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Alternative versions of Cyclops

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Alternate versions of Cyclops
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceX-Men #1 (September 1963)
Created byStan Lee
Jack Kirby
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This page consists of alternative versions of Cyclops from Marvel Comics' Multiverse.


In the continuity of the miniseries Marvel 1602, Scott is known as "Scotius Sumerisle." He is the leader of the original five X-Men, who are united under Carlos Javier (Professor X) and are known as "witchbreed" instead of mutants. His powers in Marvel 1602 are identical to his powers in normal Marvel continuity, though he wears a ruby visor instead of a ruby-quartz visor to block his optic blasts. Possessively in love with Jean Grey (who is disguised as a man under the name "John Grey"), he becomes jealous of her friendship with Werner (Angel).[volume & issue needed]

Age of Apocalypse[edit]

In the Age of Apocalypse, Scott is a villain who fights against the X-Men. Just like in the normal timeline, Scott and his brother Alex were separated from their parents when their plane was attacked by a Shi'ar spaceship. The two would end up in an orphanage run by Sinister, though in this time line, both brothers were kept by him and raised as his foster children. Unbeknownst to them, their father Christopher Summers eventually makes his way back to Earth, only to be found by Sinister and given over to the Beast (also a villain) for medical experimentation.[1]

Both Alpha mutants, and both holding the rank of Prelate, Scott and Alex Summers dominate the new mutant aristocracy in Apocalypse's America. Sinister employs the brothers to operate his breeding pens, act as security, and sometimes perform as special ops unit. Scott's ability to show emotional restraint in battle earns him Sinister's favor over Alex, fueling a dangerous rivalry between the brothers. This rivalry worsens when the brothers reunite with their real father—Christopher Summers—but are forced to kill him.[1]

Sinister's preference for Scott over Alex also spills over into his genetic experimentation, as with Scott's DNA Sinister plans to create a super-mutant strong enough to destroy Apocalypse. After capturing the X-Man Jean Grey, Sinister believes that he has found Scott's genetic match, and uses their combined DNA to produce a child, Nate Grey.[2]

Despite an initial belief in the doctrine of mutant superiority and even being considered by Apocalypse as a candidate for Horseman, Scott has reservations about the ethics surrounding his work, primarily in terms of excess. These concerns grow substantially once he meets and becomes enthralled with Jean Grey, a prisoner and "race traitor." Though Scott plans to release her on his own time, Grey's lover, Weapon X, breaks in and liberates her himself. Scott fights back against Weapon X, severing Weapon X's hand, but losing an eye in the process. Jean escapes with Weapon X, who remains an enemy of Scott.[3]

In the meantime, Scott increasingly finds himself questioning the treatment of prisoners, and secretly starts releasing them. This does not go unnoticed by his brother Alex, who still harbors hostility against him. Alex re-captures Jean in order to use her against Scott, successfully exposing his brother as a traitor. Although Jean has no love for either brother, she decides to trust Scott and they attempt to escape together.[4] Along the way the two meet Nate Grey, their genetically engineered son, though they remain oblivious to the truth of their connection to him. Eventually, Alex tracks down Jean and Scott, he kills Jean and defeats his brother. In retribution for Jean's death, Weapon X kills Alex by revealing that while Scott blew off Logan's hand, his claws were retracted at the time.[5] According to the records of Magneto, Cyclops was incarcerated for his crimes during the reign of Apocalypse.[6]

When Weapon X ascended to the role of Apocalypse in order to appease the Celestials, he donned the moniker Weapon Omega and started resurrecting deceased mutants using energies from a Celestial Life Seed. Cyclops was one of the first to be killed and resurrected by Weapon Omega. Under the control of Weapon Omega, he became one of his closest men and was appointed his Minister of Famine.

When Penance began rallying mutants to her cause which was to seek forgiveness for their past crimes and to rebuild their world, Weapon Omega sent Cyclops along with Azazel and Colossus to confront and bring her into the fold. Penance refused and used her telepathic powers to break Weapon Omega's hold on Colossus and restored his memories causing him to side with her. She attempted to do the same to Cyclops but he attacked her with his optic blasts before she could do it. A fight broke out between himself and Colossus but Azazel interrupted it and teleported Cyclops and himself away.

After the fall of the regime of Weapon Omega, Cyclops was chased down and killed by Weapon X.

Age of X[edit]

In the Age of X timeline, where mutants were hunted and prosecuted, Scott was known as Basilisk; having been captured by the government and his eyelids removed to prevent him controlling his optic blasts. Forced into a mask that could only be controlled by the prison staff, he was used as a mutant executioner on Alcatraz until he managed to escape, subsequently providing other mutant prisoners with the opportunity for freedom, although he is constantly forced to deal with his guilt over his role in the deaths of his fellow mutants.[volume & issue needed]

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows[edit]

In this continuity, Scott teaches ethics in human-mutant relationships at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. When the Super-Human Registration Act was proposed, Professor X and the Avengers proposed an alternative method with self-policing of mutantkind and super-powered communities. Scott thought it was preposterous for Professor X to make himself the self-appointed representative of mutantkind, and his opposition to Xavier's proposal led Jean to break up with him and marry Wolverine.[7]

Corporal Scott Summers[edit]

This version of Scott Summers was raised as a black American slave, who was recruited by Nick Fury and Doctor Charles Xavier who trained him to use his powers. He served in the Union Army during the American Civil War and obtained the rank of Corporal. Due to his efforts along with his fellow black soldiers, James Rhodes and Ororo Munroe, the Civil War ended in merely two weeks. During this period, Scott was stated to have killed about six hundred Confederate soldiers. But despite their efforts and victory, Scott and his fellow mutants were feared by their compatriots.

Scott was recruited by Disembodied Xavier Head to join his inter-dimensional soldiers, the X-Treme X-Force.[8] He faithfully followed X-Force leader Captain Blaire until her death. Afterwards he joined the X-Treme X-Men under Earth-616's Dazzler to continue to hunt down evil Xaviers.[9]

He stayed on Earth-616 after the events of X-Termination.[10]

Cyclops of Bishop's Future Timeline[edit]

The Cyclops from the same dystopic future timeline as Lucas Bishop has become dependent on cyborg attachments to stay alive.[11] Initially, Cyclops attacks and blames Layla for causing this dystopic future, claiming that she could have used her powers to help mutant-kind. However, Layla explains that despite knowing the bad things that would happen to mutants and herself, she still had to allow them to happen and Cyclops relents.[12]

DC Comics Metamilitia[edit]

In a pastiche of Marvel's Civil War, an alternative version of Cyclops named One-Eye[citation needed] appears in the DC Comics series Countdown to Final Crisis and its tie-in Lord Havok and the Extremists.[volume & issue needed]

A former student of Doctor Diehard (a pastiche of Magneto and Professor X) and leader of his Zen-Men (a pastiche of the X-Men themselves), he joined the Metamilitia when Americommando became President of the US and approved the "Metahuman Act". Similar to the unfolding of events during Marvel's Civil War, the pro-registration heroes subdued the anti-registration ones; unlike the Marvel Universe wherein Cyclops and the X-Men remained neutral in the conflict, the Zen-Men on the alternative Earth of Angor were besieged by the Metamilitia, who feared their power. Although Doctor Diehard assured Americommando of their neutrality, the Zen Men were interned in a concentration camp and inhibitor chips were embedded in their hands. One-Eye switched sides, joining the Metamilitia out of fear and to avoid detention. After witnessing the rape of the Silver Sorceress (a pastiche of the Scarlet Witch) and the murder of her brother Jack B. Quick (a pastiche of Quicksilver), One-Eye damaged his chip and led the Zen-Men in rebellion.[volume & issue needed]

Earth/Universe/Paradise X[edit]

During the events of the alternative future of Earth X, Scott Summers is an old man wandering the country. Summers eventually meets up with the new Daredevil's abandoned circus troupe and trains them into a combat team. When referred to as "Professor," Summers reveals his reservations about the title, stating that he would prefer to be called "Mr. S." Later in the series Summers leads the animen of Wakanda to the Savageland to create a new home for them.[volume & issue needed]

Amalgam Comics[edit]

In the Amalgam Comics community, Cyclops was combined with DC's Ray to create Apollo.[volume & issue needed]

House of M[edit]

During the House of M, where the main involved heroes' fondest wishes were granted, Scott was married to Emma Frost, and was a pilot for Mutair Airlines.[13]

Marvel Noir[edit]

Cyclops appears in X-Men Noir as the leader of the X-Men, a crew of talented criminals. He was involved with the late Jean Grey. He has no powers but wields a revolver, and he has one eye scratched out, ostensibly by Logan who was another lover of Jean.[volume & issue needed]

Marvel Zombies[edit]

Cyclops briefly appears in his original form as one of the characters in the Marvel Zombies universe, fighting against the zombified Alpha Flight alongside his fellow X-Men at the X-Mansion in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. However, like many of his comrades, Cyclops unusually succumbs to the zombie infection and becomes one himself. He also fights a zombie Mystique (comics) before reaching the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. He is also seen standing next to Wolverine, Magneto and Colossus on the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. The last time he is seen before he is turned into a zombie is when he and all the other uninfected heroes are fighting the zombies to get survivors to safety. At the beginning of Marvel Zombies #1 when Magneto fights the zombified superheroes by launching shards of steel at them, Cyclops is caught in the crossfire and is later seen being shoved away by Wolverine from the corpse of the Silver Surfer. He is then cooked and eaten by the cosmic zombies. As a result, his head has been decapitated by Wolverine and has been ripped out of his zombified body from the same problem as to zombies Wasp and Deadpool (Headpool). On zombie variant covers, he is mostly seen headless and holding his severed head to defeat and eat victims throughout. The zombified Cyclops also appears, as said before, in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, with zombies Iceman and, ironically, Wolverine.[volume & issue needed]

Mutant X[edit]

Scott's history diverged at a much earlier point in the Mutant X reality. In this time line, it was not only the Summers parents who were kidnapped by the Shi’Ar, but Scott as well. While back on Earth, it was Havok who would be discovered by Charles Xavier and eventually grow up to be the X-Men's leader, Scott presumably worked as a slave in the Shi’Ar mines. Eventually, he escaped and joined the Starjammers. Among the group, he also found a lover in Carol Danvers. Unlike his brooding counterpart from the main universe, this version of Scott Summers was a happy-go-lucky space pirate. Eventually, one of their adventures led the Starjammers to Earth, where he was briefly reunited with his younger brother after nearly 20 years of not seeing each other.[volume & issue needed]

New Exiles[edit]

  • After the New Exiles land on the world of warring empires, they encounter Dame Emma Frost, head of Britain's Department X and founder of Force-X. This team includes Summer Scott, a female version of Cyclops who is codenamed Starbolt.[14]
  • On the world of the Sons of Iron and Daughters of the Dragon, the New Exiles face a squad of alternative "core X-Men" who are loyal to Lilandra. These X-Men include an alternative (and bald) version of Cyclops whose codename is "Devo."[15]

Professor W's X-Men[edit]

A rather tragic event turned Cyclops into a bitter person in this timeline. At one point, several years in the future, the Shadow King took control of Wolverine and made him kill Professor Xavier. Cyclops never forgave him for this and when, shortly afterwards, Jean Grey was killed, he angrily left the team. In secrecy, Scott assembled a new Brotherhood around himself and one day returned with a vengeance. During the Brotherhood's attack on Xavier's mansion, Cyclops almost killed Wolverine, who didn't fight back at all. It was Nightcrawler's daughter, Nocturne, who ended the battle by possessing her teammate, Armageddon, only to use his telekinetic power to pop Logan's claws in Cyclops' chest. To her dismay Scott was stopped but not killed.[16]


Scott Summers appears as one of numerous mutants at a prison camp in Texas in Ruins with his eyes gouged out painfully as a result of accidentally killing his own parents


New Excalibur battles an evil counterpart of Cyclops, who is a member of the Shadow-X, the X-Men of an alternative reality in which Professor X was possessed by the Shadow King. They are brought to Earth-616 as a result of M-Day. He was later beheaded by Sage.[volume & issue needed]

Ultimate Marvel[edit]

In the Ultimate Marvel continuity, Scott is introduced as the straight-laced field leader of the X-Men. Cyclops's age in the Ultimate Marvel continuity is 18 as of his first appearance. His parents died in a plane crash, and he is estranged from his older brother Alex, with whom he hasn't spoken since joining the X-Men. Before becoming part of Professor Xavier's dream, Scott dated a young woman named Lorna Dane. Scott is unable to ask his crush Jean Grey on a date, and when she sleeps with Wolverine, Scott leaves the X-Men and joins Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. Magneto considers Scott a potential heir and urges him to pursue a relationship with his daughter. However, after seeing the lengths to which Magneto will go to fulfill his dream, Scott then betrays the brotherhood[volume & issue needed]

During the Weapon X storyline, when agents of Weapon X are trying to take in members of the X-Men, Cyclops is one of the last X-Men standing, causing serious problems for the ground forces attempting to lay siege to Xavier's Institute. He is taken out only after Nightcrawler teleports behind him and attacks him.[volume & issue needed]

When Jean dumps Wolverine and begins a relationship with Cyclops, the two men argue over whom Jean loves and fight. Xavier sends the two on a mission to the Savage Land to resolve the rivalry. Scott falls into a chasm and catches himself on a ledge. Wolverine catches him, but allows Scott to fall. Cyclops survives, but is severely injured and unable to stand. He survives by eating insects until he is found by a Brotherhood rescue group in search of mutant survivors of a previous Sentinel attack. Cyclops recovers just as the doctors recognize him and takes them out before they can report him. After recovering, Cyclops contacts the X-Men and proceeds to attack Magneto alone until the X-Men arrive. After Magneto is defeated, Cyclops and Wolverine seem poised for another fight and Cyclops blasts Wolverine with unrestrained optic blast and kicks him off the team. Later, Cyclops finds Wolverine and offers him to return to the X-Men, believing that the school was set up to help mutants and someone like Wolverine needed the help that the school had to offer.[volume & issue needed]

While Cyclops tries to stop Alex from proceeding to the super-criminal prison, the Triskelion, to save Lorna, Alex hits him with a tire iron. Alex claims Cyclops allowed him to do it, because he wants Lorna saved as much as he does.[volume & issue needed]

A few months later, the X-Men are challenged by a new and powerful foe: Cable, who comes from the future to kill Charles Xavier. After defeating the X-Men and seriously injuring Kitty Pryde, Cable escapes to Finland with a kidnapped Jean. Scott and the Professor stayed in the mansion while the rest of the team travel to Europe with help of Bishop, another time-traveler who wishes to stop Cable. The X-Men engage Cable's bodyguards, the Six-Pack. Frustrated by being left behind, Cyclops confronts Xavier, who confesses to his pupil that he is in love with Jean. After this confession, both Cyclops and the Professor rush to Finland. A battle between Cyclops and Cable then occurs with neither able to gain the upper hand, until the Professor distracts Cable so that Cyclops can hit Cable in the neck with an optic blast. Cable then detonates some form of hand grenade, while Charles uses his telekinesis to get Cyclops out of the range of the explosion. After the explosion, all that remains is a skeleton that is believed to be the Professor, while Cable is nowhere to be found.[volume & issue needed]

Cyclops, Storm, and Jean are left with all of Xavier's possessions. Cyclops makes sure that the school will still exist, but since (according to him) Xavier's dream died with him, Cyclops has chosen to disband the X-Men and turn the mansion into just a school. When Bishop challenges Scott's decision, Cyclops tells him to form his own team of X-Men. After Bishop and Storm leave the Institute to start a new team of X-Men, Cyclops takes the role as Headmaster. Xavier later reveals himself to be alive, having been spirited to the future and trained by Cable to prepare for the rise of Apocalypse, and Xavier resumes his position of Headmaster. Jean manifests the Phoenix and disappears.[17]

Cyclops once again becomes a member of the X-Men. Cyclops acts as a mole for Jean and Xavier to find out who has been supplying the X-Men with the dangerous mutant-enhancing drug, "Banshee." Discovering that it is Colossus, who needs Banshee in order to move his metal form, he joins their team in order to rescue Northstar. He fakes his first injection, but later takes in order to save his teammates as they fight against Alpha Flight. The injection frees Scott allows him to control his optic blasts without the use of his visor, as he remembers when they first manifested and he accidentally obliterated his foster parents. It also allows him to fly.[18] He later remains with the splinter group of X-Men, becoming addicted to banshee and engaging in raids to obtain it. He explains that by using Banshee, his entire body is charged with solar energy and channels it through his entire body, rather than just his eyes, granting him the ability to fly, survive the vacuum of space, and perceive, speak with, and attack Jean's astral form. He battles against Jean's team of X-Men who are attempting to stop the spread of Banshee, abandoning his original goal of protecting his friends from hurting others.[19] After a short and brutal fight, Jean revives Northstar, who ends the fighting, but Scott chooses not to return with the others, flying into space and landing on the moon. Jean follows him and tries to convince him to come back, but Cyclops refuses. As he Banshee wears off and he becomes vulnerable to the vacuum in space, he states that he would rather die than go back to his former self. Jean convinces him to rejoin the X-Men as their leader and encompasses him in her protective Phoenix fire, and puts his protective glasses back on.[20]

During the events of the Ultimate Marvel crossover event Ultimatum, Magneto's Manhattan tidal wave kills Nightcrawler and Dazzler. Scott, Jean, and Logan go as the "original X-Men" to stop Magneto once and for all.[21] The remaining X-Men along with the Fantastic Four, Ultimates and SHIELD assault Magneto's base, during which they lose several more members including Wolverine, who has his adamantium ripped from his bones by Magneto. In the end Magneto is defeated when Jean Grey downloads Nick Fury's memories into Magneto, which reveals that mutants are not the next stage of human evolution, but rather a super-soldier experiment gone wrong. Horrified by the truth, Magneto surrenders, and Cyclops executes him with his optic blast.[volume & issue needed]

Soon after, Cyclops is in Washington with the remaining X-Men, attempting to bring a peace to the anti-mutant hostilities and to ask that all mutants surrender to the government. He is then assassinated by Quicksilver, who lodges a bullet into his skull. Scott dies in the arms of Storm and Colossus, while Rogue rushes a distraught Jean to safety.[volume & issue needed]

Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men Annual #1[edit]

In an alternative future timeline of the Ultimate universe, Scott Summers uses the alias of Captain America to fight for mutant justice after losing his powers and Steve Rogers's death. He leads a group of X-Men consisting of Shadowcat, Rogue, Wolverine, and a male member using the codename Phoenix, back in time to try to assassinate Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, in an attempt to prevent the events following Ultimatum from ever happening. They capture Reed, but are unable to kill him due to his ability to stretch.[volume & issue needed]

It is revealed that their Wolverine was actually a Sentinel impostor, and leads an army of Wolverine Sentinels to kill the future X-Men. Rogue is killed quickly, but Shadowcat and the new Phoenix survive. Scott lives long enough to tell the present day Jean Grey (who united the X-Men and Fantastic Four to save Reed) of the grim future that awaits her, and dies in her arms.[volume & issue needed]

What If?[edit]

In What If Mister Sinister formed the X-Men, Cyclops and Havok were raised both by Sinister who formed a team consisting of Cyclops, Havok, Sauron, Sabretooth and Madelyne Pryor (possessed by Malice). Believing the team to be heroes, Cyclops eventually came in conflict with the X-Men and Cyclops and the other team's leader, Marvel Girl, instantly grew attracted to each other. Sensing that he was about to lose Scott, Sinister faked his death at the hands of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and asked Cyclops, with his "dying" words, to hold onto Sinister's dream. Scott respected his surrogate father's last wish and rejected Jean's affection, but he and Havok joined the X-Men to secretly undermine them from within.[volume & issue needed]

In What If Scott Summers and Jean Grey had married earlier, Cyclops and Jean Grey marry prior to the X-Men's mission to Krakoa and decide to leave the team with the rest of the original roster following suit. Scott becomes a radio talk show host and author championing mutant rights, however as a result Xavier accompanies the new X-Men team to Krakoa and is eaten by the island along with them. The Avengers are left to destroy the creature, however by this point Xavier and the other X-Men are dead leaving Cyclops feeling intense guilt.

In What If Scott Summers and Jean Grey had never fallen in love at all, Jean Grey actually ends up falling for Angel instead of Cyclops. Because of this, Cyclops never developed into a capable leader but instead withdrew into himself and became more bitter as time went on. As a result, Xavier eventually makes Beast the leader of the X-Men as he doesn't feel Cyclops is a suitable choice, and in anger Cyclops quits the team and joins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in forming a new Brotherhood of Mutants.

In What If Magneto and Professor X formed the X-Men Together, Cyclops alongside Sabretooth and Havok are seen as members of the Marauders and view a battle at the X-Mansion.[volume & issue needed]

In What If: Age of Apocalypse, a timeline where Xavier and Magneto were killed by Legion, Apocalypse was able to rise to power completely unopposed. Scott and Jean attempted to escape his rise to power by hiding out in the Savage Land with their son Nathan, but they were killed by Apocalypse minion Banshee, even as Sauron managed to get Nate to safety.

Old Man Logan[edit]

In the "Old Man Logan" storyline, Cyclops is among the X-Men who perish at the hands of Wolverine when he is tricked by Mysterio into believing his friends are super-villains attacking the mansion. [22]

X-Men: Fairy Tales[edit]

Cyclops appears as the main character in the first and third short-story installations of a four-part X-Men: Fairy Tales limited series.[volume & issue needed]

  • Issue #1

This issue is based around the Japanese fairy tale of Momotarō, only with Cyclops being the boy born out of the peach. He is named Hitome, which can mean "one eye" in Japanese. However, his optic blasts come from only one eye, and are stopped by the pit of the peach he was born from.[volume & issue needed]

Until he is around the age when he joined the X-Men in the regular comics, he lives with the old couple who found the large peach, working as a woodcutter, using his blasts to cut down trees instead of an axe.[volume & issue needed]

When an old monk (Professor X) comes running through the woods, chased by thieves, Hitome comes to his aid. The old monk tells a tale of how he is gathering a group of special people like Hitome in order to rescue the Emperor's daughter (Jean Grey), from a group of demons (The Brotherhood of Mutants: Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad).[volume & issue needed]

Along the way, Hitome and the monk gather a team of comrades, some by Hitome's cunning, others by his offers of friendship.[volume & issue needed]

  • Issue #3

This issue's story draws elements from Snow White and stories involving witches.[volume & issue needed]

Scott is a poor blind tailor who discovers a beautiful red-haired woman (Jean Grey) sleeping in a glass coffin in the woods. He awakens her with a kiss and takes her back to the village. Logan, a local butcher, confronts Scott and warns him that the woman is more than she appears to be, and that she presents a threat now that she's awake.[volume & issue needed]

Deadpool Corps[edit]

In Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2, Deadpool finds a universe where Prof. X runs a school for troubled kids. Cyclops is shown to be a little kid attending there who is constantly picked on by Kidpool.[volume & issue needed]

Ultron future[edit]

In Avengers/Age of Apocalypse, Scott is shown as part of the forces Kang is shown using to try and defeat Ultron who has destroyed Manhattan in an alternative future. This version of Cyclops can blast beams out of the back of his head as well as the front. He was not killed, so the blast was not from an evil robot minion of Ultron's, and Cyclops is shown blasting Ultron at the end of the battle.[volume & issue needed]


In the graphic novel Knight of Terra, set in a fantasy world in which Wolfsbane's counterpart is Queen Rain of Geshem, Cyclops's counterpart is Lord Summerisle, commander of the Queen's Guard. Although he has no mutant abilities, he possessed the Basilisk Mask, which simulates his counterpart's optic beams.[volume & issue needed]


In the 2004 Disney film The Incredibles (which is strongly influenced by Marvel and DC superheroes), a character inspired by Cyclops, Gazerbeam is briefly featured during the marriage of Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) and Helen Parr (Elastigirl). Later, a retired Bob reads a newspaper that Gazerbeam's counterpart Simon J. Paladino is disappeared.

After surviving one of Syndrome (Buddy Pine)'s "tests" using the deadly Omnidroid robots, he found Gazerbeam's corpse and, in front of him, an incision with Syndrome's computer's password (as he probably incided it with his eyes).


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