Usama Sarwar

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Usama Sarwar
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Usama Sarwar
Native nameاسامہ سرور
BornUsama Sarwar
Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
🏡 ResidenceFaisalabad
🏳️ NationalityPakistani
🏫 EducationBachelor of Science in Computer Science
🎓 Alma materCOMSATS University Islamabad
💼 Occupation
Founder and CEO
📆 Years active  2017 - Present
🏢 OrganisationAlpharanker Software House
🏡 Home townFaisalabad
💵 SalaryUSD 36,500
💰 Net worthUSD 95,000.78
👩 Spouse(s)Amna Usama
👴 👵 Parents
  • Muhammad Sarwar (father)
  • Fozia Nazir (mother)
👪 RelativesWarda Sarwar, Emaan Sarwar, Yahya Sarwar
FamilyAmna Usama
🏅 AwardsGoogle Certified
HonorsFounder and CEO of Alpharanker
🌐 Website
👍 Facebook
📷 Instagram
💼 LinkedINUsamaSarwarOfficial

Usama Sarwar (/’ue-saw-ma'/; born October 22) is a Professional Lead Software Engineer and Chief Executive Officer at Alpharanker Software House. Born in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Usama has completed his graduation in Bachelor of Computer Science BS(CS) from COMSATS University Islamabad, where he learned core knowledge of Algorithms, Data Structures, OOP and Development. Usama is highly skilled at Cross Platform Flutter App Development and UI/UX Development. He completed his graduation in Flutter App Development from AppBrewery London Inc.[1] Later on he explored Flutter Technology from the Flutter's Official Website and developed several apps with Flutter. He has been developing softwares from the very young age of 16. Although he has programmed softwares in more than 20 Programming Languages but now he decided to focus on Flutter Technology as his career. As of now, Usama is a Professional Flutter Developer[1] which means he develops softwares for more than 6 platforms including Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Linux, Chromebook and Google Fuchsia.[2] Usama is one of the top contributors of GetX that is one of the most popular Flutter package.[3] This is how Usama made Pakistan proud with his contributions at global level and open pathways for the Pakistani developers. Usama is also Open-Source Contributor, you may find the open-source projects on his GitHub Account. Apart Development, he is also Google Certified Marketing Expert.[4] He has also worked with Microsoft[5] and GeeksforGeeks as an ambassador. Usama has also worked in Graphic Designing and UI/UX Development. Usama believes in bringing an evolutionary change in professional sector, where every student, teacher and professional can put his contribution to make this change possible.

Early Life

Family Background

Usama Sarwar was born on October 22, 1998, in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. His parents are Dr. Muhammad Sarwar and Dr. Fozia Sarwar. He with his two sisters and one brother, Warda Sarwar, Emaan Sarwar and Yahya Sarwar brought up in Faisalabad, PK. Usama was raised in Faisalabad, and his ancestors hailed from Bhakkar and Sheikhupura. Usama Sarwar is married to Amna Usama on Friday 4th of November, 2022.

Picture of Usama Sarwar
Usama Sarwar

Academic Background

At Chiniot Islamia School and College, Faisalabad, Usama excelled in elementary classes. After some years he transferred to another school in Faisalabad, where he won many prizes and achievements. In his youth, he also attended Indus Candid High School, where teachers polished his skills and refined his mental approach. This school played an important role in building his grounds. In his early ages, Usama started to learn Graphic Designing using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. In 2010, he was a newbie in Graphic Designing Profession. Usama made it his hobby to observe Computer Graphics and draw them on paper. He used to draw concepts on the paper before drawing them on the softwares.

In 2011, Usama Sarwar got selected in Cadet College, Skardu when he was in 8th standard. This college is governed under Military Rules and Regulations. Usama found there the most brilliant minds; this college not only select the toppers of the country but the students with an amazing intelligence capability. Usama completed his Matriculation (Science - Biology) from Cadet College Skardu in 2014. Usama started his Intermediate Education, F.Sc (Pre-Medical) in FGS College, Kohinoor, Faisalabad. After completing his first year of F.Sc Pre-Medical, Usama went to KIPS College and started 2nd year of Pre-Medical.

He went for Medical because of his parents’ wish. Usama’s parents are doctor and they wanted to see their son to be a doctor. Although Usama was interested in Medical but Technology and Programming were among his passion. During his Intermediate (Pre-Medical); he went through beginner level Programming PDFs as his hobby and learnt how to write a code for a program in C++. Finally, Usama went for Computer Science leaving Pre-Medical Incomplete. In 2015, Usama went to SIAC, D-Ground, Faisalabad for Intermediate F.Sc Pre-Engineering and completed his Pre-Engineering in 2017. During his Pre-Engineering, he learnt how to code in Java.

In September 2017, Usama went for Bachelor of Computer Science BS(CS) Hons. in COMSATS University Islamabad where he learned core knowledge of programming and development. He graduated from COMSATS University Islamabad in 2021.

Professional Skills

Usama Sarwar is a full stack Software Engineer. Here are some programming languages, technologies and skills he acquired throughout his career.

Programming Languages (20+)

Expert Intermediate Beginner
C Programming Assembly R
C++ Objective-C Go
C# Arduino Perl
Java TypeScript Ruby
Kotlin Visual Basic
Python Rust
JavaScript Angular
PHP Node.js
React Js
React Native

Tools & Technologies

Office Tools Graphic Tools Programming Tools Technologies
Microsoft Office 360 Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Visual Studio Code Flutter
Microsoft Word Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Oracle
Microsoft Excel Adobe XD NetBeans IDE Firebase
Microsoft Access Figma IntelliJ Idea Firestore
EndNote Camtesia IntelliJ PyCharm Google Auth
Google Docs Adobe AfterEffect Unity Wordpress
Google Sheet Adobe Premier Pro BuildBox
Google Forms Xcode

Timeline to Success

Uasma Sarwar at Cadet College Skardu
Cadet Usama Sarwar

2011 (13 Years)

  • Selection in a Military Institute Cadet College Skardu among hundreds of candidates from all across the country.[6]

2012 (14 Years)

  • Skilled in Graphic Designing.

2013 (15 Years)

  • Usama Sarwar developed his first software at age of 15.
  • He programmed Banking Management Software. This made his inspiration and after that, he developed several softwares that include calculation softwares and prediction analysis softwares.

2014 (16 Years)

  • He accomplished his Matriculation (Biology) from Cadet College Skardu.
    Usama Sarwar at Student's Inn College of Science, Faisalabad
    Photo at SIAC

2015 (17 Years)

  • First biggest failure in life due to lack of interest could not score enough to get admission in medical college. So, he decided to give up his parents’ wish and to go with his passion as a programmer.
  • Once again enrolled in Intermediate (Pre-Engineering) at SIAC, Faisalabad.

2016 (18 Years)

  • Freelancer at Fiverr.
  • Started earning online at the age of 18.
  • Started selling his services to a global market place.
    COMSATS Literary Society
    COMSATS Literary Society

2017 (19 Years)

  • Second biggest failure in life due to lack of guidance, wasted his earnings by transferring them into a wrong account but he learned from it and moved on.
  • Accomplished Pre-Engineering from SIAC, Faisalabad.
  • Got a funded Scholarship and Admission at COMSATS University Islamabad (A Top Ranked University in Pakistan for Information Technology)
  • Due to his programming skills, he also got selected as Director of Information Technology at COMSATS Literary Society
Islamic Art Council, Sahiwal
Prize distribution at Islamic Art Council, Sahiwal

2018 (20 Years)

  • Third biggest failure in life when his Fiverr account got suspended due to spam. He was Level One Seller at that time but this couldn’t let him down. Once again he started his journey but this time not on Fiverr. He went directly into the online market and started to make personal relations with clients. This is how he got popular in his niche.
  • Won the Arabic Calligraphy Competition (Art and Design) at Sahiwal Arts Council.
  • Fourth-biggest failure in life when he started a company "Technovate" and couldn’t grow due to lack of investment.
  • Won the best performance Award in providing IT Services by Jamiat at SEE Sahiwal 2018.

2019 (21 Years)

  • Learning from previous mistakes, once again he inaugurated another company Technercia Solutions Inc. with Shafiq Ahmed.
  • He got appreciated by the director of COMSATS University at a job fair event held at COMSATS University Islamabad
  • Usama worked from dawn to dusk to make Technercia from a local business to an International Brand.

2020 (22 Years)

  • Google Certified Developer
  • Earned 10 badges as Google Developer and unlocked 20+ badges as a Certified Google Marketer.
  • One of the top 10 contributors of GetX (Flutter Package). Usama Sarwar is the only Pakistan Citizen who contributed to GetX which is one of the top 3 popular packages of Flutter. This is how he made Pakistan proud at the international level.

Usama says, "Do not be afraid of failure, it makes you worthy."

Prize distribution at COMSATS University Islamabad
Prize distribution at COMSATS University Islamabad

2021 (23 Years)

2022 (24 Years)

  • Joined Career Institute as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Joined CSOFT Systems as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Usama Sarwar got married to Amna Usama


Alpharanker Software House 🌐

Usama Sarwar is the Founder and CEO of Alpharanker Software House and Trainings. Alpharanker was founded in October 2017 in Faisalabad, PK. Alpharanker is driven by creativity and dedication. The team is highly professional and passionate about finding the solution that fulfils the business needs in an affective and efficient way. Clients are happy and satisfied. Innovation is need of the day. Alpharanker is best at finding the best creative solution to boost the growth of a business. Alpharanker Trainings is a program to empower the next generation with the digital skills they need for a better tomorrow. Alpharanker up-skill individuals who have the urge to lead the industry with their creative ideas and innovation.


Technercia Solutions Inc. 🌐

Usama Sarwar is the Co-founder and CEO of Technercia Solutions Inc. On February 2, 2019, Usama inaugurated Headquarter of Technercia with Shafiq Ahmed at Super Market Plaza, Church Road, Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan.  This is a hybrid company that operates online as well as office-based operations. Technercia Solutions Inc. is the best International Hybrid Information Technology Company known by its ultimate Business Solution plans. Technercia is facilitating the world with the best and modern services of Mobile Application Development, Website Development, Software Development and Graphics Designing. Moreover, Technercia Solutions is the world’s first Hybrid Information Technology Company providing free online desktop support to its clients.


Bytrix Technologies 🌐

Usama Sarwar served as Senior Team Lead (Flutter App Development Wing) at Bytrix Technologies Inc, Fort Myers, Florida. On May 2021, he joined Bytrix Technologies Inc. His responsibilities include directing the development team in the design, development, coding, testing and debugging of Flutter applications. He also coordinated the development staff's schedule and ensure effective communication between team members and other IT functional areas. On February 2022, he resigned from Bytrix Technologies.



Comsian Network 🌐

Usama Sarwar is founder of Comsian Network.[7] Comsian Network is founded in 2021. The Comsian Network aims to establish a connection between the students and the alumni by providing a platform. This will foster a connection to CUI’s alumni, as well as promoting the interests of both previous and future students of COMSATS. The Comsian Network provides students with meaningful experiences, valuable connections, and effective tools to ensure a successful future. Successful alumni of COMSATS has the potential to lead the freshers in stepping into the market by sharing their experience and guiding them. Furthermore, alumni may find their mates and reach them via this network. Comsian Network is all about the growth of Comsians. Our major objectives are:

  • A centralized platform for all class representatives from all campuses for effective, productive and quick communication.
  • A centralized platform for Presidents of societies from all campuses for enhanced productivity and easy collaboration.
  • Campus wise groups for batches in which CRs share semester data and share important announcements with mates. This data may be used by juniors later on.
  • Centralized network of Comsians for all campuses to grow together.

The Comsian Network strives to cultivate a community of CUI students and alumni with a shared commitment to a legacy of spirit, pride, and tradition. Our network provides Comsians with tools to gain leadership experience and forge a meaningful community. As Comsians, we strive to live out and uphold the following values individually and as a collective; Self-discovery, Growth, Commitment, Respect, Empowerment, Legacy and Inclusivity.


AlShaafi | Corona Virus (COVID19) Detection App 🌐

Diseases never come with prior intimation. In real-world scenarios reporting such diseases is a real challenge. This challenge is completed by "Al-Shaafi"; an idea to automate the process of disease prediction and effective treatment. Through this app, you would be able to get one more way to properly medical checkups without visiting hospitals. We have developed an expert system named “Al-Shaafi” that provides medical facilities to the patients in the minimum possible time. This system may diagnose the patient. This diagnosis will inform the patients about their disease they are suffering from. This expert system also facilitates the patients in the treatment for the respective illness they are suffering with. In this system, a team of dedicated and expert doctors would be available if a patient needs medical consultancy. Emergency services like Ambulance and Rescue are available 24/7. This expert system also facilitates women in obstetrical and gynecological treatment. It has been observed that when the patient visits the doctor for the next time, the medical history of the patient is usually overlooked. Al-Shaafi provides the facility to record the patient's histories. This expert system virtually connects a patient to the doctor for medical consultancy.

Corona Virus COVID19 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Flutter

Source: GitHub account of Usama Sarwar[8]

Assignmento 🌐

Tool that converts plain text to handwriting and exports the output as images or PDF files

Website Made with JavaScript

Pakistan Live TV 🌐

Live Broadcasting of Asian TV Channels

Made with Flutter

AlphaRanker 🌐

Tool that ranks social media profiles in serach engines

Made with Flutter

MiniMax and Alpha-BetaPruning Simulator 🌐

This tool builds with a search algorithm that seeks to decrease the number of nodes that are evaluated by the minimax algorithm in its search tree.

Made with PHP

Open-Source Projects ✨

Source: GitHub account of Usama Sarwar[8]

FlutterCapsule 🌐

Cheatsheet for Flutter Developers

[Source] Made with MarkDown

Nina News App 🌐

Iraqi National News Agency App

[Source Code] Made with Flutter

Weather Forecast 🌐

Website for live weather broadcasting and weather prediction

[Source Code] Made with PHP

Compiler Construction Building Blocks Software 🌐

Java Software that contains building blocks for the construction of a compiler

[Source Code] Made with Java

Global Contribution 💻
GetX Contributor 🌐

Flutter's Package

Personal Life

Usama belongs to a Muslim Family. Usama believes, there is no God but Allah and Prophet (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. Usama is a Muslim and believes in Islam.


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