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APM train Roblox.png
In service2015-December 2018 (IRT Automated Metro)
December 2018-2019 (AutoConnex Subway, Dalton Auto Rail/Heritage Subway)
ManufacturerAce Transit
Entered service2015
Number built3
Number preserved1
Number scrapped2
Line(s) servedLexington Automated Tram, Falcony Line, AutoConnex Subway (all former)

The APM-series was a type of automatic train used on the Lexington Automated Tram and AutoConnex Subway. It was made by JSAcela, but was made free to use by IIABLandUK. It was used on the Lexington Automated Tram from its opening on 2016 until its closure on 2018. It was last used on the AutoConnex Subway and Dalton Auto Rail (now Dalton Heritage Subway), until around 2019 when it was replaced by the JX-series, finally bringing an end to about 3 years of operations.