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Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu Dynasties

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Chandravansha (Lunar Dynasty)[edit]

King Pururavas was the founder of Chandravansha (Lunar Dynasty). He founded Lunar Dynasty in Treta Yuga. According to Ramayana and Mahabharata, King Pururavas was the son of Ila and Budha. The Important Personalities were Yayati, Yadu, King Puru , Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu. According to Mahabharata, Pandava and Kaurava were from the lineage of King Puru. Shree Krishna and Balarama were from the lineage of King Yadu. Turvasu's descendants were Mleccha of Balochistan and Dravidas of South India. Druhyu's descendants were Gandharas. Anu's descendants were Madras, Kekayas, Sauviras etc.,

1. Brahma

2. Atri

3. Chandra

4. Budha

The Chandravanshi (Lunar Dynasty) Kings[edit]

The Chandravansha was founded in Treta Yuga.

  1. Pururavas
  2. Aayu
  3. Nahusha
  4. Yayati was the youngest son of King Nahusha. He had 2 wives and 5 sons.Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu and King Puru were the 5 sons of Yayati.Devayani and Sharmishtha were the two wives of Yayati. (Contemporary to Demon King Vrishparva)

Turvasu Dynasty[edit]

Turvasu's (the second son of King Yayati) descendants were called Mlecchas (who ruled in Balochisthan) as per Srimad Bagavatha Mahapurana and Dravidas (who ruled in South India). The following kings were the disciples of Sage Agastya (Developed Tamil language and created Kaveri River with the help of Lord Ganesha). He ruled Southern side of Bharatkhand.

  1. Turvasu (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Dundhumara)
  2. Marutta(1) was defeated by Ravana in a duel. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Mandhatri, Demon Ravana and Lord Parashurama)
  3. Vahini
  4. Garbha
  5. Gobhanu
  6. Bharga
  7. Bhanumaan
  8. Trishanu
  9. Tribhanu
  10. Karandhama
  11. Marutta(2) gave his daughter to Dushyanta Paurava and She begot Sarutta who succeeded his maternal Grandfather.
  12. Daughter of Marutta raised her son Sarutta who became the king of Sindhu Kingdom.
  13. Sarutta
  14. Andhra (founder of Andhra Kingdom) and Mleccha (Raised Mlechha dynasties)
  15. Kulya (Prince of Andhra and whose descendants were Pallavas and Tondai Kings), Chola (Founder of Chola Kingdom and Dynasty), Pandya (Founder of Pandya Kingdom and Dynasty), Kerala (Whose descendants were Cheras) - Because of these kings Dravida Country (Tamil and Sanskrit are the two eyes of this country) was developed.

Druhyu Dynasty[edit]

Druhyu's (the third son of King Yayati) descendants were Gandharas, Kambhojas and Yavanas etc., and were called as Drahuyas. He ruled Northern Side of Bharatkhand. His descendant Shakuni was born 95 generations after Gandhara (the founder of Gandhara Kingdom).

  1. Druhyu (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Dundhumara)
  2. Babhru
  3. Setu
  4. Arabdha (By his name the country was called Arabia)
  5. Angara was Killed by Mandhatri (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Mandhatri, Ravana and Lord Parashurama)
  6. Gandhara was the founder of Gandhara Kingdom. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Muchukunda)
  7. Dharma
  8. Dhrta
  9. Durmada
  10. Pracheta
  11. Nagnajit(1) and 99 others (Contemporary to Suryavanshi Kings Dasharatha and Janaka)
  12. Sailusha (Contemporary to Lord Rama)
  13. Gandharva was the great friend of Devaraja Indra and Devas. (By his name the people and Kingdom were called Gandharva) and 3 crores others. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi Kings Taksha and Pushkara)

After 88 generations,

  1. Nagnajit(2)
  2. Subala
  3. Shakuni and 99 others.
  4. Uluka

Anu Dynasty[edit]

Anu (the fourth son of King Yayati) whose descendant was King Shibi. He ruled North western side of Bharatkhand.

  1. Anu (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Dundhumara)
  2. Sabhanara, Chakshu and Paresnu
  3. Kalanara was the son of Sabhanara
  4. Kakseyu
  5. Srnjaya
  6. Kalananda
  7. Puranjaya
  8. Janamejaya
  9. Mahasala and Mahamana (He had 2 sons Ushinara (The Bhoja King of Kashi) and Titikshu (Ruled Eastern side of Bharatkhand))

Ushinara Dynasty[edit]

Ushinara's descendants were Sivis, Madras, Kekayas and Sauviras etc., They ruled North western side of Bharatkhand.

  1. Ushinara (The Bhoja King of Kashi). (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Asmaka)
  2. Shibi, Nrga, Nava, Krmi, Suvrata, Vara and Dakshas. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Mulaka)
  3. Vrshadarbha (Prince of Sivi Kingdom), Setuka, Madra (Founder of Madra Kingdom and Shalya and Madri were his descendants) and Kekaya (Founder of Kekaya Kingdom and Ashwapathi, Yudhajit and Kaikeyi were his descendant) were the sons of Shibi. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Sambhuta)
  4. Sudhira was the son of Setuka.
  5. Suvira
  6. Sauvira was the founder of Sauvira Kingdom.

Titikshu Dynasty[edit]

Titikshu's descendants were Angas, Vangas, Kalingas etc., They ruled Eastern side of Bharatkhand.

  1. Titikshu (Ruled Eastern side of Bharatkhand).
  2. Rushadratha
  3. Homa
  4. Sutapas
  5. Bali (Chandravanshi)
  6. Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Pundra, Suhma and Odhra were the founders of Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Pundra, Suhma and Odhra Kingdoms in the east. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Dilipa(2))
  7. Khalpana was the son of Anga
  8. Diviratha
  9. Dharmaratha
  10. Chitraratha
  11. Romapada (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Dasharatha)
  12. Chaturanga was the inventor of Chaturanga (Chess) Game (Contemporary to Lord Rama)
  13. Prthulaksha
  14. Brhadratha, Brhadbhanu and Brhadkarma
  15. Brhanmana was the son of Brhadratha
  16. Jayadratha
  17. Vijaya
  18. Dhrti
  19. Dhrtvrata
  20. Satkarma
  21. Adhirata adopted Karna at the banks of River Ganga.
  22. Karna was the King of Anga.
  23. Vrshaketu and 8 others.


  • The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Translated into English Prose, Bharata Press, Calcutta (1883–1896)

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