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Think Big Ministries

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Think Big Ministries Worldwide
Think Big Ministries' official Logo
ClassificationChange Agency
HeadquartersUrezen, Ovia South West, Edo State, Nigeria
FounderMinister Daniel Innocent
OriginApril, 21 (Error: first parameter cannot be parsed as a date or time.) (April, 21) Ovia South West, Nigeria
SloganTrue Believers Yeast Only

TBM (Think Big Ministries) is a Power-based, Multi-Dimensional, and Non-Denominational organization that operates independently of religious affiliations. It draws inspiration from the 7 Pillars, a set of powerful principles that guide its activities. T.B.M is dedicated to developing effective leadership and empowering individuals to become catalysts for positive change. Its unique and diverse approach aligns with its mission to make a meaningful impact on the world.


In 2018, the seeds of an extraordinary ministry were sown when Daniel Innocent , then aged 17, had an experience that he believed to be a supernatural encounter. While staying in a room at the Ogida Barracks, Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria awaiting the next day to process his JAMB registration, he received a night vision that would soon transform his life's trajectory.

In this vision, God spoke to him, saying, "Daniel, I have chosen you to preach my word. Am sending you now, go and do not be afraid for am with you and have made you a giant, strong and mighty." The encounter was a powerful affirmation of Daniel's deep-seated belief that he had a call from God to preach the Gospel and make a difference in the world. Guided by an unwavering faith and a burning passion to fulfill this call, Daniel established Think Big Ministries, formerly known as Think Big Youths Organization, to empower young people who share his vision of service.

Grounded in seven guiding principles, Think Big Ministries seeks to inspire, educate, and empower youths to overcome their limits, tap their potentials, and make positive changes in their lives and communities.

Through its comprehensive range of programs, including mentorship, leadership development, charity work, and community service initiatives, Think Big Ministries has catalyzed a movement of change agents who are working tirelessly to promote love, compassion, and social justice in their society.

Today, Think Big Ministries is a trailblazer in the youth empowerment and development space in Nigeria, inspiring a new generation of young, bold and innovative leaders who are committed to transforming the world around them. As the organization continues to grow and evolve, it remains focused on its core mission of equipping young people with the tools and resources needed to succeed in their lives and make lasting changes in society.

With a commitment to transparency, accountability, and collaboration, Think Big Ministries has built a strong and vibrant community of True Believers who come together to support each other, make a positive difference, and serve God in their individual journeys. Through its continued efforts to promote education, personal development, and social impact, the organization has firmly established itself as a force for good, inspiring hope and change in its community and beyond.


Think Big Ministries official Logo 2023

The Think Big Ministries logo includes a small man standing confidently, with a shadow casting an image of a well-built, towering giant. This design symbolizes the little man's confidence and knowledge that he is a giant on the inside, and that he can achieve anything he desires.

Within TBM, everyone may appear small on the outside, but they have the potential to make a significant impact because of how much value they invest in their work. They are giants on the inside because of their drive to make a difference in the world.

Furthermore, the logo illustrates Daniel Innocent's night vision, illustrating two ancient armor-clad men in an argument. One of the men was a giant, ten times taller than the other, covered in golden armor. Despite the giant's peaceable demeanor, the smaller man continued to challenge and insult him, ultimately provoking him to crush him with his foot. This vision made Daniel realize that he was the giant sent to preach God's word, not the small man.

After Daniel saw the small man being crushed by the giant, he thought he was the small man, and that the giant represented other forces in his life pulling him down. However, he heard the voice of God telling him that he was sending him to preach His word and to not be afraid. God stated that He had made Daniel a giant who is strong and mighty. This realization helped Daniel understand that the small man represented the obstacles that God had sent him to overcome, and that he had the strength and potential within him to do so.

His research led him to design the logo that symbolizes confidence, standing proudly, dressed in his best attire, with his shadow reflecting a giant figure ready to begin his mission.

In summary, the Think Big Ministries logo reflects our organization's beliefs in inspiring self-confidence, empowering individuals to make a positive impact in the world. The design symbolizes the small man's internal strength and capacity to achieve greatness, and the vision of Daniel Innocent, the founder of Think Big Ministries.

Arms of Delivery (AOD)[edit]

In 2020, Think Big Ministries had established multiple sub-organizations as part of its mission to expand and improve its reach. These sub-organizations, or "arms," include Talent Ablazed Univers (TAUN), TBM Studios, Soul Testament Ministry, TBM Worship Beyond, TBM Helping Hands, TBM Change Agents, and TBM Saints Unite. Each arm functions as a separate, yet closely linked entity dedicated to promoting the values and goals of the parent organization, namely, youth empowerment, leadership development, and community service. Collectively, these arms work to accelerate the delivery of Think Big Ministries' programs and achieve its broader vision of creating a world where all individuals can fulfill their potential as leaders and change agents for social transformation.

Talent Ablaze Univers[edit]

Talent Ablaze Univers (TAUN) is a renowned educational institution that operates as an arm of Think Big Ministries, dedicated to empowering individuals who have not yet envisioned themselves as leaders. TAUN's aim is to provide an innovative, transformative, and holistic educational experience that equips students with leadership skills, knowledge, and a sense of purpose, thereby enabling them to become impactful change leaders in their society.

TAUN strives to create an enabling environment that nurtures and strengthens the natural abilities, talents, and potentials of its students. The comprehensive curriculum spans across various disciplines and is designed to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and intellectual curiosity. In addition, the training modules incorporate practical skills and knowledge to enable students to be well-rounded in various aspects of life, including entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and community service.

At TAUN, students are taught to embrace leadership as a way of life. The institution's programs emphasize personal development, character formation, and social consciousness, and imbue its students with a sense of purpose. Regardless of the field of study or career path chosen, all students are instilled with leadership qualities that enable them to make a positive impact on society.

TAUN graduates are found in various fields, including business, politics, education, and community service, making tangible differences in their chosen fields. As leaders, graduates of TAUN are known for their impactful contributions, their ability to inspire and mentor others, and their passion for effecting positive social change.

TBM Studios[edit]

TBM Studios is an arm of delivery that is responsible for managing the publicity of all activities related to Think Big Ministries. Its primary role is to ensure that the general public is informed about the organization's mission, programs, and achievements.

One of the primary functions of TBM Studios is the management of the ministry's social media handles. As social media continues to play an increasingly important role in modern communication, having a dedicated team that manages these platforms is essential. TBM Studios ensures that the ministry's social media handles are active, responsive, and engaging to create a robust and exciting online presence.

Additionally, TBM Studios is responsible for creating and publicizing tapes and audio materials that promote the ministry's message. By leveraging cutting-edge equipment and technology, TBM Studios ensures that all productions are of the highest quality possible. These materials are designed to promote the values and goals of Think Big Ministries to a broad audience through various media channels.

Another critical role played by TBM Studios is the documentation of the ministry's activities. TBM Studios captures moments and events that showcase the impact and transformative nature of Think Big Ministries' work. These visuals help to create a sense of connection and inspire greater participation and support from the public.

Soul Testament Ministry[edit]

Soul Testament Ministry is an arm of delivery that combines the power of theater and film production in the pursuit of TBM's Calling. This subdivision of Think Big Ministries creates a platform for young actors to showcase their talents and skills in acting to promote Good values and principles.

Soul Testament Ministry produces high-quality theatrical and film productions, including movies, television shows, and movie series, all with the aim of spreading the message of God's love and grace to a broad audience. With each production, the Soul Testament Ministry seeks to inspire, challenge, and educate its audience in the ways of the Lord.

The theatrical productions of Soul Testament Ministry are emotion-filled and thought-provoking, designed to help the audience connect with the message conveyed. Its productions are not only entertaining but also transformational, and they help to create a shift in the audience's mindset, perspective, and character.

Through the medium of film and theater, Soul Testament Ministry has been changing the game in Christian art by combining storytelling with Godly principles. It continues to push the boundaries while drawing attention to social issues and messages of spiritual development that are relevant today.

TBM Worship Beyond[edit]

TBM Worship Beyond is an arm of delivery within Think Big Ministries that is dedicated to creating high-quality music that inspires, energizes, and connects people with their faith. This subdivision is characterized by an unwavering commitment to worship in song and uses music as a medium to communicate the gospel message.

Worship Beyond's focus is on the creation of music that is both relevant and uplifting, drawing from the various genres like Contemporary Worship, Gospel, and Afro-pop. The team works tirelessly to develop musical talent, both vocalists, and instrumentalists, to enable them to develop their skills and promote greater creativity.

Furthermore, TBM Worship Beyond is committed to creating platforms where musical artists can express their God-given talents. The subdivision provides mentorship, coaching and other resources to help these artists hone their skills, discover their unique voices, and grow their fanbase.

Through its deep commitment to the power of music, Worship Beyond has been successful in creating a musical movement of passionate worshipers, dedicated to expressing their faith and love for God through song. Its music ministry is highly respected, and it helps to promote a culture of worship and praise in communities everywhere.

TBM Helping Hands[edit]

TBM Helping Hands is a critical arm of Think Big Ministries that seeks to promote social justice, alleviate poverty, and foster social inclusion. This subdivision is committed to providing essential aids to individuals who are unable to help themselves due to various difficulties, including economic, social, health, and environmental issues.

The Helping Hands team works tirelessly to provide free assistance to those in need, providing them with essential resources to help restore their dignity and emotional wellbeing. TBM Helping Hands implements an array of community service initiatives, including organizing charity events, sensitization campaigns, health outreaches, and educational programs aimed at empowering individuals to overcome their challenges.

The team provides free essential aids, such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical equipment, to vulnerable groups in disadvantaged communities. In addition, they provide critical emergency assistance and humanitarian relief to people experiencing natural or man-made disasters, including floods, earthquakes, pandemics, and social unrest.

TBM Helping Hands also works to raise awareness about the impact of poverty, inequality, and injustice, inspiring individuals and organizations to take action and help create a world where everyone has access to equal opportunities, fair treatment, and a chance to thrive.

TBM Change Agents[edit]

TBM Change Agents is an arm of delivery within Think Big Ministries that is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to become proactive change agents in their respective spheres of influence. This subdivision is committed to building strong, efficient, and sustainable systems to enable organizations and communities to function effectively towards achieving their goals.

TBM Change Agents consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced ministers who travel around the world, serving various organizations, churches, mosques, and businesses. Their primary objective is to assist these organizations in building a strong and sustainable structure to ensure their smooth operation. The team provides expertise in branding, public relations, marketing strategy, financial management, and organizational development. By doing so, they enable the organizations to function at their fullest potential and achieve their goals effectively.

Furthermore, TBM Change Agents provides free consultancy services to churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations to promote their growth, efficiency, and impact. The team collaborates closely with these organizations and provides guidance on critical areas such as governance, leadership, and resource mobilization. TBM Change Agents' ultimate goal is to empower these organizations to operate independently and continue to effect long-lasting change in their communities.

In addition, TBM Change Agents seeks to inspire people to take responsibility for their lives and communities, recognizing that change starts with the individual. The arm provides training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for individuals to develop their leadership skills, encouraging them to seek out opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

TBM Saints Unite[edit]

TBM Saints Unite is an arm of delivery within Think Big Ministries that trains individuals to become members of intelligent squads, equipped with the necessary combat skills to make a positive impact in the world. This subdivision is different from conventional paramilitary organizations as its goal is not to raise an army for a specific country, but to create a united military force to promote peace, justice, and humanitarian efforts globally.

The TBM Saints Unite team is dedicated to providing individuals with skills in strategic thinking, self-defense, conflict resolution, and leadership, enabling them to become proactive problem-solvers in their communities. The team employs state-of-the-art training techniques and tools to ensure that each member of the squad is well-equipped to deal with the uncertainties of the modern world.

In line with its values of promoting peace and humanitarian efforts, TBM Saints Unite initiates missions worldwide. These missions may include natural or man-made disasters, war interventions, peacekeeping missions, and humanitarian aid projects that promote the dignity of human life.

Furthermore, TBM Saints Unite promotes ethical conduct and respect for human rights and international laws of war. The team recognizes the need for responsible and rational decision-making and the importance of safeguarding the welfare of all human beings. Members of the squad are taught to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, adhering to the values of compassion, courage, and respect.


TBM operates from a non-denominational theological position.[1] This means that the ministry's emphasis is on the essentials of the Christian faith, and it does not subscribe to any particular denominational doctrine. While the ministry has its unique approach to Christian discipleship, it does not promote a particular denominational creed.

Furthermore, the Ministry believes that every individual has a unique purpose and calling in life, and it is essential to discover and fulfill this purpose. It emphasizes the importance of personal growth, development, and spiritual maturity, and it encourages individuals to take responsibility for fulfilling their potential.

The Ministry also believes in the power of effective leadership and the importance of developing good leadership qualities in individuals. It recognizes that leadership is a crucial component of personal, organizational, and community success and seeks to equip individuals with the necessary skills to lead effectively.[2]

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