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The Main Benefits of Hiring a Consular Processing Attorney

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Consular processing attorneys assist in bringing foreign nationals to the United States through consular processing, which is the primary way a foreign national may obtain permanent resident status (a green card). It is for either family-based or employment-based applicants.

During consular processing, the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition with an immigrant visa number immediately available applies for an immigrant visa at a U.S. Department of State Embassy or Consulate abroad in order to come to the United States and obtain permanent residency status.

An interview with the consular official is necessary for consular processing. As a result, it is critical for foreign nationals to assess their unique situation before beginning consular procedures.

The role of a consular processing attorney begins even before the case reaches the National Visa Center ("NVC") or the consular post. Even the simplest U.S. immigration applications require you to complete paperwork and compile supporting evidence to demonstrate your eligibility, and you'll likely be given specific instructions to get through it. Immigration lawyers have experience and expertise in dealing with this documentation and have the mechanisms in place to prepare the applications quickly. They have computer programmes that allow them to quickly input your information and generate the necessary forms. A qualified lawyer considers all the situations during the preparation and submission of the petition for initiating the immigrant visa process. It gives you great relief as the process is complex and stressful.

A consular processing attorney can carefully review your personal circumstances and provide the requisite assistance to get a permanent visa. They identify and analyse important issues and provide the right advice and assistance on how to present yourself at the interview. They ensure the seamless processing of your case and deliver value for money.

There are several online tools that can help applicants get information on how to approach the consular procedure. However, one of the important disadvantages of such tools is that they are not usually produced by experts and include anecdotal advice on how to handle significant consular procedural complications. The consular processing of a case is not completed as quickly as it may be due to incorrect information, missing or insufficient documents, and poor case monitoring. Thus, online tools cannot replace the attorneys, and one must do some research to find a reputed and experienced consular processing attorney to get the right information as well as complete assistance to get through the process successfully.