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Bitoony SEO

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Bitoony SEO
Type of site
Internet and Search Engine Marketing
Available inEnglish
Users5,000 clients in 2022

Bitoony SEO is a creative agency for internet marketing, specifically in search engine optimization (SEO). They provide SEO services such as backlink building and guest posting. Their work has been favorably praised because of their affordable prices and quality. Despite just being established in 2021, Bitoony SEO has already made a name for itself in the field of internet marketing because to its clever advertisements and brand awareness efforts.


Since 2015, the proprietor of Bitoony SEO has been effectively promoting his own internet enterprises. He made the decision to launch a creative agency in 2021 to provide his expertise in internet marketing. Less than 1 year later, Bitoony SEO had assisted 5,000 website owners.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main emphasis of the services Bitoony SEO provides. Their services are a collection of techniques that are designed to raise a website's placement in Google and other search engine results. The main objective of SEO is to rank higher in relevant internet search results which in turn generates more visitors and improves sales.

Backlink Building[edit]

One of the SEO services Bitoony SEO provides is backlink building. These are external websites that link back to your website. By doing so, your website's off-page SEO will increase, which is the main advantage of backlinks. The quantity and caliber of incoming links to your website are weighed in Google's ranking formula. A significant number of backlinks tells Google's algorithm that your website is notable and deserving of being ranked higher. In order to provide your company a stronger online presence and, ideally, better SEO results, Bitoony SEO offers a number of packages of inexpensive backlink services.

Guest posting[edit]

Writing articles on another website as a guest and including a link to the company's website is known as guest posting. Typically, companies use guest postings and publications on websites related to their sector to drive targeted traffic to their websites. The company's own domain authority will increase as a bonus of guest posting, particularly on external websites with strong domain authority. A statistic called Domain Authority (DA), created by Moz, determines a company's online presence and notoriety based on how many external links go to its website. A visual indicator called Domain Authority is what Moz believes Google uses to determine how highly a website should appear in search results. Guest posting, especially from prominent publishers like Forbes, MarketWatch, TechCrunch, and other top-tier publishers in their respective areas, can greatly increase your own domain authority.


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