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Luminary Adzrago, globally known in the music industry as Luminary DMR is a songwriter, singer, record executive and entrepreneur. His fusion of highlife, hiplife, afrobeat and hiphop made his genre unique and delicacy as one of Ghana’s most promised legends in Black Music.

In the year 2020, he signed five years distribution and promotion deal with U-NXT/Universal Music Group for one of his records (Canabis) produced by Kaywa at Highly Spiritual Music and his music started gaining local and international attentions.

In the same year 2020, Luminary DMR partnered Joy Prime, a TV Channel on Multi TV to give relief items and food products to the less privilege and the needy during COVID 19 Lockdown in Ghana, runs an orphanage, also partnered Bryt TV to surprise some mothers on Mother’s.

His music, philanthropy and entrepreneurial attracted most leaders in West Africa and he has been honored ECOWAS Youth Ambassador by West Africa (ECOWAS) Youth Council under Nelson Mandela Leadership Award of Excellence on 30th November 2020. So far, he is the only Ghanaian youth who received this prestigious honor to grease the elbow.

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I modified a bio(mine) on this site and then the user who created it blanked the page. The user seems to be messing with that bio on other sites as well. I would request to delete the current page Tyler King. I've already placed a speedy deletion tag on it and created it under a different name Tyler King (entrepreneur) but I want the page name to be Tyler King. Unfortunately, the editor Barkatofficial is blanking the page after I edit it.

I want to create it again to protect it from that user. I think they want to blackmail me into contacting them to edit the bio.

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