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Alternative versions of Rogue

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Alternate versions of Rogue
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceAvengers Annual #10 (August 1981)
Created byChris Claremont
Michael Golden
See alsoRogue in other media

This page consists of alternative versions of the Marvel Comics character Rogue a member of the X-Men.

Age of Apocalypse[edit]

In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Rogue is brought to Magneto and his X-Men for education in her powers by Mystique.[1] Soon after this, Rogue would battle against Apocalypse's son Nemesis (who later became Holocaust) alongside the Scarlet Witch, and would witness the death of the latter. During the next few years, Rogue would express an attraction to both Gambit and the leader of the X-Men, Magneto. She would ultimately become romantically involved with Magneto after he worked out a way for them to touch by surrounding his body in a tight electromagnetic 'sheath' that prevented her from actually making contact with his skin while still feeling as though she was. The two would later conceive a son named Charles, after Charles Xavier, who was slain by Legion whose target had actually been Magneto himself.[volume & issue needed] The Age of Apocalypse universe was later revealed to have been preserved due to the actions of Jean Grey. Rogue and Magneto, along with that reality's X-Men continue their lives.[volume & issue needed]. This reality's version of Rogue had her uncontrollable absorption abilities, and permanently possessed around half of Polaris' magnetic abilities. Unlike her husband Magneto and Polaris herself, Rogue appeared to prefer to use these abilities to fly and augment her physical strength and durability to superhuman levels.

Age of X[edit]

Rogue appears in the Age of X continuity going by the name Legacy (also known as the Reaper). She is not allowed to be in the forefront of battles, but has the sole purpose of using her powers to absorb the memories and powers of dying mutants,[2] as well as those of Captain America after he sacrificed himself to save Fortress X from the Hulk.[3] She becomes curious when Kitty Pryde is caught getting back into the grounds and finds a camera- which, suspiciously, has several hundreds of blank photos. This results in her questioning everything and figures that she can get answers only from Kitty, who is imprisoned. She goes against orders and infiltrates the prison, coming across Blindfold and, later, Professor Xavier. After absorbing the Professor's powers, she realizes that everything is not what it seems to be.[4] However, she cannot control his powers and unleashes a psychic attack on all mutants in the Fortress. Considered as a traitor, she is hunted by Moonstar and her team. She flees to Logan, who dresses her wounds. She confesses that she is puzzled by how she seems to know Charles Xavier but cannot figure out; at the same time, his memories paint a different picture of everything. Moonstar tracks her and she is shot down when fleeing. Gambit rescues her, but Magneto seemingly buries them under a pile of rubble for their "traitorous" actions.[5] This was a ruse as Magneto himself was suspicious and was the individual who dispatched Kitty to take photos.[6] Following information from Magneto, Rogue and Gambit break into a secret chamber and find that the culprit behind the alternative reality is Moira, an alternate persona of Legion.[7]

Amalgam Comics[edit]

In the Amalgam Comics limited run, Rogue is combined with the DC Comics character Gypsy to form the new character Runaway.[8]


In the New Exiles series Rogue is from Earth-1009 and comes from a life of "wealth, privilege and sophistication."[9] Apparently a master thief, she has a different personality from her Earth-616 version. She can absorb others' abilities and memories through her hands, but unlike the original Rogue, the rest of her body can be touched without ill-effects. Moreover, she can keep the borrowed powers and use them at will.[10] In addition, she possesses super strength, durability, the ability to fly, the ability to disintegrate matter with a touch, and the ability to heal others wounds.[volume & issue needed]

Her bodysuit hides mysterious tattoos.[11]

House of M[edit]

The House of M Rogue is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and part of the Red Guard, working with Wolverine, Mystique, Toad, Nightcrawler, and Jessica Drew. She plays an important role in the resistance to Magneto. After being contacted by the resistance movement, Rogue briefly touches Layla Miller and appears overwhelmed as the acquired power emanated from her and awakened others in the vicinity to the reality of the House.[volume & issue needed] In the final battle, Rogue, finally able to unleash her powers to their full extent, tackles both Namor and Princess Ororo and absorbs their abilities, causing her to overflow with power. She even absorbed the powers of Genis-Vell. Due to the nature of Genis' genetics and powers, half of Rogue's body transforms into a seemingly window to a cosmic landscape of black void dotted with stars. During the end battle, Quicksilver finds the cosmically powered Rogue waiting up top. Pietro slams into Rogue and is sent flying back.[volume & issue needed]

Marvel 1602[edit]

A version of Rogue appears in the Marvel 1602 spin off "Angela: Witchunter".

Marvel Noir[edit]

Rogue appears in X-Men Noir as Anne-Marie Rankin, one of Professor Xavier's students. She has a talent for imitating the personality traits and mannerisms of any person, allowing her to fit into any situation. Professor Xavier considered her a missing link or patient zero in his theories about sociopathy as the next stage of human behavioral evolution.[12]

Marvel Zombies[edit]

During the Ultimate Fantastic Four Crossover where the Ultimate universe's Fantastic Four visit the Marvel Zombies universe, Rogue is seen as a zombified hero in one of the panels before the infection spread out.[13]

Mutant X[edit]

In this darker reality, Rogue operates with a smaller X-Team consisting of Magneto, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Quicksilver, Cerebo, and a metallic-looking Mystique. Rogue herself maintains the steel and ridged skin of Colossus, having unintentionally absorbed his power when her glove disintegrated while she was trying to carry him to safety, and wears a version of Ms. Marvel's lightning bolt uniform.[volume & issue needed]

Prelude to Deadpool Corps[edit]

In issue #2 Deadpool visits a world where Rogue and Jean Grey are orphaned kids at an orphanage run by Emma Frost. At a dance where Prof. X and Emma's orphans can have fun, Rogue can be seen calling Kidpool (kid version of Deadpool who attends Prof. X Orphanage for troubled kids) a dork.[volume & issue needed]

Professor W’s X-Men[edit]

Rogue has defected from the X-Men in this series to join Cyclops' new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This drastic change in alliance can be partially attributed to the fact Rogue has fully absorbed the powers and life force of Super-Skrull, gaining his Skrull alien traits, the powers of all the members of the Fantastic Four, as well as Kl'rt's personality and memories. As a result of this absorption, Rogue's own personality has become warped, even regarded by her own teammates as acting villainous.[14]

Ultimate Marvel[edit]

In the Ultimate Marvel continuity, Rogue is first introduced in the story arc Return to Weapon X[15] as a prisoner of Weapon X and she worked with Juggernaut and Nightcrawler. In this version, her name appears to be Marian Carlyle.[16] Her powers are exploited to steal sensitive information on the location and layout of The Xavier Institute for Gifted Children. Using this information, agents of Weapon X storm the school and capture the X-Men. Rogue is released along with the X-Men, Juggernaut, and Nightcrawler, when a combination of the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy and S.H.I.E.L.D rescues them and destroys Weapon X's facility. Though offered a place on the X-Men, she joins the Brotherhood. She later joins the X-Men in the Return of the King arc.[17]

In the Cry Wolf arc,[18] the X-Men are attacked by Gambit who kidnaps Rogue and takes her to his employers, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker. They hope to use her powers for "corporate espionage". In exchange for her help, they promise her they will help her control her powers through a power-dampening material they had developed. She turns them down, feeling that her powers are her penance. Rebuked, they attack Rogue and Gambit. She touches both of them and uses their powers to fend off their guards. The X-Men arrive to take her back, but she turns them down and leaves with Gambit.[19]

Rogue does not appear again until Ultimate X-Men Annual #1, in which she and Gambit fight Juggernaut. Gambit sacrifices himself to save Rogue, and she kisses him as he dies at his request. With this kiss, she takes his powers that seemingly overwrite her own, ridding her of her 'death touch' through several of the books (this also affects Rogue's appearance, as she acquires black eyes with red irises). In the subsequent story arc Date Night,[20] Rogue decides to rekindle her relationship with Iceman after she loses her virginity to him (something possible due to her being able to touch him now).[21]

During Ultimate X-Men Annual #2, Rogue speaks to Professor Xavier about her concerns regarding Gambit's powers still remaining. Xavier theorizes this is only a temporary change, and her powers will return within time. Towards the end of the annual, Rogue touches a delusional Nightcrawler and her old powers reemerge, causing her to start teleporting randomly, and she loses Gambit's power, sending her back into the shell of hiding her skin, much to her and Iceman's dismay.[22]

During Ultimate X-Men #77, she loses her arm during a fight with Cable. However, after absorbing some of Wolverine's healing power, her arm appears to grow back.[23]

In Ultimate X-Men #80, Cyclops disbands the X-Men following Xavier's death. Rogue stays with Iceman at the Xavier Institute as a student. Xavier later returns and reveals himself to be alive. Rogue once again becomes an X-Man. At the end of Ultimate X-Men, a Banshee-enhanced Rogue is seen to be a member of Colossus' team. Her appearance heavily altered, it seems her abilities have been enhanced such that she can call on absorbed abilities, as she has Colossus' armored flesh and Angel's feathered wings extending from her arms. While telling Cyclops the benefits of Banshee she kisses him; when asked why, she replies "'Cause I can."[24]

In Ultimate X-Men #95, she reveals that when her father got drunk he would molest her. Once when he tried to touch her, she took his life. She also appears to have found out who Vindicator was, but before she could elaborate, Vindicator took her out.[24]

Addicted to Banshee, Colossus' X-Men began to acquire more Banshee from the Acolytes. When they were discovered by the others, a battle raged. She absorbed Iceman's power and kissed him to show what Banshee could allow her, but the kiss was broken off by Firestar. Hostilities ceased when Northstar turns up — alive, but crippled.[25]

After the Ultimatum Wave hits Manhattan, Jean refuses to allow Rogue to join her, as she cannot be trusted. Rogue then attacks Department H, absorbing Sasquatch's power and attacked Jubilee. It is then revealed that Vindicator is in fact John Wraith, whom she blames for ruining her life. She threatens him for help in killing Magneto. They travel to Montreal, where Rogue poses as a stripper to get close to Sabretooth and Juggernaut.[26] The Purifiers soon attack the X-Mansion and Juggernaut dies fighting alongside Rogue. Rogue absorbs his powers just before he dies and now permanently possesses them. She then helps the X-Men in their effort to defeat Magneto and his Brotherhood. They do so, but suffer many casualties. Rogue is one of the few X-Men to survive to battle alongside Jean Grey, Iceman, Shadowcat, Storm, and Colossus. She is last seen helping Jean Grey and Iceman tear down the Xavier Institute and everything on the estate. They bury the remains of the deceased X-Men in its place.[27]

What If?[edit]

In "What If the X-Men Stayed in Asgard", Rogue is one of the X-Men and New Mutants to remain in Asgard when she finds that her powers does not affect the Asgardians. She finally ends up falling in love with and marrying Fandral of the Warriors Three, whose place is subsequently taken by Nightcrawler.[28]

In "What If Rogue possessed the power of Thor?", Rogue accidentally permanently absorbed Thor when she and Mystique attempted to break the Brotherhood out of prison, resulting in her killing most of The Avengers and the Brotherhood when she was unable to cope with Thor's power. Although Loki attempted to manipulate her into waging war on Asgard after she was able to lift Thor's hammer, the sight of Odin's genuine sense of loss allowed Thor's remnants to manifest in her subconscious, affirming that he was an ideal as well as a person, allowing Rogue to inherit his power and position as she became the new Thor.[29]

In "What If Mystique had raised Nightcrawler?", Rogue's attempt to free Nightcrawler from the attic where Mystique had kept him to 'protect' him resulted in him being mortally injured by the Brotherhood when they mistook him for an X-Man, Rogue's attempt to use his power to escape resulting in her permanently absorbing Nightcrawler's powers and appearance due to the prolonged contact she maintained.[30]

In What If? Volume 2 #114, the heroes taken to the Beyonder's battleworld never returned to Earth. In this reality, Rogue is called Carol, implying that the absorbed Ms. Marvel persona is the dominant consciousness. Because Carol is in control, Rogue's absorption powers are under control, and she is married to Captain America. They also have a daughter together named Sarah, who inherited some of her mother's abilities and is known as Crusader. This version of Rogue appears to have her original mutant powers as well as Ms. Marvel's powers. It was also shown that she wears Ms. Marvel's costume into battle.[volume & issue needed]

In the What If? story "Bullet Points", in which a single bullet changed the history of Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Anthony Stark, and Steven Rogers, Rogue is seen alongside the X-Men of this reality, and appears in her iconic costume. She presumably has the same history as her mainstream counterpart, and possesses both her own mutant abilities and the powers of Ms. Marvel. She later assists her teammates and many other heroes and villains against Galactus, and watches as the Silver Surfer dies to protect the Earth from being devoured.[volume & issue needed]

In the "What If Xavier's Secret Second Team had Survived Krakoa" storyline, Rogue is seen as a member of Vulcan's X-Men. She seems to possess both her own mutant abilities as well as the powers of Ms. Marvel, as she is seen flying and wearing gloves. Her history is presumably the same as her mainstream counterpart, though she wears a blue uniform and yellow gloves rather than her iconic costume.[volume & issue needed]

X-Men: The End[edit]

In an alternative future featured in the series X-Men: The End, Rogue and Gambit are married and have two children named Olivier and Rebecca "Becca" LeBeau. Rogue has also gained complete control over her abilities in this timeline. This Rogue defeats Shaitan and rescues her children from the Neverland Camp, but was ultimately killed by Mister Sinister when he was disguised as Gambit.[volume & issue needed]

X-Men Forever[edit]

In this reality, Rogue has absorbed Nightcrawler's abilities when he gave her mouth-to-mouth, granting her Nightcrawler's skin and tail as well as exceptional athletic abilities, although this has also left Nightcrawler with Rogue's powers and looking like a normal human. Claremont has kept the plot thread from Fall of the Mutants concerning the X-Men's encounter with Roma intact, and so Rogue is still rendered undetectable to cameras, appearing only as a blur on screen or film. While exploring her new powers, Rogue runs into Spider-Man and spends the night fighting crime alongside him; she suggests that they kiss to see if her original abilities have been affected by her transformation, but they are interrupted by a Sentinel attack before they can actually make contact.[31]

Uncanny Avengers[edit]

In the Age of Ultron storyline, Rogue and Havok are a married couple, leading the Morlocks. Captain America approaches them in the tunnels with the intent of escorting Caliban for a trial. However, the meeting is interrupted by the Apocalypse Twins who are on a mission to kill Captain America. In the end, they kill Havok (when he defends Captain America) and Rogue (when she retaliates for Havok's death)[32].


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