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The Narayanganj Page

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The Narayanganj Page
TypeOnline News Portal
Founder(s)Md Zahidul Islam Chowdhury[1]
Editor-in-chiefMd Zahidul Islam Chowdhury
Political alignmentLiberal
HeadquartersAmlapara, Narayanganj Bangladesh

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The Narayanganj Page (Bengali: নারায়ণগঞ্জ পেইজ) which is One and First English Online News Portal [2][3] publishing from Narayanganj in Bangladesh. This is inaugurated on 28th Nov 2021. Md Zahidul Islam Chowdhury is a Founder Of The Narayanganj Page and he is It's Editor Also Now[4] and so legal Advisor Advocate Humayun Kabir Hridoy & Advocate Nahidul Islam Chowdhury. Because of being The Narayanganj Page only one English newspapers in Narayanganj, most people read and visited in Everyday.

The Goal[edit]

The Narayanganj Page started it’s journey only with the aim of benefiting the people of Society[5]. The Narayanganj Page will be continued it’s journey by writing to bring to the the notice of the appropriate authorities about the various irregularities, problems, corruption of the Society. The Narayanganj Page is representative of the Society and the Country


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