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Tarl Warwick during a Vermont Issues episode
Personal information
BornTarl Warwick
January 20, 1988
OccupationPolitical Commentator, Author
YouTube information
Also known asStyx, Botany101
Years active2010–present
Total views119,332,120
Associated acts
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • Carl Benjamin
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Tim Pool
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2017
Updated 10/11/2018

Tarl Warwick, (born January 20, 1988), known on YouTube as Styxhexenhammer666, is an American political commentator and author, who is located in Rutland, Vermont. Warwick's channel started growing significantly while the 2016 presidential elections and primaries were happening, in which he vehemently predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidency. Warwick currently has the largest channel on BitChute, with over 31,000 Subscribers.[1]

YouTube career[edit]


Warwick's current YouTube channel "Styxhexenhammer666" was created on November 28, 2008[2], it was originally used as a miscellaneous channel, while his main channel "Botany101" was his main channel he used for his videos about various topics, including psychedelics and politics. YouTube deleted the channel Botany101 for an unknown reason in 2010.[3]

From the period from July 2010 to December 2010, Warwick mainly uploaded Radio Werewolf music to the Styxhexenhammer666 YouTube channel. On the 9th of January 2011, Warwick uploaded his first political video to the channel, "Sarah Palin is Responsible for the Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords", discussing Warwick's subsequent video, uploaded on February 2, 2011, titled "The Top Ten Lies of Christianity", is currently one of his most popular videos, with over 314,000 views.[4] On March 2, 2011, Warwick uploaded a video titled "Why I Left Christianity and Became a Satanist", a video discussing the alteration of the bible overtime and other issues he has had with Christianity, which lead himself to become a atheist and eventually becoming a "agnostic independent Satanist". This video is also one of his most popular videos, with over 201,000 views.[4] Warwick's third and final video of 2011 that reached over 200,000 views, titled "Legal Weed is not Safe", is a video of Warwick discussing Synthetic cannabinoids, explaining his experiences and negative effects that it has had on his body, leading to the infamous seizure in the shower incident, which resulted in him being admitted to a Psychiatric hospital.[4][5]

Intermediate period: 2012–2014[edit]

During the start of 2012, Warwick started discussing world news and politics regularly on his channel, starting with the 2012 presidential elections. Warwick endorsed and voted for Ron Paul in 2012 for president. Warwick at this time also started to make other types of content, like gardening and video game content, such as griefing on Minecraft servers. During this period, Warwick transitioned from a progressive to more of a right-wing libertarian. Warwick also began his YouTube series "The Occult" in June 2014, which was a series dedicated in discussed occult works.[6]

2016 presidential election and primaries: 2015–2016[edit]

Warwick began doing regular updates on his YouTube channel about the primaries that were happening and the news/controversies around it. Warwick started covering the Primaries in mid 2015, by December 26, 2015, Warwick predicated a Trump victory in the republican primaries.[7] During the primaries Warwick started to do livestreams on his YouTube channel to cover primary results live.

By July 24, 2016, Warwick thought it was "very likely" that Trump would win the presidential election,[8] he also stated:

I do not think that she is capable no matter how much money she raises, no matter how many crossover Republican donors back her, no matter how many shit posts her shills which are paid very well to do this post online. I do not think that she has the capability especially within the debates to compete with Trump. I think that he will absolutely annihilate her in the first debate and at that point he will pull slightly ahead of her, I don't see good things for her thereafter either..

Styxhexenhammer666, Ghosts of Elections Past: Why I Believe Trump is Very Likely to Win in November (Youtube Video),10:15-10:46.

During this period, Warwick started a series discussing entheogens. This series was later deleted by Warwick, since he was concerned it could be used to have his channel taken down.

Warwick's final prediction (November 7) of the election had trump with 289 electoral votes[9], while most firms and universities predicted that Hillary Clinton would win, such as the University of Virginia, which predicted that Trump would only receive 216 electoral votes[10], which would of resulted in a Clinton presidency.

On the night of the 2016 presidential election (November 8, 2016), Warwick covered the presidential election live on a YouTube livestream. The livestream went on for 5 hours and 48 minutes. During this livestream, Warwick analyzed the results coming in and gave his commentary. The peak live viewer count was ~50,000 viewers, since then the live stream has acquired over 227,000 views.[11]

Since Trump's election: 2017–present[edit]

Since Trump's elections to the presidency, Warwick has continued with his news and politics videos, with some new series introduced as well. From July 2017, Warwick was uploading a series on his YouTube channel called "Vermont Issues", but later that year in December, Warwick decided the end the series after 150 episodes, as it was getting redundant.[12][13] Around this period of time he announced that he has left satanism.[14]

On April 12, 2018 Warwick announced that he is running as write-in canidate for the Governorship of Vermont. He later withdrew from the race as he had concerns about foreign Patreon supporters, which could have implications in election finance rules.[15]

During 2018, Warwick covered the 2018 midterm elections intensely on his channel. On November 2, 2018, Warwick predicted that the Republicans will have a small majority in the senate and the democrats will win a small majority in the house of representatives.[16]

On the night of the 2018 midterm elections, Warwick did another YouTube livestream in the same vein as his 2016 one, with a live audience fluctuating between 20,000–26,000 viewers during the stream, the stream ended up being four-and-a-half hours long. There were four other YouTubers who were guests on the stream: Collett, Veeh, Razorfist and Brittany Venti. During the stream, viewers of Warwick were trolling The Young Turks YouTube livestream chat by spamming spoon emoji, which is a reference to "spoon clank". This caused Cenk Uygur distress. Since the end of the stream, Warwick's video of his election coverage has received over 274,000 views on YouTube.[17]

Political views[edit]

Warwick currently identifies as a Libertarian. He has a pinned tweet on his twitter page, which he describes as a "Brief primer on my views", which states he's for: guns, gay rights, "real capitalism" and constitutionalism. In the tweet he also states that he's against: War, Moralism, Anarchism, Drug laws, Censorship, Communism, State worship, open borders and organized religion.[18]

In his announcement video for his bid in the Vermont gubernatorial election, 2018, he claims that if elected governor he would: "refuse to enforce gun control", "veto any tax hikes" and "encourage the abolition of super PACs and corporate campaign donations".[18]


Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch has classified Warwick as a "Person Who Enables The Hate", referring to him as someone who doesn't question and also associates with right wing extremists. Warwick has appeared on alt-right YouTube channels with Red Ice hosts and Tara McCarthy. He does not denounce ethno-nationalism, but does not claim to personally believe in a white ethno-state.[19] Ourania of Medium claimed that Right Wing Watch is a "propaganda website run by neoliberal pro-corporate media thinktank People for the American Way." [15]


  • 2014 – Morbid Stories: Satanic Satire
  • 2015 – The Occult Compendium: A Modern Grimoire
  • 2015 – Occult Philosophy For the Modern Age
  • 2015 – After The Ashes: Surviving The Coming Nuclear War
  • 2015 – Nazis, Commies, And Terrorists: How western society has become what it fought, and how to fix this problem
  • 2015 – Fruits Of Eden: Herbalism And the Occult
  • 2015 – Categorizing the Occult: Magickal Traditions and their Meaning
  • 2015 – The Occult Nature of God: Questioning the Nature of Divinity
  • 2016 – Psychedelic Spirituality
  • 2016 – The Principles of Sonic Occultism
  • 2016 – Occult Memetics: Reality Manipulation
  • 2016 – The Sword of Moses
  • 2017 – Improving the State: The Natural Order
  • 2017 – Against Communism: A Tract Against an Absurd Ideology
  • 2017 – Against Corporate Media: A Tract Against Propaganda Masquerading As News
  • 2017 – Emotional Alchemy: Transforming Negativity into Ambition
  • 2017 – Projection and Propaganda: A Brief Treatment
  • 2018 – The Book of Styxhexenhammer: Humor That Isn't Funny


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