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Best Kickass Proxy And Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives 2020

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Kickass Torrent is a torrent sharing meta-search website that became popular in 2009. Most torrent portals were on the verge of closure but Kickass Torrent came and saved several users and equipped them with a forum to share torrents. We'll be discussing Best Kickass Proxy And Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives 2020 in this article.

Kickass Torrent now has a very wide user base with a hundred thousand users who lead to distributing millions of files so far.

Kickass Torrent also offers faster speeds, additional bandwidth and unique servers for authenticated or paid accounts, ranking on the list of top 3 torrent sharing websites.

Kickass Torrent has performed well since 2009, adding and enhancing new features from its prior models.

Kickass Torrent Working and Accessibility:

Anyone who wants to use the website can browse Kickass Torrent and download data without having to register and sign in.

However, for the users who sign up for or create new accounts on Kickass Torrent there are extra services, a number of tools and some premium features.

Kickass Torrent, being a stronger torrent server, also aims to give its users enough control by improving and implementing the superior technologies and programming skills.

Kickass Torrent has 2 super-fast servers respectively in Canada and Sweden. In 2015, the popular search engine google started blocking such torrent websites, so Kickass torrent began changing its domain names.

They transferred from Kickass. so and now settled down in Kat. how, however the owner is arrested, so this could be the last kickass torrent domain.

The website is also available in 45 languages, other than English, making it more cooperative with another country.


Kickass torrent can now be obtained through various methods, as the website is banned for access, but general purposes include accessing the site from TOR, VPN and Kickass Proxy.

Tor is an encrypted chat program that allows a person to anonymously move and browse the internet.

It works on a node network that redirects internet traffic between one node to another to hide the identity and location of a user, and can help prevent spying and network surveillance and traffic analysis.

Also, a user can access certain hidden services by simply enabling TOR. The.onion domain can help with easy identification of the Tor servers and services.

A user only needs to download the TOR browser on their Windows, macOS or Linux devices respectively.

How to access TOR Browser?

To use the Tor Browser simply unpack the files and click the TOR icon. You do not need to update the program, since the app is focused on installing and operating functions.

Type the following address in your address bar upon loading-lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion and click enter.

Now you just have to wait and enjoy the TOR plugin to load the tab.

Through VPN

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that extends a private computer network to certain public networks. A VPN mainly sends and receives data from secure servers across public networks, and protects the user against interference, snooping, and censorship from private web traffic.

In general , people who want to access sites such as porn or download Torrents use VPN services. People are also considering downloading kickass proxy from VPN to keep monitoring agencies secure.

You just need to access Kickass Torrent from VPN-

To install a VPN and then launch it.

After launching the service, open your web browser and search for the Kickass domain.

Now you only need to surf as usual.

Through Proxies

Proxies are the safest and easiest way to manage and open a Web site for Kickass Torrent. People are using Kickass Proxy servers very efficiently to surf the web anonymously, and to access blocked websites.

A kickass proxy server acts as an intermediary server that enables and requests requests from clients seeking resources from other servers around the globe.

Proxies are always available, and a better option to search and download files for a kickass torrent website. But there are chances that certain proxies, websites, or mirrors might have been blocked by ISPs too.

The users also have to check the authenticity of each kickass torrent website as some websites have malicious things inside.

More on Kickass Torrent Proxy list

This dangerous stuff can even corrupt a user's computer, leading to a worst-case scenario.

Therefore it is advised that the website be carefully investigated to discourage the system from impacting. So in your country, when Kickass is blocked, the Kickass proxy sites are a savior.

Kickass proxies are a safe, better, and reliable surfing option for torrents in the overview, then. The only downside, however, is that malicious ties can corrupt some of the proxies, and can even corrupt the computer of the user.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Kickass Torrent is not the only option online currently but torrents are served by millions of websites. Below is a list of places that serve Kickass torrents' common intent but may not be better than Kickass Torrents.

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a safer choice for Kickass browsing torrents, and is used by millions of people worldwide. This site uses file sharing method Peer to Peer for users of the Bit Torrent protocol.

Pirate Bay is one of the biggest torrent websites in the world, and it is available in 35 languages. The Pirate Bay is a free platform where you sort the content by kickass proxy and make searches more convenient and narrower.

2. 1337x

1337x offers an indexed search engine for the directories. 1337x operates just like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Download.

In addition, 1337x is a highly secured data sharing tool where a user can download and upload torrents to the server using quick servers and download mirrors. The platform is also very easy and simple to access, and has a total of nine types of torrent.

3. is close to Kickass Torrent website. Actually this website does not provide any torrent files.

Alternatively, it collects and integrates data from thousands of torrent search engines, including Kickass Torrent, and displays them on a single website.

By indexing more than 62 million torrents from 99 domains, has become the google of torrents by now.


RARGB is a torrent search website similar to the sites mentioned above but is fully organized and came into being in 2008. Kickass proxy 2018 is a torrent of kickasses.

However, Torrents are sorted into eight main categories in an exciting way, and RARBG arranges all torrents in a well-formatted name with a clear description of the Torrent, and explanations about the hosts that make it easier to use and a more attractive place to work on.

Kickass Proxy List

These are the few kickass proxy sites:

http:// kickasstorrents. video/

http:// kickasstorrents. fun/

http:// kickasstorrents. me

http:// kickasztorrents. video/

http:// kickasstorrentz. fly

https:// thekat. info/

https:// kickass. cm/

https:// kickass. cd/

https:// kat. li/

http:// katcr. to/

Features of Kickass Proxy

Malware free

The aforementioned Kickass proxy is absolutely free of viruses, i.e. it does not carry any sort of virus that can corrupt the computer when visiting the website.

All setup files are hardly 30 MB each and therefore can be installed on the devices very quickly. It is also advisable not to install unnecessary APKs or EXE files from the links, as the links may get hacked and may end up containing some viruses.

Fewer ads

The aforementioned kickass proxy displays very few advertisements as opposed to any other torrent kickass proxy. So all of them have semantic connections that are secure to access, so the websites do not disturb too often.

More files

Kat Proxy is a proxy website kickass torrent and is now the biggest proxy website serving 80 Million people. Other proxies are also very quick and give access to more files.

The exchange of data can also be huge in size, without disrupting the user's everyday usage.

Simple UI

A better proxy user interface allows more users to do so and Kickass proxy serves a similar function and has that functionality. The offered Kickass Proxy User Interface or UI is a more condensed version of every proxy kickass.

Furthermore, the interface has recently been updated, and now supports bigger buttons for improved web page navigation.

Mining free

Many of the above mentioned websites are free to min.

As some of the users do not realize that many of the pages, including 1337x, are using your computer or gadget or other tools to mine for cryptocurrencies and that the operations of these pages are not accessible to everyone on stealth mode either.

But kickass proxy websites are mining-free and don't make the device as a server or miner for the user.