Time To Get Back

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Time To Get Back
⏳ Length51:11 (TBD)
🏷️ LabelSelf-Released
🤑 ProducerWild Wes

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Time To Get Back is Wild Wes's third upcoming album.


!!!Timestamps are estimated!!!

Time To Get Back
1."Clock Is Tickin'"Wild WesWild Wes0:38
2."Last Man Standing"Wild WesWild Wes3:54
3."Sick Beats"Wild WesWild Wes0:41
4."Got Ya Bumpin'"Wild WesWild Wes3:25
5."Had To Be"Wild WesWild Wes3:31
6."If It Was Good"Wild WesWild Wes3:16
7."Meanwhile"Wild WesWild Wes2:09
8."Moon Sight"Wild WesWild Wes2:36
9."What's Good"Wild WesWild Wes0:31
10."Tickin' Talkin'"Wild WesWild Wes3:22
11."W.I.L.D"Wild WesWild Wes0:39
12."Disaster Stikes"Wild WesWild Wes3:14
13."Opinions"Wild WesWild Wes3:11
14."Cmon Get It"Wild WesWild Wes3:17
15."Life Was Easy"Wild WesWild Wes3:29
16."Whole Lotta Love"Wild WesWild Wes2:54
17."What's The Catch"Wild WesWild Wes2:01
18."Get To Da Point"Wild WesWild Wes2:57
19."W.I.L.D 2"Wild WesWild Wes0:46
20."Last Man Standing" (Wild Mind Remix)Wild WesWild Wes3:37
21."Outro"Wild WesWild Wes1:03
Total length:51:11