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Anthod is the multi-user interface of Antsamedia Tools, which was initially an svg editor, but later it was also made into a graphical user interface. Anthod can mean at least the following:

SVG Editor[edit]

  • Anthod SVG Editor (Web-based software for SVG images and SVG vector graphics.)
  • Anthod SVG Lite (lite version of the actual SVG editor. Includes fewer features.)
  • Anthod SVG to JPG (an image converter that converts SVG files to JPG format.)

Anthod Software[edit]

  • Anthod Software (head article of official Anthod operating system.)
  • Anthod 1 (first Anthod -operating system.)
  • Anthod 1 FullV (includes a wealth of different new features than the first.)
  • Anthod 2 (another operating system that was now able to change the look and outlook itself.)
  • Anthod 3 (mainly test project version 4 without, but also made this own operating system.)
  • Anthod 4 (this operating system now supported all possible computers, including Linux devices not previously supported by Anthod.)
  • Anthod 5 (is no different from the four in any way, but includes some more vector graphics and performance improvements.)
  • Anthod 6 (in this version, it is possible to make calls because the Antsacall software was installed on operating system 6, in addition to the Antsachat messaging service.)
  • Anthod 7 (a few anomalies were found in version 6, so they were corrected immediately in version 7.)
  • Anthod 8 (Antsatranslate and usage support and guides were added to this version.)
  • Anthod 9 (so far the latest computer version, which mainly includes the user's own settings to change settings and performance improvements.)

Mobile software[edit]

  • Anthod 10 or Anthod Mobile First (the first Anthod operating system that is also available for free on the phone as well.)
  • Anthod 10 Lite (COMING IN NOVEMBER 2020)
  • Anthod 11 (COMING IN JANUARY 2021)

Code language[edit]

  • Anthod+ (Anthod also uses this, her own code language, which is also made available to everyone else.
  • ANHAD (Anthod's own code language utilized in the mobile version of Anthod.)

File format[edit]

  • Anthd (a file format that can contain several different SVG files at the same time.)


  • Anthod Game (Antsamedia Tools' fully graphical game for computers and phones that takes advantage of the graphics used by Anthod.)