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British India – Sheikhdom of Kuwait relations

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Kuwaiti Sheikhdom—British India relations
British Raj
  British India
A photograph of Lieutenant Colonel Harold Richard Patrick Dickson (4 February 1881 – 14 June 1959), who was a British colonial administrator in the Middle East from the 1920s until the 1940s, and author of several books on Kuwait.

The Sheikhdom of Kuwait (Arabic: مشيخة الكويت‎, romanized: Mashīkhat al-Kuwayt) was a sheikhdom which gained independence from the Khalidi Emirate of Al Hasa under Sabah I bin Jaber in the year 1752. The Sheikhdom became a British protectorate between 1899 and 1961 after the Anglo-Kuwaiti agreement of 1899 was signed between Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah and the British government in India due to threats to Kuwait's independence from the Ottoman Empire.