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Trade name

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A trade name, also known as a business name, trading name, or doing business as (DBA) name, is a legal and commonly used term in the business world to refer to the name under which a company or individual conducts its business activities. This name is distinct from the legal name of the business owner(s) or entity and is often used for branding, marketing, and other business-related purposes.[1]


Trade names play a crucial role in the business world by allowing companies to establish a unique identity, build brand recognition, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. These names are an integral part of a company's intellectual property and can have significant value in terms of brand equity and consumer perception.[2]


Using fictitious business names does not create separate legal entities. The distinction between registered legal names and fictitious business names is crucial as they may not always identify the legally responsible entity. Legal agreements, like contracts, are typically made using the registered legal name of the business. Failure to adhere to these formalities may result in the piercing of the corporate veil. Trade names are generally treated as proper nouns in English.[3]


In many jurisdictions, including the United States, registering a trade name is a legal requirement. It ensures that businesses can operate under a name other than the legal name of the owner or entity. Registering a trade name is typically done at the state or local level, and the specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the jurisdiction.[4]

The legal protection and rights associated with a trade name can vary. While registering a trade name can provide certain legal protections, it does not necessarily grant trademark rights. Trademarks are separate intellectual property rights that offer broader protection and can prevent others from using a similar name or mark in the same industry or market.[5]


It's important to note the distinction between a trade name and a trademark:[6]

  • Trade Name: A trade name is primarily used to identify a business and is often displayed on signage, business cards, and marketing materials. It does not necessarily provide exclusive rights to the name itself in the marketplace.
  • Trademark: A trademark is a legally registered symbol, word, phrase, or design that represents a specific product or service. Registering a trademark provides exclusive rights to use that mark in connection with the specified goods or services and offers stronger legal protection against infringement.