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First appearancePath of Exile for Microsoft Windows (2013)
Last appearancePath of Exile for Playstation (2019)
Designed byGear Grinding Games (2006–present)
Voiced byKatherine Kennard Logo.png Search Zana (Path of Exile) on Amazon.

Zana is one of the main non-player characters (NPCs) from Path of Exile, an online video game and was created by a company called Grinding Gear Games first released in 2013.[1] Zana is known as the Master Cartographer and the daughter of Shaper, and is important in the end-game and epilogue content.[2] After completing the main quest line in Act 10, players can access the Map Device, an object that is used to access different areas by placing a map into the device. Zana's first mission is to complete a map that is Zana-modified and upon completion, she will introduce you to the Atlas of Worlds, an integral part of the end-game quest line. When players encounter Zana inside a map, she will give you randomly selected options to choose from and each with different mission objectives, and therefore different rewards according to which map and mission players choose.

Path of Exile[edit]

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action role playing video game (RPG) that is primarily set in Wraeclast, home and the main continent to a dark fantasy world.[1] Players are allowed to control one character with a choice from seven characters also known as exiles.[3] These exiles are banished to the continent of Wraeclast where they have to defeat monsters and complete quests in order to gain experience and collect items that would make players stronger, therefore allowing them to battle even tougher monsters.

Grinding Gear Games[edit]

Grinding Gear Games is a gaming company that was founded in November of 2006 and originated in Auckland, New Zealand.[4] The founding members of the company are from all different backgrounds and come from all sorts of areas of the world, and each with their own area of expertise in designing and creating Path of Exile.

Maps and Map Device[edit]


Maps make up the most of the endgame content of Path of Exile. When maps are used in the Map Device, each map takes the player to the specific area, allowing the players to fight against the monsters and bosses that only appear inside that map instance.[5]

Map Device[edit]

Zana's Map Device is important as it allows players to access their maps which therefore results in players making currency, gaining experience and getting a chance for better gear to drop. Doing maps gives players a chance to find Shaper who will then help Zana complete the ultimate goal, defeating Elder. The Map Device opens six portals to the map, giving players six attempts or lives to complete the map. Completing maps of lower levels will allow access to higher level maps and thus, players would have to defeat harder monsters and bosses in order to progress through the endgame content.

Atlas of Worlds[edit]

The Atlas of Worlds is a visual overview of all the endgame content and is also known as the mapping system of the world.[6] Zana's quest line focuses on her father, Shaper, who is at the centre of the Atlas of Worlds. Players must assist Zana find Shaper, and together they will find the enemy, known as Elder, in order to defeat him and stop him from becoming the ruler of the Atlas of Worlds as well as gaining access to his knowledge and memories as to how everything came to be.[2]

Mission Objectives[edit]

Zana can appear randomly in maps and when encountered in a map, she offers a choice of completing another map with different mission objectives. With each different mission objective, there are different rewards that are specific to each mission. Once a mission is chosen by the player, six portals will appear to the newly selected map, giving the players six chances to complete the mission objective of the map chosen.

There are a number of mission objectives which include:

  • "Complete the map." This can be done by defeating the final boss in the map.[2]
  • "Find the Lodestones (10 needed)." Within the map, there are Lodestones (more than required) scattered around and the player must reach the lodestones in order to complete the mission.[2]
  • "Kill all of the corrupted monsters." Players must defeat all the corrupted monsters that are spread around the map.[2]
  • "Complete the Labyrinth Trial." This can be done by making your way through a particular type of trap to reach the other side.[2]
  • "Find the Map." The Map is hidden and can only be dropped from a certain enemy inside the original map.[2]
  • "Find the Unique item." This objective is completed when the Unique item drops from an enemy inside the map, however this particular enemy is not shown on the map.[2]
  • "Find the Divination Card." The Divination Card is hidden and can only be dropped from a certain enemy inside the original map.[2]
  • "Find the Vaal Fragment." This objective is completed when the Vaal Fragment drops from an enemy inside the map, however this particular enemy is not shown on the map.[2]
  • "Kill all of the Rogue Exiles." Within the map, there can exist two to four Rogue Exiles that players must defeat.[2]
  • "Slay the Invasion boss." Players must defeat the Invasion boss.[2]
  • "Slay the Beyond boss." Players must defeat the Beyond boss.[2]
  • "Slay the Warband." Players must defeat the Warband boss.[2]
  • "Open the Breaches." This can be done by reaching the two Breaches inside the map, but players do not have to defeat the monsters that spawn from these Breaches.[2]
  • "Complete the Abyss." Within the map, there is an Abyss and players must interact with the Abyss until an Abyssal trove (a box containing Abyss items) or an Abyssal Depths entrance appears.[2]
  • "Slay the Harbinger." Players must defeat the two Harbingers that appear in the map.[2]
  • "Open the unique Strongbox." This can be done by locating the unique Strongbox, and killing the monsters that appear after engaging with the Strongbox.[2]
  • "Slay the monsters trapped in Essences." Players must defeat the monster that is holding the Essence.[2]



"Something I've noticed since I've started journeying through these maps, is that the more I know about the interconnected nature of these places, the more I seem to get out of each visit. Knowledge is the key that unlocks understanding, and experience unlocks knowledge."[7]


"I, like you, found myself on the shores of Wraeclast. I saw the fleets of Oriathan ships dashed on the rocks after Kitava's rise. Who would've thought that Wraeclast was safer than home?"[7]

"I returned to Oriath not long after hearing of Kitava's demise. There's no one left to tell us we can't live here any more, and the knowledge that once endangered me could actually be put to good use in the cleanup and the rebuilding effort."[7]

"I guess I'm not really one to hold a grudge."[7]


"Good quality stone is scarce on this island. It's plentiful on Wraeclast, but shipping it back is slow, and those ships are put to better use bringing back survivors."[7]

"I know of a way that we might be able to source vast quantities of not just stone, but any resource you could possibly imagine. I just need to make sure it's safe."[7]


"My father once told me that there is no greater evil than ignorance. The fact that we're stuck here, thanks to fanatics that deliberately burn and suppress knowledge, tells me he is probably right."[7]

"But we are both guilty of this crime. Ignorance of what is happening beyond Wraeclast. Ignorance of the foul hand that shapes the lands that lie through my map device, populating them with twisted monstrosities and maddening visions."[7]

"It's a mystery that begs unraveling. I fear that to pull back the veil is to slip into the same madness as its source. But the alternative - that we let the shaping continue, that it grows and swells and spills out into this world - is far scarier."[7]


"My mother died not long after I was born, and my father, too, was gone only a handful of years later. Orphaned, my family's assets were seized and I was handed off to a series of well-off foster homes as an indentured servant."[7]

"But children are curious creatures, and even by those standards I was extremely curious indeed. I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on, and questioning everything they tried to teach me. I was too smart for my own good, I suppose, because eventually, I started drawing the attention of the Templar."[7]

"Luckily for me, Dominus was much less subtle than the previous High Templars, so I managed to leave Oriath on my own terms, mostly, before my impending exile."[7]


"These maps are not simple drawings or representations. They're more like... coordinates. Coordinates that could point to any location, or any moment in time, or any memory or dream or idea. And the map device takes you to it. Makes it real."[7]

"Creating a map is like channelling a voice who speaks in a language you don't understand, who tells you to go to a place you've never been. It's where art, superstition and science collide at high speed through thaumaturgy."[7]


"My father's writings frequently references the work of other researchers. In particular, the heretical belief that the environment can influence a creature's form. In Wraeclast, we see the effect that corruption has on beasts, humans, even the dead."[7]

"Through my device we see the same thing, but there is no clear source of the vile changes that have turned the pristine landscapes that my father wrote of into the abominations that lay before us. Is Wraeclast's corruption seeping through? Or is something else shaping the development of life out there? And what effect, if any, is it having on us?"[7]


"My father was a very well educated man. He worked as a researcher in Oriath, back when they were allowed to research more than just holy texts. Sadly, he's gone now."[7]

"But his research remained, hidden in our attic. I took what I could and read it in secret as I was moved between foster homes. I read of the mortal founders whose bones were hidden deep in the Ossuary. I read of the false saints who continue to be revered in the Temple of Innocence. I read his writings over and over again. Memorized them. They were the last connection I had to him."[7]

"His research became something of an escape, I suppose. I wanted to build on it, especially the maps he described in such great detail. Of course, I'm glad I'm far away from the hollow minds and deaf ears of Theopolis."[7]

Voice Actors[edit]

Currently, Zana is being voiced by Katherine Kennard, a New Zealand actress.[7] She was formally voiced by another New Zealand actress known as Mia Blake.[8]


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