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📅 Released2015/05/30
🎙️ Recorded2015
⏳ Length38:31 • 49:34 (re-issue)
🏷️ LabelSelf-released
🤑 Producer
  • Brian Weston
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Assimilation is the second studio album by British musician Brian Weston. It was self-released on May 30, 2015 via Bandcamp.


Its title is influenced by the 1982 horror film The Thing. The album is heavily themed around horror films and references classic horrors such as Evil Dead II, The Thing and Dawn of the Dead. As of 2021, Assimilation is Weston's highest selling album and has been re-issued twice:

  • "Assimilation" - November 17, 2016 (with one bonus track, digital only)
  • "Assimilation: Reanimated" - January 25, 2019 (with four bonus tracks and new artwork, digital and physical)


"Dead by Dawn" was released as the album's first single on April 29, 2015. It contains a sample from the 1987 film Evil Dead II.The single release included an additional track titled "Brundlefly", based on the 1986 film The Fly.

"Darkness" was originally released as a stand-alone single on October 31, 2015. It was later included on both re-issues of the album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length Notes
1 "They're Here" 2:31
2 "American Mary" 4:12
3 "Dead by Dawn" 3:22 samples "Evil Dead II"
4 "Reanimated" 3:54 samples "Re-animator"
5 "Nostromo" 5:11
6 "Come Get Some" 3:01 samples "Army of Darkness"
7 "Assimilation" 4:07 samples "The Thing"
8 "Film Everything" 3:44
9 "Dawn of the Shopping Mall" 4:39 samples "Dawn of the Dead"
10 "Alone in the Dark" 3:50

2016 re-issue[edit]

No. Title Length
11 "Darkness" (featuring Paradigm) 3:37

"Reanimated" 2019 re-issue[edit]

No. Title Length
11 "Darkness" (solo version) 3:35
12 "Necropolis" 2:52
13 "Hell on Earth" 4:36
14 "Darkness" (featuring Paradigm) 3:37