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Top 10 + Mirror/Kickass Proxy Sites in 2020

Techmediabooks (talkcontribs)

Hi friends, anytime you can't get to Kickass. And you're really searching for the Kickass proxy. You are then right in the right place. I listed the new 100 per cent working, checked proxy kat and mirror sites in this post. And after about 2 weeks I use them for upgrading.

Throughout its long-lasting career, Kickass torrent has won numerous fans. When torrents were launched, several sites built servers to feed the torrent websites. Kickass torrent, though, still remained ahead of several other torrent sites. The kickass-extratorrent competition is now at its height.

Kickass Unblocked By Kickass Proxy [March 2020 update]

It is critical that you pick the appropriate torrent kickass proxy to access the kickass website. As the speed of various kat proxy servers varies, you need to pick active kickass mirror sites that require continuous access to the torrent site. Here are some mirror links to the kickass torrent.

Kickass Proxy/Mirror                                 Status          Speed                                                     Online          Very Fast                                      Online          Very Fast                                                         Online          Very Fast                                                      Online          Very Fast                                                    Online          Very Fast                                        Online          Very Fast                                                      Online          Very Fast                                                     Online          Very Fast                                                      Online          Very Fast

Some of those torrents faced bans, warnings from regulatory agencies, incidents of theft, and much more. Because of that, it is difficult for people to access torrent sites such as Kickass Torrents. Within this post, we'll help you find all of the blocked kickass services by different approaches such as a kickass proxy, kickass mirror sites & unblocked kickass also known as KAT proxy, KAT mirror sites & unblocked KAT.

Kickass Unblocked Through KAT Mirror Sites [March 2020 update]

If you want to reach KAT via your cell phone. Then, I 'd suggest you use the mirror sites. As some Mobile browsers can not download the torrent file from those proxy sites of Kickass. In your country maybe some mirrors don't work.

Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites                           Status        Speed                                                                         Online          Best                                                                                  Online          Very Fast                                                                   Online          Very Fast                                                                                                Online          Very Fast

Why can't I access Torrent Kickass?

There are plenty of explanations for that. The first explanation is that your nation is barred from torrent platform. And no one in your country can reach the torrent kat. Second, your internet service provider has banned access to the torrent sites. The third is that your antivirus or firewall blocks you from getting into the Kickass Torrents. Forth is that they temporarily or permanently close down the platform. Fifth, there is one problem with your browser. The last two of those five are at the lowest chance. You can view all those via a kickass proxy. And the kickass mirror systems can be used to view any of the pages.

What's a client on Kickass?

Kickass torrent proxy is a service that functions as a mirror of the original kickass. Those proxy servers, however, access the central server page to display actual content on the website. To tun the original KAT site it serves as a mirror. Therefore they are called a Kickass mirror. Those kickass proxies help to successfully unblock the kickass server. There are plenty of KAT mirrors but most use external connections to produce the source link.

Disclaimer: This is for instructional reasons only. We do not support any illegal content or infringement of copyright.

Download File from The KICKASS TORRENT Pages Threats and Risks?

"Yes" in one Word. And it has many reasons. First of all there are no strict rules for the files uploaded to this site. Someone with some false identity will upload something to this site. There is a very high chance that you will be able to inject some Virus into your system. Please be mindful of all comments from that particular file, and search them.

There are no rigid laws, as I suggested above. But there are lots of unauthorized and pirated files available on this illegal site. And because there's no rule, virus chances are very high, false results. And also review the remarks made on the record before launch, or search it with anti-virus.


Kickass torrent is renowned for the amount of leechers and seeds it has along with a variety of peers. Hence, these torrent kickass proxy sites can help you access all of them without any problem. Bookmark our website without interruption, to navigate the app.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, I 'd be happy to respond.

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