Abdullah Mehmood

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Abdullah Mehmood
Native nameعبد اللہ محمود
Born (2002-06-21) 21 June 2002 (age 19)
Karachi, Pakistan
🏡 ResidenceLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
🏳️ NationalityPakistani
Abdullah Mehmood
🏳️ CitizenshipPakistani
🏫 EducationBeaconhouse School System (Pakistan)
💼 Occupation
YouTuber , Musician
📆 Years active  2014–present
Among the Believers (film)
A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness
Hijrat (film)
Height5 ft. 10 in.
🏅 Awards7 awards of various ceremonies
🌐 Websitehttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm7857287/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Abdullah Mehmood (born 21 June 2002) is a YouTuber and Musician . He is more known for his comedy videos .Most of his videos are related to the modern trends. Abdullah lives in Lahore, Pakistan. He makes Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Videos. He is also Known by his stage name The Abdullah Mehmood


Youtube channel: Abdullah Mehmood Vlogs

Facebook Page: Abdullah Mehmood

Instagram Page: Abdullah Mehmood

IMDB page  : Abdullah Mehmood


Abdullah Mehmood is an Pakistani vlogger, youtuber and comedian who began his career by publishing memes on Facebook . Later he started performing comedy[1] videos on youtube Facebook.[2]

He met the comedian Umer Sharif[3], who gave him more knowledge about comedy and acting, he also teaches Mehmood how to perform as a comedian infront of audience while doing stand-up comedy and teaches him acting skills. He have involved in many comedic and hilarious program with the starting of his acting career. He is famous for his character “Abdullah Khan”[4].

He said, “I was 9 years old when i started using camera, my elder brother is a professional photographer[5] and it was easy for me to be familiar with camera and i started my vlogging career from YouTube by learning from international sensations like “Casey Neistat”. Eventually other stage work did come his way.


Year Film Role Director Producer Notes
2014 Hijrat (film)[6] Yes Yes
2014 Tamanna (2014 film)[7] Yes No
2015 Among the Believers (film)[8] Yes No
2015 A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness[9] Yes Yes Academy Award for Best Short Subject Documentary

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Work Result
20017 One World Media Broadcast Journalist of the Year Award Won
2017 Emmy Awards Best Documentary Pakistan's Taliban Generation Won
Livingston Award Young Journalists - Best International Reporting Won
2018 Academy Award Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject Saving Face Nominated
New York Indian Film Festival Best Documentary Won
SAARC Film Awards Best Documentary Prize Won
Glamour Awards The Lifesaver[10] Nominated
Continental Photography Competition Fashion Shoot[11] Won
National Cinematography Contest Landscape and Beauty[12] Won

Entertainment career[edit]

Abdullah Mehmood uploaded his first video after attaining inspiration from the popular Youtubers in August 2017. In January 2018 Mehmood had surpassed 200,000 followers[13] on facebook with many videos over million upon millions of views.[14] He gradually started growing on Instagram too and currently have 14,000 followers.As far as his YouTube career is concerned Mehmood is runing multiple channels with more than 1 million subscribers.[15]

Digital Marketing[edit]

Abdullah Mehmood is well knwon for his marketing skills throughout the social media and Pakistani dealing forums.❝I was in 7th grade when I sold a facebook fan page for 25$ , surprisingly I had bought it for only 2$.[16] This was my second deal and it made my career on media plat form . I multiplied this 25$ and today (after three years) I am running fan pages of worth $20,000[17] and Youtube channels which worth approximately $18,000❞ >.Mehmood runs more than 8 channels and undefined number of Facebook pages.[18]

Artist Debut[edit]

Mehmood made his acting debut as a junior artist in a production of Pakistani Home Production. From there he toured with all the team around different city of Pakistan which help him to gain more fame.[19]

Fashion Modeling[edit]

Mehmood started his modeling Fashion Modeling career since June 2018 .Abdullah admits that it was a challenge to step into this career I could never find a satisfactory article" .The trend was for skinny, androgynous guys who had bodies more like girls.[20]

YouTube Awards[edit]

  • YouTube Silver Button: Mehmood received his creators award[21]


  • Hailing on Karachi Highway[22]
  • Dubai Tour[23]

Abdullah Mehmood's collaboration with other famous Youtubers[edit]

Following are some of other Youtubers who appeared on his youtube videos. Abdullah Mehmood was invited by Zaid AliT for a collaboration[24] He also met Rahim Pardesi[25] (Also known as Rahim Amer)

Youtubers Youtube Channel
Zaid AliT ZaidAliT Vlogs
Rahim Pardesi Rahim Pardesi
Aima Baig Aima Baig [26]
Amna Tahir Amna Tahir [27]
Waseem Badami Waseem Badami [28]

External Links[edit]

Official Facebook Page [29] official Instagram Page [30] Youtube Channel [31]


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