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The Brilyantes are fictional gemstones in the Filipino fantasy television series Encantadia as well as its 2016 requel. They are the elemental gems that holds the balance in Encantadia. Each gem manifests the classical elements: aether, fire, air, water, and earth. The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on these gemstones. In both series, each Brilyante are being carefully kept by each kingdom in Encantadia. The kingdom of fairies, Lireo, in the east of Encantadia, is the keeper of Brilyante ng Hangin (Gemstone of Air). Adamya, the kingdom of elves in the south is the keeper of Brilyante ng Tubig (Gemstone of Water). Sapiro, the northern kingdom of valiant warriors and healers, kept the Brilyante ng Lupa (Gemstone of Earth). Hathoria, the kingdom of proud and violent blacksmiths and orcs in the west, is the keeper the Brilyante ng Apoy (Gemstone of Fire). But after the Hathoria attempted to seize the all the gemstones, they are turned-over to Queen Mine-a of Lireo for safekeeping. Later, the four daughters of Queen Mine-a became the keeper of these gemstones.[1][2]

2005–2006 series[edit]


The four brilyante first appeared in Encantadia, but the history of the gemstones appeared on its prequel, Etheria. The history of the four elemental gems date back to the First Great War in Encantadia with the fall of the Etherian Empire.

Etheria and the First Great War[edit]

The four brilyantes were initially created as a single gem that the deity Emre, the highest god in Encantadia, bequeathed to the leaders of each kingdom in Encantadia; it was called as the Brilyante ng mga Elemento (Gem of the Elements): King Bartimus of Hathoria, King Meno of Sapiro, Queen Cassiopeia of Lireo and Elder Aegen of Adamya, used it to aid them in their struggle against the abusive empire of Etheria (followers of the fallen snake deity, Ether) under the rule of Queen Avria. The gem contains the four elements that will keep the balance in Encantadia. After the fall of Etheria, the jewel was entrusted to the most stable nation at the time, Sapiro. Fearful that the gem's power will corrupt Sapiro, Cassiopeia, the first Queen of Lireo, made the fateful decision and used the Kabilan Sword (the sword once belong to Etheria) to break the gem into four fragments that embodies the four elements it contain: water, fire, wind and earth. Because of this act, the four kingdoms of Encantadia lost their alliance with each other and Cassiopeia was cursed by Bathalang Emre and banished from Lireo. The four gem fragments were vested upon the four kingdoms. Sapiro was given the Brilyante ng Lupa, Hathoria was given the Brilyante ng Apoy, Lireo was given the Brilyante ng Hangin, and Adamya was given the Brilyante ng Tubig.

Encantadia (2005)[edit]

King Arvak of Hathoria, resentful of Cassiopeia's decision and deeply concerned by Hathoria's lack of apparent natural resources, launched a campaign of conquest throughout Encantadia, aided by his son and heir Hagorn. They successfully conquered Adamya and acquired the Brilyante ng Tubig, but were stopped cold when the Sapirians came to Adamya's rescue. Though successful in slaying King Armeo and acquiring the Brilyante ng Lupa, King Arvak died at the hands of Prince Raquim, and he then took the three gems. To ensure its protection, Prince Raquim of Sapiro traveled to Lireo and took the three gems to the queen of the Diwatas (Fairies), Queen Mine-a's custody and guardianship of all four elemental jewels, assured that the powerful Lirean throne would never let the brilyante fall into Hathorian hands. The brilyantes remained safe in Lireo until Sang'gre Pirena, the first-born of Mine-a, stole the Brilyante ng Apoy to aid her in defeating Mine-a during the challenge for the throne. Failing in her attempt and bitter of Minea's imagined favoritism, Pirena fled to Hathoria, carrying with her the Brilyante ng Apoy as bargaining chip with now King Hagorn. To protect the three remaining brilyantes, Mine-a entrusted them to her three remaining children, Amihan (Brilyante ng Hangin), Alena (Brilyante ng Tubig) and Danaya (Brilyante ng Lupa).

2016 series[edit]

Like in the original series, the four gemstones were used to be a single gem called Inang Brilyante (Mother Gem). It was a glowing egg shaped diamond. It has all the powers of nature and is the only item in Encantadia that can fight the powers of a deity. The Inang Brilyante is protected by Cassiopeia in her island. Adhara, an evil diwata, attempted to seize the Inang Brilyante for her personal ambitions, but she failed when Cassiopeia used the gem against her and destroyed her airship armada and sea fleet. To protect the Inang Brilyante, Cassiopeia shattered it into the four elemental gems using the Kabilan, a god-sword previously owned by Queen Avria of the fallen Etherian empire. She gave each piece to Adamya, Hathoria, Sapiro and Lireo's respective rulers to prevent Adhara from acquiring them and to help ensure an era of peace in the land. However, Bathalang Emre did not like what Cassiopeia did so he cursed her with immortality and to serve as a seer. He also banished her from her kingdom, Lireo, and cannot set foot on her kingdom until the "Inang Brilyante" is whole again.

After Pirena stole the Brilyante ng Apoy , Mine-a entrusted the three other ‘’brilyantes’’ to her other daughters, Amihan (Brilyante ng Hangin), Alena (Brilyante ng Tubig) and Danaya (Brilyante ng Lupa). It was later revealed that there was a fifth gem (an easter egg from the pilot episode), a diamond shaped clear quartz that was thrown to an island during the explosion when Cassiopeia cleaved the Mother Gem. It was later known as the "Brilyante ng Diwa" or the Soul Gem. It was discovered by a mortal child named Paopao that was abducted into Encantadia to become a slave. He became the first keeper of the said gem. A sixth nameless purple gemstone was also seen although it was just one episode.

All brilyantes float and are all sentient. All brilyantes understand and have a connection with their current and former keepers. If the brilyante is not transferred to another keeper properly by its current dying wielder and was taken to the afterlife, the element is represents will slowly wither and disappear until it is retrieved from the afterlife. It can never be stolen and must be given willfully. The brilyantes can be "stolen" if the brilyante chooses to go with its new keeper. All brilyantes can create a copy of itself with a fraction of the powers of the original.

The shapes of the brilyantes in the 2016 series changed from their shape in 2005 series. The Brilyante ng Apoy from an inverted pyramid-shaped became a pear cut ruby, the Brilyante ng Hangin from being a circular shape became a marquise cut sapphire inspired by a tornado, the Brilyante ng Tubig from being lens-shaped (marquise cut) became a round cut emerald inspired by water ripples, and the Brilyante ng Lupa from being rectangular became an oval-shaped golden topaz inspired by a plant seed. One difference from the 2005 series is the gemstones started out as static objects. This was shown in early episodes when the Sang'gres literally have to hold an actual gemstone, whereas in the 2016 version, the gemstones are already floating and sentient objects. Another difference from the 2005 series is the presence of respective magic circles for each of the gems to show that the gem has accepted the current wielder as its keeper.

The Brilyantes in the 2016 version[edit]

Brilyante ng Apoy (Gemstone of Fire)[edit]


Keeper of Fire Gem: Pirena – Deshna
The gem grants its keeper the power to control and conjure fire, enabling the person to control warmth/heat, temperature, energy, electricity, magnetism and light. In this sense, the beholder can intensify or withhold sunlight, summon lightning and power up machines like the gears in Hathoria. This gem grants its wielder the immunity to fire. The gem could be used to create a fire portal window to see what other people are doing at the time. Fire can also be used as a container of power, knowledge and even consciousness so that it may be kept or transferred to others. This gem has an infamous ability of shapeshifting/glamouring into another being even copying their voices. Pirena used this ability many times. Her notable transformations are: Ades, Amihan, Aquil, Danaya, Lira, Ybrahim, Agane, Muros, Mira, Asval, Andora, and even the deities, Emre and Ether. It can also be used to summon a volcanic eruption. It can also conjure a rain of fireballs. It can let its wielder fly like a comet. When used with other gems, it can be used to enhance defense and deter attack for a whole kingdom through a fire shield. It can also locate others through their body heat. This gem can also give the ability to command all kinds of dragons and phoenixes. This gem is infamous for being used for evil. This gem chooses a keeper like Pirena and Deshna, with a scheming, manipulative, and wise personality. This gem is used by Pirena when she and Lira went to Avila.

Brilyante ng Hangin (Gemstone of Air)[edit]


Keeper of Air Gem: Amihan – Ariana – Muyak
The gem grants its owner with the power to control the air, wind, weather, climate and coldness/ice. In this sense, the wielder can change air currents and air patterns, conjure oxygen in areas without it or withhold oxygen to asphyxiate its victim, turn a target to ice and even transform into the air itself. It can grant invisibility and the ability to teleport using the wind known as "ivictus". This gem can be used to send messages to others. It can also give warnings of imminent danger or premonitions through the wind. It also grants the holder the ability to fly. The gem can also be employed in detecting the presence of nearby beings by tracing their breaths. It can also give the ability to see and sense through glamours, invisibility spells and even spirits. It can give the wielder super-agility and super-speed. It can also grant levitation and telekinesis. If combined with Brilyante ng Lupa, it can make a sandstorm. If combined with Brilyante ng Tubig, it can make a hailstorm. If combined with Brilyante ng Apoy, it can make a fire whirlwind. When used with other gems, it can be used to enhance defense and deter attack for a whole kingdom by an air shield. It can also command all birds and flying mammals. This brilyante chooses a keeper with a noble heart and good intentions like Amihan, Ariana, and Muyak.

Brilyante ng Tubig (Gemstone of Water)[edit]


Keeper of Water Gem: Alena – Mira – Armea
The gem grants its keeper with the power to control water and all kinds of liquids no matter its size, in this sense, it can change the course of any body of water, summon a tsunami, monsoon rains or even manipulate bodily fluids. It enables the wielder to gain sonokinesis or manipulation of sound, in this sense, it can be used to locate others through bio-sonar, it can be used to hypnotize through a siren song, kill others through a high pitched sonic wave and to silence sound to keep conversations secret. It can also command all aquatic flora and fauna. It can also grant its owner to shapeshift to any aquatic animal/plant like a turtle and water lily. It also enables its keeper to portray an image and communicate through water like a hologram. It can also be used to enhance defense and deter attack for a whole kingdom through an aqua shield. The gem could be used to wash away all memories which was infamously used by Pirena to turn Alena into an amnesiac and to steal this gemstone. When used with other gems, it could grant blessings and protection. It can also be used by the wielder for complete regeneration but this takes a long period of time. It can also be used to retain freshness of an object. This gem chooses someone with a romantic or emotional personality like Alena or Mira.

Brilyante ng Lupa (Gemstone of Earth)[edit]


Keeper of Earth Gem: Danaya – Lira – Cassandra
The gem grants its owner with earth-based powers, enabling the person to control the earth including all geologic materials, vegetation, forests, mountains, and nature. In this sense, the beholder can conjure earthquakes and shock waves (the magnitude varies to how the keeper wants the intensity to be. The keeper can also undo the damage caused by the earthquake), it can change the topography and landscape of an area, enhance vegetation and the fertility of soil, and help find riches in the ground such as minerals and precious stones. It can be used create beings from rocks and sand like a golem. It can be used to communicate and control all terrestrial plants and animals. It can also shape shift the wielder into any flora or fauna. It can tap to the knowledge of the spirit of the earth, plants and animals to grant the ability to see the past events witnessed by these beings. It can also heal the wielder and others (but not useful if the injury is self-inflicted, if the injured resists the healing or if the illness is a curse from a deity). When used with other gems, it could grant blessings and protection. When used with other gems, it can be used to enhance defense and deter attack for a whole kingdom by an energy shield. The gem can also give temporary levitation by repelling the gravity from the earth. This gem chooses keepers with unquestionable loyalty and sturdy principles like Danaya and Lira.

Brilyante ng Diwa (Gemstone of Quintessence/Soul)[edit]


Keeper of the Soul Gem: Paopao
As the shard of the Mother Gem, it has all the secondary powers of all the other gems. It can throw energy balls like the fire gem, use teleportation or "ivictus" like the air gem, locate others through bio-sonar like the water gem, and heal others like the earth gem. It has the power to enhance or strengthen an existing power. In this sense, it can enhance defenses, agility, strength and speed. It can also strengthen or weaken the soul of an individual. It can also conjure and command souls such as Hadezars or the undead. It can give the wielder the ability for astral projection and give special sight for ivtres or ghosts. When used with other gems, it could grant blessings and protection. It can be used to enhance defense and deter attack for a whole kingdom by a spirit shield.
It alters the powers of the other gem when used with it. The elemental symbol of the other gems transforms back to its original Devas symbol (symbol of the deities) from it was derived. In this sense the fire gem could revert to the symbol of the dragon god, Arde and be used to control the emotions and transfer/transform energy; the water gem reverts to the symbol of the moon goddess, Haliya and could be used to control the mind and to gain foresight; the air gem could revert to the symbol of the father god, Emre and could be used alter the concept of time and space; and the earth gem reverts to the symbol of the snake goddess, Ether and could be used to create life or put into being anything from imagination and to alter reality.
This gem is innocent and goes to whoever it summons it unless it recognizes its past/present keeper. This gem is infamous for killing Hara Amihan and resurrecting Hara Avria. It is also the only gemstone that was originally kept by a mortal.

Lilang Brilyante (Purple Gemstone)[edit]

Keeper of the Gem: None (currently under Emre's possession)


The sixth gemstone is a cube shaped amethyst used by Emre to tempt Lira with power, alongside with riches. It has no definite name. This is the only gem that is not part of the Inang Brilyante (Mother Gem). Emre said that the sixth gem has equal power to the five gem fragments from the Mother Gem. Emre stated that it has the power to balance nature. The first five gems are to create and maintain nature, whereas this the gem is for destruction (just like the destruction deity, Keros). Its powers is to permanently destroy, disintegrate and decompose all the other gems' magic to ensure that nature will be kept in balance and the cycle of the universe will continue flawlessly. The gem is the only gem powerful enough to undo all the magic of the Mother Gem's fragments. Lira declined the gem and is kept until now by Emre.


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