every single transaction​ on the platform to maintain a smooth running of things.[1]​ Slourish which is the only startup crowd-investing platform in Nigeria​ is self-funded.[3]

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