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Battle of Titans
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Developer(s)Red Button
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EngineUnreal Engine
ReleaseJanuary 3, 2018
Genre(s)Action, MOBA, Mech
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Battle of Titans also commonly referred to as B.o.T. is a freemium mobile app mech game developed and published by Russian game developer Red Button. It is a third-person shooter with real-time PvP matches that take place in a MOBA. Players operate mechs called titans on a real-time battlefield and as part of a team with other players. B.o.T. was first released as open beta on iOS in January 2018[2][3] with plans to be released for Android[4] following a full iOS release.


Loading screen from screenshot from BoT.

Battle of Titans features a real-time multiplayer system[5]. Currently matches are ten minutes long, and consist of two teams of five players each. Future maps and special events are anticipated to utilize various team sizes.

The objective of each a match is to collectively accrue more points than the opposing team. Team points are gained by destroying titans on the opposing team. Titans are divided into three categories — light, medium, and heavy — and then assigned a point value: one for lights, two for mediums, and three for heavies. Each time a titan is destroyed, the opposing team adds the corresponding point value to their overall score. This point system is also used during matchmaking to ensure the overall balance between the two teams.


Each player has a total of six hangar slots in which titans may be assigned.[6] Again, the point system comes into play: for instance, a heavy titan will take up the equivalent of three slots, while a medium will take up two slots, and a light will use only a single slot. Many titan combinations are possible, but the overall total point value cannot exceed six points, or slots.
This means that players may opt to take as many as six light titans into a match, three medium titans, two heavy titans, or a combination of all three sizes. Assuming players are using a full hangar, this means that each player entering a match offers a total of six points to be earned by their opponents.
While larger titans generally offer more hit points and greater potential firepower, these advantages are generally compensated in lighter titans by faster speeds, greater agility, and special abilities, such as the ability to jump, that work to balance the playing field between the different mech sizes.

Each titan is customizable, with upgrades and weapon selections managed in the game’s default home screen or hangar. Players can choose from the following Titans: Little Shon

Robot screenshot from BoT.

, a light bot; Ravenger; a medium titan;

Robot screenshot from BoT.

Mao, a medium Titan;

Robot screenshot from BoT.

Nelly, a medium bot distinquished by its spider-like appearance and ability to crawl virtually anywhere, and on anything, on the map; and Tirpitz, a lumbering heavy titan with overwhelming firepower.

At the onset of a match, players select one of their titans, which is then dropped from an off-camera drop ship into one of two possible starting locations.

Damaging Titans[edit]

Titan hit points are not contained in a single health pool, but are instead distributed in a more specific approach similar to BattleTech. Each titan has separate hit points values for tower, core, and leg.[6] Weapons each have their own hit point pool and can be destroyed.

Tactical Combat[edit]

Line of sight is required for detecting enemies on the B.o.T. heads up display, or HUD for short. However, line of sight is team-based, i.e., as long as a single player can see an enemy, all other teammates on that player’s squad will also see the enemy on their HUD. This is especially advantageous when using weapons that fire indirectly, such as Sting or Javelin; by using a teammates’ line of sight, a player can target an enemy and fire from a relatively safe position, such as, from behind cover. Unseen enemies, however, cannot be targeted by indirect missle fire.

"Already in the next update, players will have the opportunity to collect squads and clans, so get ready for a serious interaction with the allies. In this game, team play is very important," notes Imperial Andrew of Apptime.[3]


Titans are controlled in a match with a left thumb button for movement, while an arrangement of red thumb buttons are used for a variety of functions. The most prominent of the right buttons is the red “fire all” button, which engages all of a titan’s equipped and functioning weapons. Surrounding the red button are individual select fire buttons for each weapon. Below the red button and to its right and left are buttons with special functions. The left of these two lower buttons is linked to the titan’s backpack. Backpacks, like weapons, come in different sizes that can be equipped to corresponding-sized slots. Each backpack provides the titan with a special ability. Backpack abilities may include an additional weapon, such as the indirect fire Javelin, or it may be a device, such as the Fulgur, which disables enemy titans temporarily with an EMP shock. The lower right button is linked to the titan’s specific special ability and determined by the chassis itself. This special button may include the option to sprint or jump. Both the single weapon buttons and the special buttons have cooldown periods that may be reduced by equipping items that modify titan and weapon performance. These are acquired through the game’s store.


B.o.T employs a unique system that allows players to modify and improve the performance and abilities of both their titans and their weapons. Players may purchase various types of equipment modifications from the store and attach them to parts of the chassis itself, or to individual weapons or backpacks. These modifications have a range of effects; some improve a titan’s speed, or increase the strength of its jump ability. Others, such as armor, improve the titan’s resistance to damage.

Armor screenshot from BoT.

Weapon modifications can do everything from increase the rate of fire, to reduce the reload or cooldown time.
Each piece of in-game equipment is available in three versions, or types (T). These are represented as T1 (Common), T2 (Rare), and T3 (Legendary).

Weapon screenshot from BoT.

In general, higher level equipment offers more modification slots. For instance, a T1 model Sting has only one modification slot, a T2 model Sting has two slots, while a T3 model Sting - the top of the line model - can accept up to three modifications. Titans work under the same premise - the more advanced the model, the higher the number of modifications that it can accept. The exception is that the number of base slots, as well as their location on mechs, are variable, depending on the titans in question.
Typically, light titans start the game with more available leg slots than do heavy titans. This discrepancy is a result of the light titans’ need for increased speed and agility to compensate for its relative lack of armor and weaponry. Heavy titans, meanwhile, usually have more initial slots for armor, as they are expected to both take, and give, a pounding on the battlefield. As with weapons, the number of modification slots increase as pilots advance from a T1 to T3 models.
This upgrade system allows for a wide variety and diversity of modifications, tailored to the user’s preferences. For instance, defensive-minded pilots might choose to plenty of armor improvements, while others, who prefer speedy attacks, might choose to enhance and improve their titans’ acceleration. Other modifications include increased damage per round, increased rate of fire, increased ammunition capacity, and in the case of the Fulgur, increased range for its EMP pulse. Certain types of armor offer increased resistance to specific types of damage, such as Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized (APFT) or High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) weapons. The system is designed to offer pilots the widest possible opportunities to modify their mechs.

In-Game Currency[edit]

Unlike many freemium apps, Battle of Titans has only a single type of in game currency, which is used to purchase both mechs and upgrades, and is earned by causing damage to opposing players during battles. Higher damage tallies result in higher currency rewards. Every twenty-four hours, the Battle of Titans store refreshes with new equipment offers. However, after each match, additional equipment is made available on a random basis. These are available for a limited time only. Matches that end in a victory result in a slightly higher percentage chance that the equipment offered will be of a higher “T” value. At any time while in hangar, players may choose to refresh their store with new items. However, this costs in-game currency, and items are still offered on a random basis.

Game World[edit]

Little is known about the proposed game world, other than an excerpt from Nikolay Karpov, one of the lead designers of Battle of Titans:

BoT is set in a sci-fi and somewhat post-apocalyptic reality, but without many of the typical assumptions that go with that phrase and genre. The initial setting is that mercenaries and enclaves of humanity are fighting each other for resources, after Earth has been defeated and had supplies cut off by its colonies like Mars and Venus, etc. The colonies separately control important territory on Earth, collectively controlling about ten percent of the planet’s land space. Each Player is a free mercenary and works for some of the independent enclaves.[4]


Battle of Titans currently features one map: an icy landscape that is littered with the wreckage of a vehicle, possibly a space ship. Set on an island, the map features three distinct regions: a large mountain, which is frequented often by players equipped with Sting missles; a middle region that acts as a long narrow funnel, featuring spaceship wreckage, some smaller ground structures, and a pair transport vehicle with treads for locomotion. Finally, the third region is characterized by a long, climbable ice ridge, plus several smaller ice hillocks that are often utilized by smaller robots during hit-and-tactics. The map's terrain is extremely dynamic; players can climb many of the objects and obstacles, creating myriad possibilities in terms of stealth and ambush gameplay.

Overhead view of ice map screenshot from BoT.


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