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The Dream Fighter Chronicles

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The Dream Fighter Chronicles is a fantasy adventure children's book series by Calvin Locke, a college English professor, and is designed for children 6–12. The main characters in the books discover they have special powers in the Dream World and must use them to fight off enemies and protect loved ones. The central story revolves around five cousins who are recruited by their uncle to fend off a coming attack and how they discover their powers and learn to work together. The series is designed to entertain along with improving the reader's vocabulary.


The books revolve around Haley, Jack, Braden, Jillian, and Gabby, five cousins who are asked to join the legendary Dream Fighters, of which all their parents were members as children. They each have a special power. Haley can float through the air, Jack can run at super speeds, Braden moves things with his mind, Jillian brings anything she wants into the Dream World, and Gabby has to power to charm. They must train to perfect these powers as well as discover other ones. Over the course of the series, the children develop more and more powers, and fight off several different types of enemies. Book One: Discovery! tells the story of how they discover their powers and their first battle with the evil Gorgons.


There are six proposed books in the series, coordinated into two trilogies.

The Sarlak Trilogy[edit]

The first three books in the Dream Fighter Chronicle series deal with Sarlak, an evil leader trying to take over the galaxy. In his latest effort, he has taken control of the Gorgons, a race of 7 ft tall warriors. The Dream Fighters must train to fight Sarlak and the Gorgons, all while trying to free the Gorgons from Sarlak's grasp. They will need help from many different sources and learn that the best way to victory is through joining and trusting each other.

Book One: Discovery![edit]

Released 10/2009 Five cousins thought they were just spending another day at their grandmother's house. Instead, they all fall asleep, then wake up in a dream world. They don't realize this at first, not until strange things start to happen. Haley leaps through the air to catch something. Braden is able to move a game controller with his mind. And Jillian uses her power, and thinks of her favorite doll and her Uncle Johnny at the same time. She makes both of them appear at the same time, sort of. Now, their only guide through the Dream World is Uncle Johnny, trapped in Baby-Wets-A-lot, something the children find very amusing. They discover their powers and then must fight off a Gorgon invasion. The first book introduces the characters and offers many funny moments as Uncle Johnny discovers just what Baby-Wets-A-lot's 'talents' are. The children also practice their powers and face this Gorgon invasion together, learning a lot about teamwork and their own inner abilities. The story ends with them going to the Dream Fighter Academy, where they will continue their training and become real Dream Fighters.

Book Two: Sarlak's Revenge[edit]

Released 1/2011 The Dream Fighters, after fighting off the Gorgon attack, have now been training at the academy for six months. They have bettered their powers and understand more about the Dream World. New characters are introduced. They are taught by their long-lost cousin, Danny, who is one of the head teachers at the academy. They also learn a new game, Speedball, which helps them practice their powers and learn battle strategy. Sarlak will not rest, and they must prepare for the predicted final battle against the Gorgons.

The book starts off with each Dream Fighter (except one) having a vision of the future where they see their cousins fighting a huge battle, but can do nothing to help. The leader of the academy, Kal, thinks this is caused by fear and must be controlled. Jillian has a deeper vision: the loss of Uncle Johnny in battle. The kids must do their best to control their fear as they prepare for what's in store.

Book 2 involves much betrayal, as the fighters realize one of their own has joined Sarlak, and the identity of Sarlak himself is revealed. The academy is attacked and several key characters are lost or must retreat away from the battle. Sarlak exacts his revenge, and things do not look good for the Dream Fighters.

Book 3: United We Stand[edit]

Braden, Jillian, and Gabby were forced to retreat to a safe area to train and learn new powers so they can return to defeat the Gorgons. Danny is locked in a one on one battle he cannot win with Sarlak. Uncle Johnny is out of commission, no longer able to help. New friends will come forward and a face from the past returns to save the day, but in the end, it is the Dream Fighters who must figure out how to free the Gorgons and defeat Sarlak once and for all.

The Zyrvie Trilogy[edit]

The Zyrvie Trilogy tells the story of the new academy, new leaders, and a slew of new Dream Fighters. It brings in stories old and new in the Dream Fighter Universe, and ends with a final battle against the Zyrvie Fleet, which comes for revenge from battles long past.

Book 4: The Nowhere Kids[edit]

A new academy has been built where the old one stood. After the defeat of Sarlak and the release of the Gorgons, it is supposed to be a time of peace for the Dream Fighters. Six months have passed and it has been a bittersweet quiet. With Kal and Uncle Johnny both gone from the academy, it is up to Danny to lead, with the help of A.L.L.I. (The Academy Library Learning Intelligence) Together they train the Dream Fighters. All seems to be going well, though Danny struggles with leading, something he thinks he might be too young for.

And Jillian has a chilling vision. She sees the destruction of a bridge by a terrible force and is told she must prevent it from happening. She doesn't know where to begin. Haley trains at another facility as a Shadow Knight, people who must save the lives of others who are destined for great things. Jack and Braden still train at the academy, with Jack taking trips here and there to practice flying Gorgon Warbirds. Gabby does not train, as Danny tries to protect her after having to fight against the Gorgons at such a young age.

Braden and Jack learn of a large group of Dream Fighters who have disappeared over the years, known as The Nowhere Kids. One of them, Xavier, has the ability to strip an enemy's powers, something he did years before in the first Zyrvie War. Little do the Dream Fighters know that the Nowhere Kids are closer than they think, and that they have something planned for them.

Book 5: Hearts Burst Into Fire[edit]

Coming off a difficult battle with Xavier and the Nowhere Kids, the Dream Fighters now must prepare for a coming invasion. The Zyrvie Battle Brain, defeated decades ago, has been reactivated and has sent this once peaceful and forgotten race into a war frenzy. Danny gets a mysterious message to meet with an ambassador who promises to stop the invasion before it happens. He brings Braden and Jillian along. Once there, they realize they have been set up and Danny must make a horrible decision: he can only save Braden OR Jillian, not both. He makes his hard choice and Braden is left in the hands of an old enemy.

Jillian becomes obsessed with revenge and trains harder, improving her skills and embarking on a quest to rescue her brother's dream essence so that he can be restored. This quest will take her deep into the Outlands where she will meet a familiar Dream Fighter with a grand plan to change the Dream World.

Jack trains with the Gorgons, flying their ships. When the invasion seems certain, he asks the Gorgon leader to help by sending his fleet to protect the academy. Lord D'Raygon refuses, not wanting war so soon after finally finding peace. Jack must then take matters into his own hands.

Two Dream Fighters have been captured in the real world by the mysterious Dr. Z. His warning is simple: The Dream Fighters must not defend themselves against the Zyrvie attack. If they do, those they love in the real world will suffer. All of the Dream Fighters have been exposed and they must now prepare for battle both in the Dream and real worlds.

Jillian and Jack will join forces to defeat the might Zyrvie fleet and in the end, Jillian will be given two tremendous choices that will affect the very fabric of the Dream World. The power to shape the future will be in her hands.

Book Six: The Heroes Among Us[edit]

Braden's dream essence is lost. Uncle Johnny has surrendered to the Zyrvies to end the conflict. The academy is once again about to be destroyed. The Dream Fighters have done something they have never done before: they've lost. No one sees a chance to fend off the destruction of the academy. The one thing they always clung to, even in the worst of times, was hope. It's all but gone now.

Or is it? Jack races toward the academy in his warbird, trusted Gorgon co-pilot next to him. Danny evacuates the academy, making sure every recruit is gone before the Zyrvie fleet arrives. While doing so, he comes across a holocube left by Uncle Johnny. All is not as it seems, Danny discovers, and a plot to save the Dream Fighters can be hatched, if the timing is right. Meanwhile, Dylan and the Zyrvies have figured out how to cross over into the real world, and the first o0f a wave of attacks strikes close to Gabby's home. Immediately, several men appear at her mother's door, whisking her and Timmy into safety, telling her Uncle Johnny sent them. These people have been hiding in plain sight, waiting for the time to carry out their mission. That mission: Protect the Dream Fighters in the real world at all costs.

Jillian searches the Outlands for her brother, Braden, trapped in a game with himself and unable to get free. Once she finds him, she will hunt down Dylan with her newfound powers and destroy him once and for all. So long as the anger within her does not lead to her own destruction first.

The conclusion to The Zyrvie Trilogy contains plenty of surprises as the Dream Fighters, now spread far apart from each other, attempt to come together once more in a final battle to save all beloved to them.


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