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YBZ Vandr

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YBZ Vandr
YBZ Vandr.jpg
Chicago, Illinois, United States
🏳️ NationalityAmerican
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📷 Instagramybzvandr

YBZ Vandr, a rapper and producer, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 19, 2005. YBZ creates heartfelt hip-hop tunes with a retro vibe over beats that are typically guitar-based.

Early Life and Background[edit]

YBZ loved to create things since he was a little child. When he was just 8 years old, he established a little business in my neighborhood mending computers. Later, as a result of learning how to code, he created mobile games that he posted to the app store. His fascination with computers and love of music ultimately led him to discover a passion for music creation. He began creating his own beats when he was 13 years old, and shortly after that, he began creating and recording vocals to go over them. Growing up near Chicago allowed YBZ to establish ties with other bands and industry insiders. YBZ strives to develop music that resonates with listeners and gives them the sense that they are not alone in their struggles. [1]


YBZ published songs early in his career without considering if they will be heard. He initially treated it as a hobby, but as it became more well-known, he began to take it more seriously. As his fan base grew, artists like Lil Noodle started to get in touch with him. He got to know him, and after meeting up with him in Chicago's downtown, the two of them wrote a song. YBZ began creating better-quality music videos and material in an effort to gain more popularity. He started working with expert industry videographers and started making high-quality content. More recently, he worked on a project with Jesus Honcho, an artist who has won a Gold Record Award and is best known for the hit song "Infatuated." Jesus Honcho, a Gold Record Award winner, and Lil Noodle have both worked with YBZ on tracks that have been released. On several sites, his song has acquired hundreds of thousands of streams. [2]