Aaron Doral

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Aaron Doral
Number Five
Battlestar Galactica character
File:BattlestarGalactica 1x06 Litmus.jpg
First appearanceMiniseries
Last appearanceBattlestar Galactica: The Plan
Portrayed byMatthew Bennett
SpeciesHumanoid Cylon

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Aaron Doral (Number Five) is a fictional character from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series.

The first Doral[edit]

Prior to the Fall, Aaron Doral is the civilian Public Relations Officer aboard the battlestar Galactica. During the events of the miniseries, Gaius Baltar's attention is drawn by his apparational Number Six to a device in the Galactica's CIC. Six convinces Baltar that it is a Cylon device and that he can do nothing about it without revealing his connection to her. Panicking, Baltar wonders aloud whether Doral (whose movements are relatively unsupervised) could be a Cylon agent, which Six denies. Baltar accuses Doral anyway, and the XO, Col. Saul Tigh, throws Doral in the brig.

Doral emphatically denies being a Cylon, but after Cdr. William Adama is forced to kill Number Two, Baltar frames Doral with what he claims is a "Cylon test." Unwilling to risk the chance that Baltar is right, Adama abandons Doral (presumably to die) at the Ragnar Anchorage when the ragtag fleet leaves the Cyrannus system forever. The audience swiftly learns, however, that Baltar was (unwittingly) correct: Soon after the Galactica leaves Ragnar, Doral is rescued by several Twos, Fives, Sixes, and at least one Eight.

Number Five[edit]

Throughout the show, the Colonial authorities tend to use "Leoben" and "Doral" as generic terms for Numbers Two and Five respectively. A second Five detonates a suicide bomb in the episode Litmus, and many more Fives appear operating Cylon baseships and the Cylon occupations of the Colonies and New Caprica. The Fives side with the Ones and Fours in the brief Cylon Civil War.


The Fives have an unassuming, "average" appearance in order to better blend into the background. Several Fives appear to have positions of authority among the Cylons, acting as an overseer. For example, the project to have an Eight seduce Karl "Helo" Agathon is supervised by a Five who monitors and directs the situation with apparent curiosity.

Others, however, seem to have below-average intelligence: In "The Plan," a Number One berates a confused Doral copy (wearing clothing nearly identical to the first copy encountered by the Colonials) for his lack of disguise and caution while wandering the Galactica. A later scene shows a small group of Doral copies assigned to menial labor disposing of masses of human corpses on occupied Caprica, doing work they complain is below them and should be handled by Centurions.

The Fives seem more fanatical and compassionless than the other humanoid Cylons, excluding the Number Ones. They are the only humanoid Cylon model never shown in any kind of romantic or sexual relationship. They discuss the genocide of mankind in calm, functional abstractions, and unhesitatingly resort to violence.[1] In "Torn" a Number Eight accuses Doral of "barely even being able to say [God's] name," suggesting that the Fives' pieties are a sham.


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