The Extreme (novel)

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The Extreme
Animorphs 25
Book cover
Cover artistDavid B. Mattingly
CountryUnited States
SeriesAnimorphs #25
GenreScience fiction
Publication date
January 1999
Media typePrint
ISBN0-590-76258-3 Search this book on Logo.png.
Preceded byThe Suspicion 
Followed byThe Attack 

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The Extreme is the 25th book in the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate, with contributions from Jeffrey Zuehlke, first published in January 1999.[1][2][3] The book is narrated by Marco.

Plot summary[edit]

Marco and his Animorph friends learn about a new Yeerk plan from their android friend, Erek, to develop a way to broadcast Kandrona rays using satellite technology. A Yeerk alien must leave its host body and take a Kandrona bath at a Yeerk pool every three days in order to survive. Broadcasting the rays would circumvent the Yeerk's need to travel to Yeerk pools.

The Animorphs find Visser Three, a Yeerk who had infested an Andalite and is the leader of the earth invasion, while he is grazing in a secret field. They morph into flies and hide on his body as he boards a bug ship.

Due to the length of the flight, the Animorphs create a distraction on the ship so they can safely morph back to human and remorph flies. They are nearly caught when remorphing but manage to hide in a loading bay. There they find a group of alien Venber, who come from a frozen moon, in a cryosleep within large cylinders. As the ship lands, the group morphs into their battle animals. Visser Three confronts them with a battalion of Hork-Bajir and Taxxon. The Animorphs manage to escape by ripping a hole through the ship. Upon landing outside they are blasted by freezing temperatures and realize they must be somewhere in the Arctic.

The Animorphs struggle in the polar temperatures. They eventually morph into wolf, which somewhat helps them maintain a warmer body temperature. After moving a little farther, they notice the Venber from the ship scouring nearby. The Animorphs are able to outmaneuver the Venber. They dig up a snowbank to camp for the night and take turns morphing to human and remorphing wolf to help stay warm. The next morning they witness a polar bear hunting seals. They put together a plan to acquire the seals and then morph into the new animal. Soon after, the Yeerks attack them with Dracon Beams. The Animorphs escape into the icy water but are chased by Orca whales. They return to a nearby shore and demorph. When they do, they're spotted by an Inuit boy named Derek. Derek had witnessed the Yeerks using Dracon beams in the area. Ax and Tobias maintain their true forms as an alien Andalite and red-tailed hawk, respectively, and communicate with Derek directly. The Animorphs learn that the polar bear they saw ealier is Derek's friend, Nanook.

The Animorphs acquire Nanook, bid goodbye to Derek, and head to the Yeerk base. There, they run into a group of human-Yeerk Controllers and the Venber. They learn that the Yeerks had programmed the Venber and order them to attack the Animorphs. The Animorphs burst into a nearby hangar and are followed close behind by the Venber. Due to their physiology, the Venber promptly disintegrate when exposed to the warm air. The Animorphs board a nearby bug fighter, and Marco uses its Dracon beams to destroy the satellite and the entire Yeerk base. The Animorphs escape as birds of prey and take two days to fly home.

In an epilogue, Marco is taking a shower when his father invites him out for ice cream. Marco declines and instead turns the temperature to very, very hot.


Morpher Morphs Acquired Morphs Used
Jake seal, polar bear Peregrine falcon, Siberian tiger, Housefly, wolf
Rachel seal, polar bear bald eagle, grizzly bear, Housefly, wolf
Tobias seal, polar bear Housefly, wolf
Cassie seal, polar bear osprey, wolf, Housefly, dolphin
Marco seal, polar bear osprey, wolf, gorilla, Housefly, dolphin
Ax seal, polar bear Harrier, Housefly, wolf

Contributions to the series' story arc[edit]

  • The Animorphs meet Derek, an Inuit boy. The Animorphs decide he is unlikely to be a Controller due to living in a very remote location. Derek reacts to the Animorphs, Ax, and Tobias with a calm demeanour and likens their powers to spirit animals. Derek also references Star Trek when talking about the Yeerks.


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