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The Last Vampire on Earth

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The Last Vampire on Earth
Directed byVitaliy Versace
Produced by
  • Mandie Abraham
  • Vitaliy Versace
  • Barbra D’Avila
  • Terrance Esacro
  • Phillip Roeser
  • Linda Weaver
Written byMandie Abraham
  • McKenzie Grimmett
  • Michael Bole
  • Kevin Glaser
  • Sharon VanDervort
  • Justin Oliver
Music byDavid Buker Jr.
CinematographyGeorge Anton
Edited by
  • George Anton
  • Phillip Roeser
Distributed by
  • Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
  • Green Apple Entertainment
Release date
  • January 25, 2011 (2011-01-25)
Running time
1h 30m[1]
CountryUnited States
Budget$250, 000[1] Logo.png Search The Last Vampire on Earth on Amazon.

The Last Vampire on Earth is a 2010 American film directed by Vitaliy Versace,[1] screenplay and novel by Mandie Abraham and staring McKenzie Grimmett and Michael Bole. Inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, The Last Vampire on Earth tells the romantic story of two college students who both share deep secrets.


Chloe Parish (McKenzie Grimmett) is a University Student studying anthropology in which during literature class she meets new guy, Aurelius (Michael Bole), where they’re studying the novel Bram Stoker's Dracula. The Professor (Charles Creager) decides to change the assignment to a stage production, in which Chloe has the lead female role of Mina Harker and Aurelius gets the role of Dracula. After class Aurelius comes across a blood mobile run by Wayne (Terrance Esarco) in which Aurelius bribes him to sell him blood. Giving in, Wayne agrees to deliver it to Aurelius’s home. Soon after, Chloe meets Aurelius in the library, where they agree they should practice their scenes from Dracula together. They go out for coffee where Aurelius says how he’s studying Hematology, as he wishes to find cures for blood diseases like AIDs. Chloe talks about her work with missionaries and how her father’s a pastor for her church, in which she invites him to come along. After the service, Chloe introduces Aurelius to her father, in which he invites him over for dinner. At dinner they discuss Aurelius’s major and how they don’t believe in blood transfers due to their religion. Aurelius states how he isn’t that hungry but as he leaves he throws up the little food he ate as he can’t eat normal food. Wayne meets Aurelius at his home, where they exchange the blood. But when Wayne explores the house, he finds lots of old relics, and Aurelius quickly rushes him out. Aurelius meets Chloe in a park, where she discusses her fantasy of living in a make believe world like her books, and how she’s striving for a world without hate. They go to another cafe where she asks about his family. He reveals that he is from Greece originally and he hasn’t got any family with him. He invites her to his house, where he gives her notes about vampires to help with the play, and he notices the box from the blood clinic. When she goes through the notes, she puts the pieces together and figures out that Aurelius is a vampire. She confronts him at school the next day, where he admits his secret and that he’s been 20 years old for 2,082 years, old enough to have listened to Jesus speak in person.

Chloe goes back to her dorm where she begins to vomit to the point of being hospitalised; here she finds out her medical cocktails haven’t been working and her AIDs is spreading fast. After a second dinner, Aurelius ends up throwing up in their bathroom, which Chloe overhears and finds out that normal food makes him sick. Chad hears them mention how he’s a vampire. Chad goes to his parents and tells them what he has heard. The parents think that he overheard them talk about the Dracula play but once he says that Aurelius can’t eat normal food, the father calls some friends and goes to confront Chloe. She admits that he is a vampire and the father wants him gone.

Chloe tries to warn Aurelius but he doesn’t pick up his phone, so she gets a gun from her pantry and ends up finding him tied to a stake in the woods behind her church. Here, she holds her family and their friends at gun point, where she admits that he has AIDs and that Aurelius is trying to help her find a cure. Someone goes to set the stake alight to burn him but Chloe shoots him and get someone to untie him. They leave. Back at Aurelius’s house, Chloe tells the story of while on a missionary trip to Africa, some blood from an African child got in a cut while their village was under attack. She asks if being turned into a vampire will stop her disease. Aurelius believes it would, so when they go to perform their play at the finale, Aurelius bites Chloe.


  • Mckenzie Grimmett as Chloe Parish
  • Michael Bole as Aurelius
  • Charles Creager as Professor
  • Keri Graham as Melissa
  • Kevin Glaser as Melvin Parish
  • Sharon VanDervort as Roberta parish
  • Justin Oliver as Chad Parish
  • Daniel Rios as Doctor Cardhall
  • Rachel Terzak as Yellow Car Driver
  • Eric Garfield as Disheveled Girl
  • Nicholas Costello as Noah
  • Kaitlyn Pernice as Mary
  • Shane Sheerer as Scott
  • Jesika Pernice as Christina
  • Ada Span as Nurse
  • Terrance Esarco as Wayne



Versace chose Youngstown, Ohio as the shooting location for the movie. Linda Weaver, the casting agent, found most of the cast within Youngstown or from around the area. With a lot of local cast, some of the cast grew up knowing each other. The composer David Buker grew up in the same neighborhood as the male lead Michael Bole. As well, Sharon VanDervort who played Chloe’s mother, is the real life Aunty of Justin Oliver who played Chad Parish, Chloe’s brother. At the time of filming, McKenzie Grimmett was only fifteen years old.


Once Echo Bridge Home Entertainment[2] got hold of The Last Vampire on Earth, they changed the colour grading of the film to a dark blue. This made the film look much similar to the first installment of the Twilight saga. FotoKem did the colour grading.


As seen as, "The Room meets Twilight"[3], throughout the film numerous similarities can be found between the vampire series created by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight[4]. In 2008, Catherine Hardwicke adapted the book and a similar direction style can be seen in The Last Vampire on Earth. The film opens with narration about vampires and monsters by the female lead. Both leads, male and female, meet in a schooling facility. Twilight being at high school and The Last Vampire on Earth being set in a university. Although, the genders have been flipped, as Aurelius is new to school rather than Bella.[4] In class, both characters get paired up, like in science class and in the play. There are moments where the male lead stares and can smell the female lead. The moment the female researches about vampires and figures out the males secret, she approaches him and asks to speak in private. Here the male gets her to admit that he’s a vampire as well they discuss his past and age.


The score was composed by David Buker Jr. Co writers for the soundtrack[5] was Tyler Theofilos and The Devotees. The songs were performed by band The Depths, The Devotees and Historians.

Songs Writer Performer
Wait David Buker Jr. and Tyler Theofilos The Depths
Intuition David Buker Jr. and Tyler Theofilos The Depths.
Benchmarking David Buker Jr. and Tyler Theofilos The Depths.
Signs of the Times David Buker Jr. and Tyler Theofilos The Depths.
Seen a Ghost David Buker Jr. and Tyler Theofilos The Depths.
Hallelujah The Devotees The Devotees
Further from Home The Devotees The Devotees
Rifle The Devotees The Devotees
Right Hand The Devotees The Devotees
New World David Buker Jr. Historians
Wedding Bells David Buker Jr. Historians
String Quartet No. 1 David Buker Jr. David Buker Jr.



On the February 15, 2010[6] was the theatrical premier of The Last Vampire on Earth in the town of Youngstown, Ohio, in the MainStreet Theater. Vitaliy Versace stated to Ent.Tv[7], that he hopes to sell it to a major studio, to decide whether it’s good enough for a major release or straight to DVD. The movie was soon picked up for redistribution from Green Apple Entertainment[8] and Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.

Home Media[edit]

The Last Vampire on Earth was released for DVD on November 9th 2010[1], under Versace Entertainment[9]. The Last Vampire on Earth was soon picked up and released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment and Green Apple Entertainment[10], both re-releasing it with alternative covers. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment ended up changing the colour gradient of the film, giving it a blue tint over the film, making it look more like it’s inspiration Twilight. Green Apple Entertainment changed the cover to have a similar composition and font to the original Twilight cover.

Other media[edit]


On September 21st, 2009 Mandie L. Abraham wrote the novel The Last Vampire on Earth or The Last Vampire on Earth: What it you found out that you were dying, and met some that’s going to live forever?[11][12][13] The creator of the novel, Vitaliy Versace, had it published through the self publication company CreateSpace[14], as well as his own company Versace Entertainment.[9]


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