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London Road (DLR & HLR - Cornham Lines Roblox)[edit]

London Road
Line(s) Purple Line, Pink Line
Next north Eastend [Purple Line, Pink Line (weekdays)]

Terminus (Pink Line, weekends)

Next south TBA

London Road is an at-grade light rail/tram stop on the Dodburn and Hawksworth Light Railways. It is the weekend terminus of the Hawksworth Light Railway. It has 2 side platforms and 2 tracks.

Station layout[edit]

side platform
<- Purple Line to Dodburn Town Centre

<- Pink Line to Hawksworth

Purple Line to Loughbury ->

Pink Line weekdays to Eastend or peak hours to Stainsby Alley ->
Pink Line weekend termination track ->

side platform

Cornham Lines[edit]

Cornham Lines
Month created September 16, 2019
Creator ostarlo96
Visits 7,290
Genre Town and city
Game link Cornham Lines

Cornham Lines is a Roblox train driving game. It takes place at Cornham, the former capital of Ostarland. It is based on the London Overground and several tram networks.


Orange and Yellow Routes[edit]

These routes go in a loop. The two routes were originally one route going in a semi-circle, but a few more stations were added, creating a full loop and two routes that go in a circle. The Orange Route goes clockwise, while the Yellow Route goes counterclockwise.

Cornham Light Railway[edit]

It has 2 routes: Purple and Pink. The tram system is based on the ICPTE Metrolink in the game "British Branches", which is currently closed to the public.

Red Route[edit]

This route skips a few stations, and diverges into a tunnel and becomes single-tracked. It then turns right, and loops around, with a station on the loop. This service primarily uses Class 37 locomotives and Mark 2 coaches.

Foreston Transit[edit]

Foreston Transit Metro Simulator
Month created March 17, 2020
Creator ostarlo96
Visits 39,260
Genre Town and city
Game link Foreston Transit Metro Simulator

Foreston Transit Metro Simulator (also called Foreston Transit) is a Roblox train-driving game. In this game there are 4 metro lines, 2 regional rail lines, 1 of which is currently temporarily closed, and buses. Foreston is based on the cities of Moscow, Budapest, and Warsaw. The system is based on the rapid transit systems of Moscow, Budapest, and Warsaw, mainly the Moscow Metro.

Dalton Heritage Subway[edit]

Dalton Heritage Subway
Area servedDalton
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines6 (original)
4 (formerly 5)(remake)
Number of stations5
Daily ridershipTBA (original)
TBA (remake)
Annual ridership28,766 (original)
45,043 (remake)
Began operationFebruary 14, 2018 (original)
June 13, 2020 (reopening)
Ended operation2019 (original)
Operator(s)Dalton Heritage Subway
Number of vehicles2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

Dalton Heritage Subway (originally known as Dalton Metro Auto Transit and Dalton Auto Rail) is a Roblox train simulator, created by NeutralGamez. Instead of manual trains, there are automated trains. It was first created back in February 14, 2018 and is the predecessor to AutoConnex Subway. It then closed around 2019, due to it being severely broken. It was then remade and reopened on June 15, 2020.


The original map has been removed because they were a part of history when DAR was 'ravaged' by a group. The maps show a section of DAR history in which DAR wasn't proud of. As a result, here's a fan-made map of the system as of December 2021:

Rolling stock[edit]

The current system primarily uses M-series and B3-series trains.

Until April 5, 2019 it was also operated by the Zephyred Automatic Train (or Z-series), and the APM-series, the latter in which was displaced from the IRT Automated Metro.

Shitty Sonic Wave[edit]

Shitty Sonic Wave
Creator RealOptagonus
Difficulty Insane
Stars N/A
Level ID 20705695
Level version 1
Last updated in 2.1
Composer F-777
Song Sonic Blaster
Newgrounds ID 574484

Shitty Sonic Wave is a 2.1 Insane Level made by RealOptagonus. It is currently the most downloaded and liked "shitty" level in Geometry Dash.


  • 0-87%: It is like Sonic Wave, but with no decoration, 1.0 blocks, and it is nerfed.
  • 88-100%: The last part is similar to the Sonic Wave, but like the mentioned above. The player then switches into a double and later triple-speed wave where the player must spam over the words "GG OPTAGONUS" made with blocks. At the end of the level, the player sees "Made by Optagonus."


  • It is currently the most downloaded and liked "shitty" level in Geometry Dash, with 1,863,682 downloads and 106,861 likes.
  • This level can be copied.
  • This level has 5,190 objects.