Ahmed Sobhy

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Ahmed Sobhy
BornAhmad Sobhy
Alexandria, Egypt
🏳️ NationalityEgyptian
Ahmed Sobhi
🏫 EducationHome Craft Language School (1989-2003), Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (2003-2008).
💼 Occupation
👴 👵 Parent(s)Mohamed Sobhy (Father),Hoda Etaib (Mother)
🥚 Twitterahmedsobhyrl
👍 Facebookahmedsobhy
📷 Instagramahmedsobhyrl

Ahmed Sobhy (born July 20, 1984 in Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Rottweiler Life. His father's name is Mohamed Sobhy and his mother's name is Hoda Etaib. He studied at Home Craft Language School (1989-2003). He graduated from Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AAST) (2003-2008).


Rottweiler Life was founded by Ahmed Sobhy. A dog addict from the age of 8, Ahmed wanted to do something for dogs. He had a brilliant mind and he did not want this mind to rot in some corporate. So, he started working from home, taking up freelance jobs, and creating a website for dogs. It started as a passion project. And now, Ahmed is the owner of an amazing website, Rottweiler Life, with over 1.4 million followers. It is now a full-fledged income-generating business.

His dog addiction was what made Ahmed Sobhy into such a successful person. He knew that people were not quite aware of everything on dogs. Yes, they might find them cute and might pat them on their back, but that’s not all. You need to train your dog, know their behavior, and on top of everything, treat them well. Dogs are really loyal, but like human babies, they too require love and training as they grow into adults.

One of the most difficult breeds of dog is, of course, the Rottweiler. If you lose your leadership dominance while training a Rottweiler, then the Rottweiler will become the dominant leader and go their own way. Ahmed started the website on Rottweiler to spread this useful information about this breed. What worked for him was that, while there are many websites on different dogs, Rottweiler seems to be an isolated breed.