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Artificial Nature

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Artificial Nature
📅 Released2021
StudioMonumental Studios
⏳ Length37:34
🏷️ LabelMonumental Records
🤑 ProducerKrafty
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Artificial Nature is the sixth studio album by British rapper and producer Krafty, scheduled to be released 2021, by Monumental Records. It was recorded during quarantine in 2020 and departs largely from Krafty's traditional hip-hop sound.


Music and lyrics[edit]

Artificial Nature is an experimental pop-rap album with elements of trap and hiphop. Most of the songs feature marimba instruments, driving bass rhythms and pumping electronic drum patterns. Stylistically, it's a very cohesive body of work with perhaps the exception of the bonus track Through ThE motions which exhibits a more traditional hiphop production. The album includes catchy melodic choruses as well as tongue-in-cheek wordplay.

With a more experimental approach, Artificial Nature sees Krafty flexing his production skills and broadening his horizons behind the boards.


Recording for Artificial Nature began in 2020 with the songs Bread Crumbs and Say It Once. Noticing the difference in style that was naturally starting to take place during recording, Krafty set the songs aside as he focused on his fifth studio album Kingpin (stylised as KiNGPiN).

During lockdown in 2020, more songs were recorded which included Stay The Night, Ride Or Die and Now We Can, all of which feature a very similar production style. With six songs already recorded, Krafty announced he was releasing an EP before Kingpin, however months passed and no such release came. Instead, singles were rolled out including Bread Crumbs, Run Along and More.

The majority of the songs were recording in 2020 with the exception of Say It Once which was originally started in October, 2019 (then completed sometime in 2020).

The album features a lot of references to the break up with his longterm girlfriend and also makes light of the album style itself on the comedy skits featured. Around the time of the singles rollout, some of the Monumental Records artists felt uncomfortable being associated with the pop sound of the songs. This led to two of the artists being kicked from the label and Krafty carrying on with the same direction, albeit focusing less on scouting new talent for Monumental Records.

Track listing[edit]

1."Security Breach (Skit)"G. OakesKrafty1:02
2."Hooked"G. OakesKrafty2:40
3."Say It Once"G. OakesKrafty3:13
4."Ride Or Die"G. OakesKrafty3:16
5."Gentleman"G. OakesKrafty3:17
6."Now We Can"G. OakesKrafty2:58
7."Monumental Mistake (Skit)"G. Oakes; Lenny JonesKrafty0:46
8."Stay The Night"G. OakesKrafty2:42
9."King"G. OakesKrafty3:17
10."Career Advice (Skit)"G. Oakes; Lenny JonesKrafty0:48
11."This Ain't That"G. OakesKrafty3:42
12."Bread Crumbs"G. OakesKrafty2:58
13."Soppy"G. OakesKrafty2:42
14."Take My Word"G. OakesKrafty3:23
15."Run Along"G. OakesKrafty2:58
16."More"G. OakesKrafty3:10
17."Through ThE motions (Bonus Track)"G. OakesKrafty4:02
Total length:37:34