Bhanu Choudhrie

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Bhanu Choudhrie
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Bhanu Choudhrie
BornJune 1978
New Delhi, India
🏡 ResidenceLondon, England
🏳️ NationalityIndian
🏳️ CitizenshipBritish
🏫 EducationBoston University
💼 Occupation
Executive Director
📆 Years active  16
👔 EmployerC&C Alpha Group, Alpha Aviation Group
❤️ Partner(s)Tamara Ralph
👶 Children2
👴 👵 Parent(s)Sudhir Choudhrie, Anita Choudhrie
👪 RelativesB.K Kapur
🌐 Website
🥚 Twitterbhanuchoudhrie
👍 Facebookbhanuchoudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie (born June 1978) is a British-Indian entrepreneur and businessman. He is the founder and executive director of C&C Alpha Group and has global investments in healthcare, hospitality, banking, real estate, aviation and utilities[1].

Early Life[edit]

In 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India. He is the son of Anita and Sudhir Choudhrie.[2] His father is a well-known London businessman who has a long history of success in exports and business development across multiple sectors. Choudhrie completed his primary education in Delhi alongside his brother Dhairya. After he attended college in the United States, he became a resident of the United Kingdom after his family moved there in 2000 to reside and work.


Choudhrie earned his undergraduate degree in international business and marketing at the University of Boston[3]. He completed an internship at JP Morgan in 1999 after he finished his studies[4].

Later, he studied at Harvard Business School and completed the Owner/President Management Program in 2016.[5]

Professional Life[edit]

In 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie became the executive director of C&C Alpha Group, which is a private investment strategy business in London[6]. He serves clients in the hospitality, utility, long-term health care, agriculture and aviation sectors.[7] Choudhrie provides all clients with advising and consulting services, and his clients are mostly venture capital investors.[8]

At C&C Alpha Group, Choudhrie helps promote client companies[9]. His strategies help businesses maximize their profitability. Many of Choudhrie's international clients are in the hospitality sector, and he enjoys helping Indian-owned companies thrive. In addition to its base in London, C&C Alpha Group has offices in India. Choudhrie is skilled in identifying emerging markets in India and in various places around the world, and he sources deals for new or emerging markets[10]. His success is evident in his vast portfolio of investments that span multiple continents.[11]

While maintaining his role at C&C Alpha Group, Choudhrie helped Megalith Capital Management get started in 2010[12]. The founding members of the business later launched Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. In May of 2018, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange. It was the top bank for SPAC IPOs between 2016 and 2018. Choudhrie was appointed as the director of the company in 2018.

Choudhrie also maintains board memberships with financial institutions. He has served on the board of directors for Customers Bank since 2009[13], and he has been a board member of Atlantic Coast Bank since 2010[14].


In 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.[15] This prestigious event was hosted in the United Kingdom by the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. He was also recognized at the Public Life Awards in 2010.


Choudhrie is always conscious about the needs of others and about social responsibility, which is why he likes to help companies that are habitual participants in causes or regular charity donors.[16] He donates to political causes and several types of charities that are focused on positive social changes. Bhanu Choudhrie serves as the director of a charity called Path to Success, which helps women with disabilities achieve their athletic goals.[17]

Personal Life[edit]

Choudhrie's family members are important to him.[18] His brother and parents also live in London, and he enjoys spending time with them. He has one son who was born in 2011, and they reside in the Belgravia area of the city.

Choudhrie's brother also works with him on many international strategies at C&C Alpha Group. When Choudhrie is not busy working, spending time with his family or participating in charitable causes, he enjoys sharing knowledge with others. Choudhrie is active on Twitter and likes to read news about developments in aviation and aerospace. He enjoys seeing the businesses that his company helps succeed, and he often shares stories of their successes, awards and activities on social media. Choudhrie also writes blogs and shares educational advice on several online outlets.

Bhanu Choudhrie has always been passionate about seeing women succeed. This is evident in his charitable contributions, and he actively promotes women taking roles that are predominantly held by men. On Twitter, he encourages them to enter the field of aviation, which is another field that interests him.

Like his parents, Choudhrie enjoys fine art. His family has a large collection of Indian art, and they run the Stellar International Art Foundation, which has more than 600 pieces. Many of the pieces are from well-known artist M.F. Husain.

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