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Antsamedia Tools

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Antsamedia Tools
Antsatools is a secondary name for Antsamedia Tools (so-called abbreviation).
Logo since December 27, 2019
  • Software development
  • Web softwares
  • Computer hardware
  • Consumer electronics
  • Social networking service
  • Cloud computing
  • Video games
  • Internet
  • Corporate venture capital
Founded 📆December 27, 2019; 23 months ago (2019-12-27) in Finland
Founders 👔Anton Ehrola
Headquarters 🏙️Antsaplex
One Antsa-Way
Area served 🗺️
Products 📟 
  • Antsamedia Azure
  • Antsasearch
  • Antsavideos
  • Antsamedia Taxonomy Service
  • AMDN
  • Antsamedia for Officer
  • Antsamail
  • Antsamedia Filebank
  • Antsamedia Database
  • Antsamedia Technews
  • AntsaPay
  • Antsastore
  • Antsamedia Auth
  • Antsapass
  • Antsamedia Account Services
  • more...
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Antsamedia Tools (abbreviated as Antsatools) (/ˈ[invalid input: 'ɑ']n[invalid input: 't̪'][invalid input: 'sz'][invalid input: 'ɑ'][invalid input: 'mɪ'][invalid input: 'dɪ']ɒ̃/ Ant-sam-edia) is a Finnish and also a global multinational technology and software company. All activities of Antsamedia Tools are free (including software and services) and Antsamedia Tools programmers are not paid. The activities of Antsamedia Tools (e.g. security functions, websites and marketing) are paid for through donations and money from partners, for example, from their advertising.

Antsamedia Tools' numerous free web-based software includes the best-known, Antsamedia Photo Editor (Antsaeditor), also the Anthod SVG Editor (also called an operating system, either called Anthod or Anthod Softwares). Other well-known ones include Antsaquiz, a construction software for quizzes, Antsamedia Screen Recorder, and Antsadocument Editor, a WYSIWYG text editor. You do not need to register or log in to these or any other Antsamedia Tools software[1], but if anyone wants to do so, they can do so. Antsamedia Tools' own user method is its own Antsamedia Tools Account system, which is free and secure to join.

Antsamedia Tools was founded on December 27, 2019.

The founder of Antsamedia Tools is 14-year-old Anton Ehrola.

User capabilities[edit]

Antsamedia Tools offers free programs and you don't even have to register or log in. Or this is not mandatory, but possible. However, Antsamedia Tools requires registration from those who are Antsamedia Tools developers, that is, prepares software with Antsamedia Tools or is a partner. This method is Antsamedia Tools for Developers.

In July 2020, Antsamedia Tools released a report showing that about 65 percent of the company’s software users have registered for the service, which means about 450,000 registered users. Antsamedia Tools software reaches about one million to tens of millions of users each month, almost 90 percent of which are active.

Antsamedia Tools Account is a system where Antsamedia Tools members log in / register. Users can manage their own system-wide account from the settings page called Antsamedia Tools Account Management. From there, you can, among other things, define the usage time (possibly limit it) or view your own usage history. It is also possible to store your own data in the account if there is no space on other devices, or otherwise just want them for security. This information can be found, for example, in the user's own user account, or by going to Antsamedia Tools Cloud, a software that provides free storage space.

Antsamedia Tools has said that the safety and privacy of its users is the most important thing for the company. So they have customized their own security system, Antsamedia Safety, Antsamedia Security, and for that, a usage support service, Antsamedia Security Center.


According to the company, there are hundreds of Antsamedia Tools software. They have reported that there may be as many as dozens of Antsamedia Tools software for a particular topic (such as calculator use or word processing).


Antsamedia Tools is constantly having new projects, software and products in mind. So they are developed almost every day. Usually, Antsamedia Tools ’software manager and inspector are involved, but the actual code and coding is done by willing participants in the project. Each time Antsamedia Tools starts building new software, a new open announcement is launched on Antsamedia Tools Jobs. Anyone can apply for the project, and before that comes an orientation and interview for the “employee”. If Antsamedia Tools decides to select this applicant, it will be included in the code platform, where Antsamedia Tools will then be programmed.

These employees are therefore people that the management of Antsamedia Tools has never seen. Usually, a number of previous developers of Antsamedia Tools participate in the projects and want to continue to participate. They are not paid any salary or compensation.

Antsamedia Tools has stated in its job advertisement that you get good experience and a happy opinion from programming work with Antsamedia Tools. Indeed, many employees have said they learn a lot at work, and the best thing was the work team and warm spirit.

The average time to complete software in Antsamedia Tools is about 2-40 days. During that time, everything that the software can do in practice is programmed. Antsamedia Tools then contacts its software testers to test if the software is working properly. The software is then checked again under the supervision of the authority for, for example, vulnerabilities, anomalies or other security risks. If all goes as expected, the software will be released to everyone.

Then usually Antsamedia Tools notifies the target audience of their choice, and advertises on Google or Facebook, for example. For example, if the software is primarily intended for schools (such as AntsaMol), a message will be sent to the schools via e-mail, for example.

The real other, so-called "non-public" marketing methods have not been told anything to the public, so they are not known. It has been proven that ads for Antsamedia Tools software have been found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, search engines and twice even on Snapchat.

Software error[edit]

Antsamedia Tools has released cases where an error has occurred in certain software. Usually, errors appear in analytics or come from users. If an error occurs, Antsamedia Tools will immediately disable the software. The security team then reviews the matter, usually with a security professional or cybersecurity staff.

Then, when the starting point of the error is found out, it is started to be advocated and reviewed. It is fixed either by re-encoding the code, or by deleting a snippet from the code (usually at this point some features of the software may be lost). However, Antsamedia Tools has not acknowledged that the software was ever terminated due to an error.

The best-known error event in Antsamedia Tools was an operation that lasted about four weeks, when the Antsamedia Photo Editor software was not made to work at all.

According to Antsamedia Tools or its users, no security errors have occurred yet. This is because, according to Anton Ehrola, founder of Antsamedia Tools, the software has been successfully programmed so that the security risks are so small and almost impossible. Security is updated weekly with Antsamedia Tools.


Antsamedia Tools was founded on December 27, 2019, by Anton Ehrola, in Sotkamo, Finland. Anton Ehrola got the idea when using paid software that why this program also costs so much. Then he came up with the idea that anyone can build software. Anton had never coded before, he had only used the MediaWiki platform in several of his wiki projects, such as Antsawiki and Fillariwiki.

The same day Anton was thinking about software, he decided to set up Antsamedia Tools. Anton had previously founded Antsamedia, also a company that produces online services (wikis, encyclopedias, books and videos). However, Antsamedian lysti ended in August 2020, when Anton focused more on making software, with a better name, without the word "company", "organization" or "organization".

Anton is reluctant to call Antsamedia Tools a company, so he has decided to call it an assembly line, or ISP.

Antsamedia Tools ’first software (January 2, 2020) is also Anton’s first coding project, Antsamedia Code (still in operation). It wasn’t very weird at first, but in May 2020, Antsamedia Code got a whole new look, and with that, a lot of new users as well.

Antsamedia Code was a great success in Anton Ehrola’s opinion, but could have gone better. Soon other outsiders became interested in Antsamedia Tools, and wanted to get involved in building the software.

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