Wulf (Danny Phantom)

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Publication information
First appearance"Public Enemies"
Created byButch Hartman
In-story information
Alter egoWulf
Team affiliationsTeam Phantom
AbilitiesStandard ghost powers, enhanced strength and speed, able to create portals and remove ghosts who overshadow humans by using his claws.

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Wulf is a fictional werewolf-like character from Danny Phantom. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Wulf's first appearance was in "Public Enemies". He was sent by Walker to find Danny Phantom and the people he's been around, in exchange for his freedom. However, after meeting Danny, the two quickly became good friends.

Danny, Sam and Tucker did their best for Wulf, eventually freeing him from the shock collar Walker used on him through Tucker's PDA. In return, he helped Danny stop Walker, who still framed Danny in the end, ending up back inside the Ghost Zone with Walker in hand, stating, "Friend, we will meet again". It is presumed he was recaptured by Walker.

In the episode Boxed Up Fury, Wulf makes a cameo appearance before the opening credits on a wanted poster with a $1 Million bounty on his head, which is what kickstarts the Box Ghost into his long-running rant about not being properly feared ("One million for an overgrown dog?!"); this indicates that Wulf may have either escaped Walker's custody if he had been recaptured, or never wound up back in jail after Public Enemies. He later appears in Claw of the Wild, in which he managed to escape from Walker's jail again, although he accidentally left the portal open, allowing various ghost creatures to escape, after beating Walker and sealing the portal, Wulf was set free in the woods by Danny.

Wulf's final appearance is in the series finale, Phantom Planet. Seen only in a few frames, he is one of the many ghosts who helps Danny and Skulker turn the entire planet intangible, so that an asteroid can pass through it.

Wulf wears a green sweater and pants, rarely wearing the hood, and takes on an anthro wolf appearance.

He may be a spoof of Sabertooth, a X-men mutant villain, in a werewolf way.


Not much is known about him. Wulf clearly values his freedom and seems to do whatever it takes to gain it, yet upon being rescued by Danny, he has proven to be loyal to those he deems his friends, even if it meant getting recaptured again. When he is prompt to, he will fight for those he cares for.

Wulf's primary language appears to be Esperanto, a constructed language created by L. L. Zamenhof in the late 19th Century. It makes Tucker the only one able to talk to him, since he knows the language and the first one to mention it, although the first time Wulf answered Tucker's question, Tucker had no idea what he said, making him perhaps a rookie in the language. In "Claw of the Wild", both Danny and Sam learned the language should they ever run into Wulf again.


He can extend his claws whenever he wants using it to create portals to and from the Ghost Zone to the mortal world as well as easily break through ghost shields. His claws also seem to be able to separate ghosts from those they overshadow, which he does by stabbing the overshadowed person with the said claws. Fortunately, for the human, the claws leave no visible damage though they seem to greatly weaken the ghost overshadowing.