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Brian Weston (born November 19, 1979) is a rock musician based in London, England. His music is themed around horror and the macabre, often making use of samples from other similarly themed media.

Weston is also member of Eagle Point as well as being former member of The Reapers, REVΔK and Weston.

Brian Weston
Background information
Birth nameBrian Michael Weston
Born19 November 1979 (age 41)
London, England
  • rock
  • electronic
  • pop
Occupation(s)musician, songwriter, producer
Years active2004-present
Associated acts

Musical career[edit]

2004-2008: REVΔK[edit]

Weston formed a band in early 2004 with three friends from university, originally as an Aerosmith tribute band. This concept lasted mere months until Holloway and Weston began writing original music for the band to perform. The resulting material was released in 2005 as a hastily put together EP fittingly titled "We Didn't Think This Through", the EP was sold on CD at local venues around London where the band played. A second EP, "Fear the Machine", was released the following year and was distributed in the same fashion. Weston left the band in 2012, shortly after the release of their debut album, to start a solo career and the band ceased activity following the release of their second album two years later.

2008-2013: Early solo work[edit]

Weston released his first solo single "Corpse Cocktail" in 2008 as a free download. He continued to compose music and released a collection of demos as his first extended play, titled "Number of the Beast" in late 2008[1]. The release was relatively unnoticed and sold poorly. Weston continued to compose new tracks for the next few years and eventually produced enough material to release a full album. "Terrors" was released in 2012[2] and again sold very poorly. His second EP, "Campfire Tales", was released as a free download in 2013[3]. It was also briefly available for purchase as an album titled "Campfire Terrors" in which the tracks from the EP were added onto the end of "Terrors" to form a 15-track album.

2015-2018: "Assimilation", "Bloodlines" and The Reapers[edit]

Weston spent three years working on his sophomore album, wanting to expand on the horror themed rock sound he had established on his debut album. "Assimilation" was released in 2015[4] and featured tracks inspired by classic horror films. Half of the ten tracks feature short samples from popular horror films. "Assimilation" sold three times as well as his debut album, spawning two successful singles. It remains his most successful album release to date.

Following the success of "Assimilation", Weston formed a rock band with fellow musicians Nick Walker and Mark Wolfe called Brian Weston & The Reapers, they released their debut album in 2016 and changed their name to The Reapers shortly after. Weston made several attempts to write music for his third album. Working titles included, "Fear Factor" and "Hellscape", but these concepts were dropped partway through production. He eventually released his third album "Bloodlines" in 2017[5].

Weston took a hiatus during 2017 and 2018, following the birth of his and his wife's first child.

2019-Present: Mixtape era and upcoming fourth album[edit]

Between 2019 and 2020, Weston released two mixtapes and an EP. His first mixtape "Mortis" experimented with pop oriented tracks and the reduction of the heavier rock elements of his previous material in favour of a more electronic sound. The release was not received well. A studio album titled "Black" was planned for release but this was shelved partway through recording sessions and material already recorded for the album was instead released as part of an EP titled "Noir" in late 2019. Weston's second mixtape, "Art of the Devil", was released with no prior announcement in January 2020. It contains short demos of tracks that would later be released as part of his fourth album.

REVΔK and The Reapers both released their final albums in 2021. The former announcing their disbandment on the day of the album's release, while the latter announcing the following month. The Reapers' final album was dedicated to Nick Walker who had passed away in a car accident the previous year.

In April 2021, Weston announced he was working on his fourth studio album. "Bitten" was released June 14 as a promotional single for the album, followed by a second promotional single, "Vile", on November 7. A release date for the album has not yet been announced.

In July 2021, Weston and former Reapers band mate Mark Wolfe announced a new indie rock music project, Eagle Point, they will release their debut EP later in the year.

Personal and professional life[edit]

Weston married his college girlfriend Holly Weston (nee. North) in September 2001. They have two children together, the first born in March 2017 and the second in July 2020. He worked for indie studio Dark Moon Games from 2010 until the company closed in 2020. During his time at the studio, he hosted several podcasts and web shows:

  • The Dark Moon Podcast (2013)
  • Steamed (2014-2019)
  • The Bite (2014-2020)
  • Press Start (2019-2020)


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